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Coming back to Hogwarts for their seventh year was something almost everyone looked forward to. Harry felt like Hogwarts was his home, Hermione, in love with the idea of learning, and Ron, well Ron had his mind on one thing, Quidditch. All three had plans for their final year as they settled down for the welcoming feast, unaware that their seventh year would be anything but normal.

Dumbledore stood before the students in the front of the Great hall, explaining the sorting hat for the first years, the new rules for the year for all of the others, and the introduction of yet another new teacher, all was expected until his final sentence.

"After the feast, I would like to see Misters Potter, Weasley and Malfoy along with Miss Granger in my office. Once again, welcome back to another year at Hogwarts and enjoy the feast."

All of the students in the great hall started to mumble with curiosity as the four named were not known to be the best of friends with the exception of the three Gryffindors.

"Wonder what Dumbledore wants us for?" Questioned Harry, curious, but not surprised. Something always came up.

"No clue mate, but with Malfoy being included this can't be good." Ron stated with his mouth full of pumpkin pie.

Hermione didn't pay much attention to the boys, her mind was focused elsewhere, all summer she had been receiving threats, none of the notes signed and all in different hand writing, some notes were graphic as to what the person wanted to do to her, while other would simply say "You will be mine", it left a lump in her stomach and caused her to constantly look over her shoulder but she did feel some relief being in the safety of Hogwarts walls once again.

45 minutes later, the four students found their way to the gargoyle. Three walked in a group while the lone blond Slytherin walked a little behind. Hermione was the first to reach the gargoyle say the password "sugar cookies". The gargoyle sprang to life and the four walked up the staircase to the large oak door. Harry raised his fist to knock, but before he could, he heard the voice of Dumbledore say "Enter."

The four students entered the office and took four of the eight chairs lined up in front of the old desk. Ron and Harry looked at each other, both wondering why there were 8 chairs, while Draco and Hermione sat down and waited for Dumbledore to speak.

"Miss Granger," Dumbledore stated as he took his seat opposite of the curious students, "I am aware of the letters you have been receiving this summer. I must admit that I am a bit shocked that you hadn't come to me when they first started to arrive."

Ron and Harry looked to each other than to Hermione, Harry was the first to question

"What letters?"

"Miss Granger, have you not told anyone about the letters." Dumbledore asked

"No sir, I just put them away and tried not to think of them." She replied, not looking to her two best friends.

He sat quietly for a few moments than asked "Did you happen to bring the letters with you; I would like to see them." Hermione looked to Harry and Ron, then to Draco and Dumbledore,

"I did bring them but can I ask as to why Malfoy is here too. The letters aren't really something I want everyone to know about." She replied.

Draco just stared at the ceiling, as Dumbledore gave her a gentle smile, "You will understand his reason for being here in a little while, but for now please hand me the letters."

Hermione reached into her pocket and pulled out a small bag, laid it on his desk and said "Engorge", the bag suddenly went to full size and the headmasters mouth dropped,

"Miss granger, Are all these from this summer?"

"Yes sir, she replied, "I've received 2 or 3 a day, none are signed and I've picked out at least 25 different hand writings."

Albus reached into the bag and gave a handful of letters to Harry, a handful to Ron and then a handful to Draco, the Headmaster also pulled out some letters, "I would like you all to read these letters so you have a better understanding of what's going on," The Headmaster stated.

For about 45 minutes the 4 men read the letters, the room was silent except for the occasional gasp or growl from Harry, Draco and Dumbledore and the unmistakable bloody hell that came from the mouth of Ron. Hermione just sat silently waiting for the group to finish.

"Miss Granger, after reading the extent of these letters, I believe my decision of what to do is correct, excuse me for a moment", Dumbledore then walked over the fire place and stuck his head in, muttered something and pulled back out.

Five minutes later there was a knock on the headmasters door, "Enter" he said loudly.

Professor Snape walked in and sat in the first empty chair he came to, looking bored as normal.

"Severus, I'm afraid the letters were far worse the we originally believed,"

Snape merely nodded, "Can I see these letters headmaster?" Snape asked. Dumbledore pointed to the bag full of letters and he gasped,

"All of these are from this summer, sir?"

Albus nodded and said "I think we need to fill Miss Granger in as to what we know."

"Agreed" came the voice of the potions master, "Miss Granger", Snape started, "During the last few meeting of the death eaters, Voldemort has issued a game of sorts," the 3 boys all looked at Hermione , then to Snape, "The game is to capture you and hold you as bait until Potter and Weasley come looking for you, He plans to kill you both , looking at Harry and Ron , and the death eater that captures you will be rewarded with you as a slave," he moved his eyes back to Hermione who was now quietly sobbing and still not looking to her friends.

After a few moments Hermione started to speak, "So they want to use me as bait to lure my best friends to their death, then if they are killed, the one who catches me will get me for a slave",

"Yes," he answered.

Dumbledore took this as an opportunity, "Hermione I think it's time to answer your earlier question as to why Mr. Malfoy is here," she nodded, he continued, "Mr. Malfoy was to receive the dark mark at the beginning of the summer, He refused and was beaten close to death, Severus found him broken and left for dead. Mr. Malfoy was brought here to be healed and he requested to join the order, once he was question and his intentions were clear, we accepted him into the order secretly, the problem is the dark lord and the death eaters know he didn't die and are looking for him as they are looking for you. We aren't sure if any students at this school have the dark mark, but we can't take a chance of yours or Draco's life being at risk, so we have decided it's in your best interest to transfer you both to a different school until the war is over, which from what I understand the war will be taking place this year."

