Chapter 7:

A/n: In the original, this chapter was actually in two for some reason. I am combining the two chapters so things are a little more even.

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At Durmstrang -

The weeks had gone by quickly for the four as they settled into their new school. Hermione was able to prove that she was good enough to keep up with the boys of Durmstrang and was slowly accepted by the school at large, with the exception of Sven and a few of his cronies.

Hermione, although still a bit reluctant, was finally able to tell Draco she was in love with him and their relationship was growing stronger daily, much to Blaises amusement because of the unlikely pair,, and even Viktor was growing on the idea a little more each day, enough so that he had stopped giving Draco death threats and had settled into a warning grunt, it wasn't much, but it was progress.

At Hogwarts -

"Headmaster, I think it's time to bring them to headquarters for the meeting. We can now offer them another form of protection; after all they are members of the order as well and with things… progressing, I feel it is of great importance for everyone to have the same amount of protection.."

"I agree, Severus. Sad times when even the young have to make such decisions at their age. We will set everything up and they will be here in the morning. I sure misters Potter and Weasley will be excited to hear the news.."

Severus took his cue to inform the two Gryffindor's as Albus went to the fire place to speak with Igor

The next morning, Draco, Hermione, Viktor, and Blaise used the port key and arrived at headquarters.

They had hardly been there for two minutes before Hermione was lifted like a rag doll into the strong arms of Harry, He hugged her tightly and spun her around placing many small kisses all over her face, in a brotherly way of course. No sooner did her feet hit the ground, was she lifted again, this time by Ron. He hugged her with all he had and swooped down to kiss her on the lips, he only made contact for a few seconds before she pulled back and put her hands on his chest to push him back slightly.

Ron was confused, he was sure she wanted him as much as he wanted her, especially since they had been apart. The term, absence makes the heart grow fonder, must have only worked on him because the look on her face when he tried to kiss her told him that he was the only one.

"I missed you both so much" she said happily.

Ron and Harry both smiled back at her, one a little less enthusiastic than the other, "we missed you too, more then you know" Harry stated while Ron just looked down at his feet.

"Why did you pull away like that?" Ron quickly asked, unable to resist because of his curiosity. Ron went to grab her hand but when she pulled back, he gave her another confused look.

"What the hell!"

"Ummm" she started "I think there is something I need to tell you both, but here is probably not the best place."

Ron gave her a disappointed look, "Let me guess, your back with Viktor?" Ron said in a jealous voice. "I can't believe… I should have known this would happen." He finished with waving his hands.

She stood there biting her lip trying to figure out the best way to break the news that she was actually dating Draco, not Viktor. Either way, she knew the news would not be welcome to Harry or Ron, she just hoped they weren't too bent about it.

Draco watched the scene unfold and could see the struggle Hermione was having so he decided to step in, even though Viktor and Blaise were standing behind Ron and Harry, shaking their head 'no" and trying to wave him away.

Wordlessly, Draco walked behind Hermione and placed his arm around her shoulder, "Actually, Weasley, she is with me, not Viktor."

"HIM" Ron shouted "YOUR WITH HIM OF ALL PEOPLE." Ron looked as if he were going to explode. Viktor was one thing, but Malfoy? Ferret of the universe, the guy who had brought tears to her eyes, Malfoy the rich git… it was too much.

"When did that happen?" came the shocked voice of Harry, not happy about the situation, but also not willing to ruin the reunion anymore than it already was.

Draco decided he would speak and take some of the pressure off her, "We have been dating for two months now, I love her, she loves me and the rest is as they say history."

Ron decided it was best if he left the room when Harry walked over to Hermione and hugged her again instead of yelling.

"Are you happy...Is this what you really want? I can't say that I'm thrilled about this, but I of all people understand to expect the unexpected."

She could see the look of concern in his eyes and looked over to Draco and smiled "Yes Harry, I am truly happy with Draco."

Harry could see she was being truthful, so he pulled himself together and put his hand out for Draco to shake. "Draco, I'll accept and respect her decision, but if you hurt her, I will kill you without a second thought."

