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Confessions Outtake/Futureshot #2

My palms were sweating and my tie felt like it was choking me, I was so nervous. I had been planning tonight for several months, although, technically, I guess I've been planning it since I was fourteen. I heard the click of Bella's heels on the stairs and stopped fidgeting to look up at her. What I saw took my breath away and immediately calmed my nerves. She was glowing, a small smile playing on her lips, the deep red dress she wore set off her pale, flawless skin. She was sinfully beautiful. Even three years of living with her hadn't changed the effect she had on me and certain parts of my anatomy.

She stood in front of me, and I rested my hands on her hips as her hands came up to smooth my tux jacket over my shoulders. "God, you kill me in a tux, Edward. If this wasn't so important, you might not be able to leave the house." Her laughter stirred the bubbles in my stomach, though they were no longer bubbles of nerves but of lust.

I had found out at the beginning of the season that I was being given a solo during one of the spring performances, with the express purpose of highlighting the piece I had written for Bella, being debuted as, "Bel Sogno"*. As soon as I was asked to perform, I knew that was the perfect time to propose. Luckily, my boss, Marcus, was amenable, and I was easily able to orchestrate everything.

My first thought was to propose to her onstage right after the performance, but I realized that she would probably kill me if I put her on the spot like that in front of a packed house. And I wanted her to have every reason to say yes.

The feel of her lips on mine brought me back to the beautiful woman in front of me, her hand caressing my cheek.

"Hey, where'd you go?" she asked gently. "You're not nervous about playing, are you? You're going to be great and that piece is amazing, Edward. And I'm not just saying that because I know the meaning behind it."

I reached down to kiss her again, reveling in the sweet warmth of her soft lips against mine. "I'm a little nervous, but I'll be fine once I'm up on stage. It's the build up that gets me worked up." I chuckled slightly at the secret meaning of my words, the performance was the least of my worries. I knew this piece backwards and forwards. It was the after-party, so to speak, that had me terrified.

Checking my pocket one more time for the small velvet bag containing her ring, I reached for her hand and we moved to the door. Ideally, I would have liked to have taken Bella out for dinner before we went to the Symphony Center, but I had been in rehearsal all afternoon. I actually had to have special permission just to come home to change and pick-up Bella. Normally, we were required to arrive at the theater two hours in advance to ensure that everyone was there in time for the performance.

The ride over was filled with a nervous, happy energy. Bella was in rare form, giggling over nothing and cracking jokes. I loved how she always knew exactly what I needed and her, just like this, was perfect. I glanced over at her and my heart raced at the sight of her wide, joyful smile, her eyes were shinning in the fading sunlight, crinkled at the corners with happiness. I would do whatever it took for her to always be this happy.

After we parked the car, I escorted Bella to the reception being held before the performance in the theater lobby. I had to get backstage and check in, waiting for our cue to file in with the other musicians. My piece was the last of the evening, before hand, I was part of the larger orchestra performance. I wouldn't be able to see Bella from the stage, the lighting made it impossible to see into the crowd, but just knowing she was there was enough.

Before I knew it, my solo was upon me. I listened to the polite applause as I settled neatly onto the piano bench, took a deep breath and began to play. Knowing what was coming after the theater cleared out made me especially nostalgic and reminiscent, those emotions pouring through my fingers and into the music. I had never played this piece more honestly or more true. I hoped Bella understood what I was wordlessly telling her, hoped she knew that I was declaring myself before the entire theater.

There was a moment of anticipatory silence as the last note rang through the hall, the entire audience seemingly holding it's breath as I held mine, trying to make it's final judgment of my performance. The sudden, deafening roar of applause was absolutely humbling. I stood, turning blindly to the crowd, the bright stage lights leaving green spots dancing in my vision, I nodded once my appreciation before exiting to the right of the stage into the wings.

The adrenaline coursing through my veins was helping to keep my nerves at bay as I waited for the theater to clear out and Bella to make her way to me backstage. The moment I caught sight of her, I rushed to meet her, lifting her into my arms easily. She wrapped her arms around my neck, burying her fingers in my hair, as we kissed passionately, momentarily forgetting that we were still surrounded by my co-workers. Pulling back, I marveled at her face and saw the remnants of her tears on her wet eyelashes and the tracks they left on her cheeks where they had coursed across her flesh earlier.

"It gets me every time you play it, but tonight, especially so. You were amazing, love, absolutely amazing!" she gushed, her hands on either side of my face, thumbs caressing my cheeks. She leaned in again to capture my lips sweetly.

Eventually, the theater was almost emptied of people, and Bella looked at me questioningly. "So where to now?" she asked, smirking.

"Well, I had something new I wanted to play for you, and I'd like to do that, if it's okay with you."