"Sir," Harry interjected, "Are Ron and I to transfer as well?"

"No Harry, you have to stay and fight along with Ron, I wanted you in this meeting to get you both up on the details so you would not worry when Hermione left, this is really in the best interest to everyone." Harry and Ron nodded.

"Sir, I understand that you are trying to protect me. I really do. But I have been fighting with Harry and Ron since our first year… I can't just up and leave while my two best friends fight in a war that we have all known was coming. I can protect myself."

Dumbledore sighed, "I know you are strong Miss Granger, and I have no doubt you can provide ample protection for yourself, However, If something were to happen you and I both know that Harry and Ron would stop at nothing to get you back. I'm afraid that the war would then be lost and Voldemort would take the upper hand, so you see, the risk is not just to you."

She didn't want to admit defeat, but she knew he spoke the truth and she knew Harry and Ron would surely come after her. She knew her duty in the war was to lay low and wait.

"Headmaster," in a soft voice from Hermione, "What school will we be going to?"

Severus and Albus looked to each other and Dumbledore nodded to Severus.

"Miss Granger, the Headmaster and I have made arrangements for you both the attend Durmstrang this year,"

"But Sir," she said a little louder then intended, "it's an all boy school,"

Albus was quick to interrupt, "Yes, Miss Granger, it is, but you will have protection and neither the Dark Lord nor his followers will suspect a female to be there, so it really is the best option."

"Granger," came the voice of Draco, "I will be one of the blokes to protect you, and there will be two more as well as the Headmaster from Durmstrang."

Albus stood and went to the fireplace once again, three minutes later the flames turned green and out walked Viktor Krum and the Headmaster Igor Karkaroff from her new school, they stepped away from the fire place which started to go green again, and out stepped Blaise Zabini.

Snape was the first to speak, "Mr. Zabini is also on the ones protecting you, as well as Mr. Krum."

Albus stood and greeted the headmaster with a manly hug, "It's been a long time Albus," The Headmaster said in a deep voice with a thick accent.

"That it has, that it has," said Dumbledore.

Krum stepped forward and embraced Hermione in a bone breaking hug and a kiss to her forehead, She snuggled into his chest and started to cry softly, Viktor was holding her while rubbing small circles on her back. The men in the room all looked to each other, they knew she was his date to the ball in the 4th yr, but couldn't understand the closeness the two shared.

Viktor spoke up, "We have remained friends since the Yule ball, we write each other weekly, and we dated for a bit but decided we made better friends than anything else,"

Ron looked relieved, Draco kept a straight face but inside he was elated, he wanted Hermione from 3rd yr but was unable to tell her, Blaise knew his friends feelings and was happy that his best mate might have a chance to be happy with her.

"Well then," came Snape's voice, "I think its best that nothing said here leaves this room, or our efforts will be worthless." Snape looked to Albus, "May I Headmaster," Albus nodded and Snape spoke again. "I wish for misters Malfoy, Zabini and Krum make an unbreakable vow to protect her with the best of their efforts," the three boys nodded and quickly made the vow with no protest.

"Second, an oath from everyone in this room, that nothing from this meeting be repeated, and with the oath, no one will be able to speak of it unless it's to someone who was in this room." The oath was made.

The Headmaster from Durmstrang stood up and said, "I think it's time we leave so I can show the new students to their new home, they will need sleep as classes start tomorrow."

Everyone nodded in agreement. Hermione jumped up and ran straight into the arms of Harry, she looked into his green eyes and noticed he was silently shedding tears, "Harry" she said, "Please be careful", her own tears starting to fall, "I can't lose you, I love you so much and I couldn't stand to not have you in my life."

She hugged him tighter then she already was and he returned the hug with as much strength as he could muster, neither wanting to let go, both now openly crying, knowing how much they would miss each other, maybe not by blood but they were like sister and brother, they felt every bit of love as they would for each other if they were blood related.

After about 5 minutes, she let go and looked into the blue eyes of Ron, he was also crying as she was his best friend but he also had feelings for her as in hope they would be together one day, married with children. They hugged just as tight before the heard a voice clear their throat , she let go of Ron and stepped back , walking up to Harry she gave him a final hug and a kiss to the cheek, and did the same to Ron. She then went around the large desk and looked into the eyes of Dumbledore and gave him a deep hug, which he returned with a fatherly hug of his own,

"You will be fine Hermione, I have no doubts."

"I'm going to miss you sir,"

"As I you Miss Granger."

Snape and Draco were looking rather bored at the tearful goodbyes, until Snape was shocked by the feeling of also being hugged tightly, he looked down to see the smartest witch of the century hugging his waist, he sighed and groaned ,"What the hell" ,and he hugged her back.

"Be careful Miss Granger, I will be needing and apprentice by the time you get back and if you're interested, the position is yours."

She smiled like it was Christmas and tightened her hug, "Miss Granger, I can't breathe," She stepped back with a "Sorry sir." She walked over the fire place where the 4 men were waiting, she smiled and with a quick wave, they were gone. The four men left behind, two openly crying, one with tears in his old, twinkly eyes, and the other with a look of worry. The four separated and without a word they went their own way.