At this, Draco, Viktor and Blaise started laughing; Harry looked confused and turned to Hermione who was also laughing but not at the extent of the other 3 boys.

"What? Did I say something funny?" Harry said still looking confused.

"They are laughing because it's only been two weeks since Viktor stopped using the same threat." Laughed Hermione, "He's been giving Draco the evil brother eye since the beginning, well now he just grunts, but just the same."

A few moments went by and the three finally stopped laughing as Snape and Albus walked into the room, unintentionally gaining the immediate attention of everyone in the group.

"We have some things we need to discuss with you before tonight's meeting," Snape said as he looked around, "And where the bloody hell is Weasley?"

Draco stepped forward, "He left when he found out that Granger and I are together."

Albus smiled at the news while Snape stood uncharacteristically slack jawed. "Potter, go find Weasley and bring him to the kitchen so we can begin before everyone gets here."

It took a few minutes, but Harry eventually returned with Ron and found everyone already waiting in the kitchen. Ron didn't look at anyone and flopped into the closest chair, farthest away from Hermione and of course, Draco.

Walking around the table, Albus finally came to a stop at the head of the table and started to speak, "Severus has come up with something that I think will help you all greatly. The decision will be up to you whether you accept it or not, but I can assure you that the process is safe. I will allow Professor Snape to explain the details."

The six students we listening intently as Severus stood and walked to the front with Dumbledore, He quickly cleared his throat before finally speaking, "I have found a way to protect you from the unforgivable curses, with the exception of the Avada. I have tested it thousands of times and in all circumstances, no matter the power of the spell casters ability, it has proven to only allow a mild irritation rather than the extremely painful results from the crucio. It also allows the victim to remain in their own mind with the imperious. It is now being offered to all order members and you six are the only ones who have yet to be offered."

The Six students sat in shock, Hermione especially considering she had always wondered if there was a way to do what Severus had done.

"How did you do it?" Hermione asked as she stood from her chair and started to pace, "I mean, I have researched for weeks and all I found was text after text telling me it was impossible?"

Severus had the nerve to laugh as he noticed her frustration, "I got the idea from being a death eater actually, as you know, the dark mark has other qualities other than just being a mark. The dark lord can summon me through it amongst other things."

They all nodded, and then Albus started to speak again.

"We have come up with a mark for the Order; the picture is of a red phoenix feather. The mark, like that of a death eater is a permanent tattoo. Professor Snape has infused the potion into the ink used for the marks to provide continuous protection from the curses; no one would suspect the mark as anything but just a mark for the order."

Severus cleared his throat, "We will not force the mark upon you, and it's your decision, if you choose to receive it. If you agree, you will get the mark on your upper left arm so it is easily covered by clothing. We will allow you to think about it but you must let us know at least two hours before the meeting starts as I need to know how much I need to have ready."

Hermione didn't need time to think, she wanted all the extra protection she could get

"Sir, I will be glad to take the mark."

The boys looked to her and then each other.

"I'll take it as well" Draco said

"Same here," called Harry.

Ron, Viktor and Blaise also agreed on the spot and Albus seemed very pleased with the outcome.

Severus nodded and turned to leave the room when Draco stood up and followed him out.

"Severus, I need to talk to you in private."

Severus looked to Draco and made a motion for him to follow.

The pair walked through the house until they got to one of the empty rooms. Draco put a silencing charm on the room and pulled the envelope containing the letter that gave Hermione the nightmares.

"Severus, I found this letter to Hermione, this letter she kept separate from the others, this letter gave her nightmares, this letter is the one that she believes holds the most threat and it is by far the worst of them that I've read. I need you to look it over as I've seen the handwriting before but I can't place it, and thought maybe you could help."

Severus took the letter from Draco and sat down in a big black chair and began to read it.

Draco noticed Severus shaking his head after he got done reading it, "Draco, the hand writing should look familiar to you, it belongs to Lucius."

Draco's mouth dropped, "Are you fucking kidding me?"

"I'm afraid not, just do your best to protect her, you of all people know how your father is,"

Draco stood, thanked Severus, and walked out of the room with a bigger problem on his hands than originally thought.