"You can do that?" she nervously asked.

"Bella, I practically own this place. I can do anything I want," I replied, barely containing my laughter. She just raised her eyebrow at me in obvious doubt.

"Okay, and I asked Marcus who said we could use the theater for a little while," I replied, the laughter breaking free. The teasing scowl she gave me just made me laugh harder.

Realizing we were as alone we were going to get, I took her hand and started pulling her back towards the stage. The stage lights had been turned off, leaving only the faint glow of the emergency lights illuminating the stage. I sat at the piano for second time that evening, sitting towards the outer edge to ensure that Bella had enough room to be comfortable. Once she was settled beside me, I leaned over to gently kiss her temple, taking a moment to inhale her scent.

After a deep, calming breath, I placed my hands on the piano keys. This was it, the moment of truth, if everything went right in the next twenty minutes, I would be sitting next to my fiancee instead of just my girlfriend.

If the other piano piece was my deepest wants and desires for Bella, this was about my dreams and prayers for our future together. Fifteen minutes of watching her watch me play left me hungry for her and desperate to know her answer to the question I had yet to ask. For the second time that night, the last note rang through the echoing silence of the hall and I rested my hands once again in my lap. Bella was speechless, her eyes wide with awe, her hands slightly shaking, covering her open mouth.

I gently took her left hand into my own shaking hand, kissing the back and then the palm. She opened her mouth to speak, but I leaned in kissing her lips lightly, silently asking her to let me speak. I was afraid that if I didn't get this out, I would mess it all up.

"Bella, I've loved you almost my whole life. You have been my reason for everything, for breathing, for living. We've been through everything together, those times when I thought we couldn't possibly survive, we did, the perfect moments that I wished could last forever and all the time in between. We came out stronger and better. And having lived without you, I know that I never want that again. I need you in my life, by my side, in my arms, forever."

I paused, setting her hand onto my knee, reached into my pocket and took out the small velvet bag. Holding her gaze, I opened the bag, depositing the ring into my open palm. Bella gasped at the sight of the ring, tears streaming down her cheeks. I lifted her left hand once again, kissing the back and palm.

"Isabella Swan, I promise to love you every day of forever. I don't ever want to live without you again. Marry me, Bella. Please."

"Oh, Edward, I...I don't know what to say," she whispered. "You loved me even when I didn't deserve it. You believed in us even when I fought so hard and you never gave up on me. I know that I can never take back the hurt I've caused you and the pain you've suffered because of my own fears. But I promised you that I would spend the rest of my life making it up to you and proving that I love you."

I looked at her expectantly, ready to slip the ring on her left hand the minute she said the word. She leaned forward, resting her forehead against mine, her eyes looking deeply into mine.

"Of course it's yes, my sweet, wonderful, amazing man. How could I say anything other than yes?"

Deep, joyful laughter bubbled up from my chest and I placed the ring on her finger. I didn't care that it was unmanly to laugh joyfully, Bella just agreed to marry me, she was going to be my wife, if that didn't call for joyful then I didn't know what else in this world possibly could. The scorching kiss we shared ended up with her sitting on my lap, grinding her body against mine on the piano bench, neither of us able to get close enough with our clothes on.

The sudden drone of a vacuum cleaner brought us both out of our lust-induced haze. We were sitting with our foreheads resting against each other, breath panting.

"Take me home, Edward. I need you."

I grabbed her left hand in mine, loving the way her ring felt nestled between our fingers, and pulled her along behind me as we both practically sprinted out of the building and to the car. The ride home was a blur of innocent, and not-so-innocent, touches and kisses. By the time we were standing at the front door of the condo, my dick was throbbing and the keys were shaking in my hands, making it almost impossible to open the front door.

The minute the door was closed behind us, I had Bella pressed against it, kissing her desperately, touching and caressing every bit of skin my fingers could reach. I felt her fingers digging into my back, as if she were trying to actually pull me into herself as we stood there. Her passion and intensity only spurred on my own desperation.

She pushed against me gently, and I stepped back to give her room while she reached behind herself and started tugging on her zipper, letting out an sexy growl of frustration when it wouldn't budge. I moved to her back, kissing her shoulder before taking over the removal of her clothing. The dress slipped down her body, landing in a pool of red velvet at her feet, leaving her standing before me in a matching black lace bra and pantie set. She still took my breath away, every time.

Kissing up the column of her neck, I reached around her body, teasing her breasts and feeling her nipples harden against my palms. She leaned her head back against my shoulder, moaning lowly. Hearing her husky, lust-filled voice whisper my name went straight to my groin, causing me to rub against her delectable ass.

"Please, Edward, I need you," she whispered against my ear before nibbling on the lobe.

