Stan kneeled before the icy water of Stark's pond, staring into his own reflection, his face was expressionless mostly, he thought himself to be good at reading people, he'd only have to stare into their eyes, even for a brief moment, and he could see how they felt. He'd hoped to stare into his own eyes, see if he could figure himself out, because he had began to feel strange towards his best friend recently, although he kept it all to himself, not knowing how Kyle, or anyone else for that matter would react if they knew.

It was fairly late by now, the sky was a dark purple, settling into the nighttime, Stan felt at peace here, as if he could just think about things and not be bothered by life, even if it was for only 5 minutes.

Suddenly, he was approached from behind, at first he just ignored it, but then felt a gloved hand touch his shoulder. It was Kyle! The person he believed to be the love of his life, the person who could make him feel warm inside without failure, a huge grun spread among Stan's face at this moment, Stan felt so comforted by Kyle's presence, let alone being touched by him.

''Stan?'' Kyle stared at Stan with confusion on his face, simply because Stan stared back, without muttering a word. ''Kyle, i've been thinking things through, and i think it's time to say something i've been meaning to say for awhile now ... I think i ... love you ...'' Even though Stan didn't really feel it was the time or place to say so, he wanted it out in the open.

Kyle's expression turned blank at this point, he wasn't sure what to say, how to respond to his friend's declaration. Stan begun to stare at the ground, his expression turned sad, thinking that Kyle probably didn't feel the same way.

''Stan ... i didn't think you'd ever say something like that to me, i had no idea ...''

Stan begun to fell tears well up in his eye's, he didn't feel like letting his best friend see him cry, so he started to walk away slowly, with a look of obvious gloom on his face.

''Stan ... you misunderstood, i feel the same way, i just didn't think you did ...'' Kyle had quitely spoke these words, he had grabbed Stan's hand to stop him walking off, because they were best friends forever, and was about to become something more.

''Really? I can't believe it!'' Stan's gloom quickly turned to happiness as his love loved him back, it may have just been the best feeling in the world.

''Don't talk ... just kiss me ...'' Kyle muttered into Stan's ear.

They embraced each other with passion, locking lips for only a brief moment.

''You want to come sleepover tonight?'' Stan asked with much anticipation.

''Sure ... we can do anything ... anything your heart desires ...'' Kyle replied, with a smirk on his face.

They held hands as they walked home, for the first time, as lovers, ready to start their beautiful journey together.

They truely felt as if the star's up above was smiling down apon them, because it was the best day of their lives.