She didn't have to tell me twice. I scooped her up into my arms and moved assuredly up the stairs towards our room, trying to ignore the weak sensation in my legs every time Bella's teeth grazed my jaw. Setting her gently on the bed, I tore my own clothes off, damn near ripping the bow tie in an effort to get it off my neck. Bella's giggles stopped my movements as I turned my burning stare towards her.

"Something funny, love?" I asked, stalking towards her with my unbuttoned pants barely hanging onto my hips and my white button down dress shirt flapping open with my steps.

Catching the feral look in my eyes, her breath hitched as she breathed out a barely audible, "No".

She scooted away from me on the bed until her head was resting on the pillows. I continued towards her, covering her body with mine, her legs laying open on either side of me while I pressed my cock into her heat. Trailing my fingers up her sides and then pressing her arms above her head, I wrapped my left hand around her wrists, holding her limbs immobile.

She was stretched out below me, the angle of her arms forcing her back to arch, pushing her breasts up into my chest. I groaned at her whimpers and moans of pleasure as I nipped and sucked my way down her body. Using my right hand, I pushed the cups of her bra down, exposing the rosy buds of her breasts to me before I delved in, alternating sides as I rhythmically sucked and nibbled until she was lost in a frenzy of undulating pleasure.

After several minutes of teasing, I took mercy on her, continuing kissing and nipping down her body, stopping to slowly lick the rim of her belly button, dipping my tongue in briefly before continuing on to where she needed me. We worked together to quickly remove her panties and bra, leaving her bare to me. My mouth watered as her heady scent took over my senses, leaving me dizzy with desire. I reached the apex of her thighs, lightly running my nose down her slit before pushing my tongue between her lips and licking back up.

The minute my tongue pressed against her clit, Bella's voice changed from the low moans of desperation and want, to the high pitched keening of overwhelming pleasure. I continued my insistent sucking and nipping of the small nub while my fingers teased the outside edges of her entrance, keeping her tensed and ready. When her hips moved forcefully against my face, I plunged two fingers into her slick, wet, warmth, without warning. Her muscles immediately clamped down around my fingers as I continued to move in and out of her body, her back arched off the bed, heels digging into the mattress, fingers gripping the sheets taut, as her orgasm flooded through her and she screamed my name. Slowing down, I continued the movements of my tongue and fingers, helping her to ride out the pleasure as long as possible.

After she had pulled every last drop of pleasure from her orgasm, and I'd drunk every last drop of her, she sank her fingers into my hair tugging roughly, leading me back to her mouth. Her tongue forcefully moved against mine, I moaned loudly realizing that she could taste herself on my tongue. She brought her legs up to my hips, shoving my pants off my hips and down my legs. Moments later, we had both finished tearing my clothes from my body, and I was once again lying above her, my body nestled between her open thighs, my torso propped on my forearms. I stared into her eyes, the connection between us was palpable in the room as we spoke without words. I could see our forever reflected back to me in this one look. The mood in the room had shifted, and where there was sparking, fire-hot desire, there was now nothing but overwhelming need and reverence.

I was making love to my fiancee for the first time, the woman who had promised to be my wife was laying beneath me, offering herself up to me, trusting me completely, not only with her body, but with her heart and mind, as well. She trusted me to know her and what she wanted and needed, she trusted that I would always give her anything, everything, that I could. And I trusted her completely for the same.

The ache to be inside her was too much and I slipped inside her body, finally feeling whole as we were connected on the most primal of levels. Our movements were in perfect synchronization, our bodies stayed pressed together, in perfect harmony. Her arms were wrapped around my neck, mine crossed behind her back, holding her to me as close as possible. Even bound this tightly, it felt like she was too far away. I had never wanted to consume her, take her into myself, hold her inside of me forever, as badly as I did right this moment.

I felt her muscles begin to flutter around my cock in prelude to her orgasms, I felt my own release tighten in my stomach, moments away. I pulled away slightly to look into her eyes again, realized they were scrunched close in pleasure.

"Open your eyes, love, let me see you," I whispered.

She immediately complied, opening her eyes widely, her whole face transforming into a look that was beatific. Pressing her forehead to mine, a low moan rumbled through her chest as she found her release, her body tightening around me, pulling me down with her, neither of us breaking eye contact. Our bodies slowly calmed down, and I watched as Bella's eyes closed as she breathed a sigh of complete contentment. Tears slipped silently down her cheeks, and I reached up to kiss the edge of both eyes. I gently pulled her left hand from behind my neck, kissing the back of her hand and then the palm, before finally placing a kiss on the ring perched on her finger.

Neither of us spoke, there were no words that would do anything but mar the perfection of this moment.

* Bel Sogno- Beautiful Dream