The academy students show great potential. Naruto, though the dead last, shows signs of a large mass of chakra. It's probably from the Kyubi, but most of it is Naruto's. Sakura is brilliant in all forms of study but lacks potency in the field and will surly be taken down easily in a fight. Hinata just lacks courage while Kiba should calm down and work more on stealth. Shino seems fine, actually, but socially he is at a miss. Shikamaru is brilliant and his mind works to his advantage, if only he weren't so damn lazy. Ino is not as smart as Sakura, but their skills in battle are even. Chouji is normal in both the field and school. Lastly, Sasuke is the top in the class, but his problem is that he's arrogant and usually looks down on everyone as if he were the best. That is why I keep my ranking a secret from him.

My brother, the arrogant fool he is, would never believe it and believes I'm still in the academy in the lower class. In reality, I just achieved Jounin rank under the tutelage of Aoba Yamashiro and Kakashi Hatake, yet he is still in the academy though the graduation exams are today.

"Good luck Sasu-nii," I said walking beside him to the academy.

"I told you not to call me that!" he said in anger. I stuck my tongue out and ran ahead trying to get him to run after me. He did of course. He tackled me and people around us began to stare. As we wrestled I couldn't help but laugh. It was just like when we were young. "See you later squirt," he ruffled my hair as we parted in the academy.

I walked and turned a corner before leaving to train as I usually do in the morning. I found Kakashi in the training grounds reading and scratching Pakkun's little pug belly. The dog was in pure heaven. I laughed, gaining their attention and walked over.

"Well I'm off then boss," Pakkun disappeared. Training commenced until lunch when we took a break and I had to meet up with Sasuke at the school.

"Imouto, what happened? Did Genma hold you back for something?" he asked as I came out of the door and into the lunch area.

"He just told me my score on the latest test is all. I got a hundred on in nii-san! Isn't that amazing?" I said. He nodded, liking my answer. "So how's the graduation exam?" I noticed a hawk above me and one of the teachers looked around wondering who the Hokage wanted.

"Boring! Kami knows how I'll last for the remainder of the testing session," he answered taking a bite from his bento.

"Well why don't you just think of how it'll be like to be a Genin like Neji-nii?" I replied. He nodded, finished his meal, and lay back completely content with staying there. That is until the bell, signally for lunch to be over, rang throughout the yard. I ran one way waving to him as he ran the other sluggishly. When he was out of sight, I stopped and looked to the hawk above once again.

"You should get to class-" I turned around and Ibiki saw who I was, "Oh Bailey, still hiding from Sasuke? Also you should answer that before Sandiame-sama gets mad and sends someone to find you." I nodded, and sprinted off to the Hokage Tower.

I entered his office. "Bailey, you're going to have to reveal that to Sasuke soon. He will be a Genin soon. Just make sure he passes as well. I don't want such talent going to waste," he said from his seat on the floor and his glass ball in front of him. I nodded. "If anything is to happen to them you will watch their back. I will have a Hyuga Jounin watching Kurenai's team and than a loyal friend of mine watching Asuma's." I nodded again. Earlier he had told me that those three teams were most likely to pass. I decided to tell Sasuke when they are getting there teams.

"What shall I do until tomorrow?" I asked him. He smirked. Oh great! He already knew what he wanted me to do. "And don't say I should do nothing!" He laughed at me.

"I'll send you on a quick mission with Kakashi until then," he calmed down and handed me the mission information and sent for Kakashi. It was a simple assassination mission. We had to kill nearby mercenaries and bring back their equipment. Simple enough.

Kakashi entered the room and we left together to my house where I got ready. I tossed him the mission info and we left to our mission in silence.

(Sasuke's POV)

The bell rang, signaling the end of school. I walked proudly out of the classroom hoping to show off my new headband to Bailey, but she wasn't there. I scanned the courtyard and found no sight of her. Being the genius I am, the first place I looked was her classroom where Genma-sensei was grading papers.

"Sasuke what are you doing here? Class is over!" he said. I nodded my understanding.

"Do you know where Bailey is? She's not in the courtyard and I'm worried," I answered truthfully trying to keep my face as emotionless as possible.

"Oh, Hiashi-sama came and got her for an important meeting at the Hyuga compound. He said it would last for a long time, the earliest it will get out is sunset," Genma-sensei explained. It didn't seem right, but Hiashi had taken Bailey a couple of times out of class for something so I thought nothing of it. I nodded my thank you and excused myself. I guess I'm going to have to celebrate on my own tonight.

(Bailey's POV)

Kakashi and I are currently lugging a wagon to the rendezvous point on the outskirts of Konoha. It was about sunset now I was exhausted from tugging this for miles. It had to weight at least a hundred pounds! We finally reached it and we got to go home. If Sasuke passed, though I bet he did, I won't be able to celebrate with him.

I trudged home, tired. Sasuke met me at the door. I couldn't understand what he was saying although it was something about a meeting and how he graduated and such.

"Congratulations Sasuke-nii-san! The meeting was as boring as ever. I'm going to bed. We'll celebrate tomorrow, okay?" I asked. He nodded and left me to my sleep that I greatly accepted. I was going to get up before him to make a cake. It's going to be a small white cake with a thin layer of chocolate frosting on top. Then when it is done, I can either a) give it to him in the morning or b) give it to him while he's meeting Kakashi-sensei and shove it in his face. Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner!

I woke up and quickly got out the cake mix, milk, eggs, and all the rest of the ingredients I'll need and be begun to prepare the cake. It was in the oven within twenty minutes and was baking when suddenly Sasuke came sleep-walking in. I should have known that he would follow his stomach. Damn Uchiha men and there stomachs! I did the first thing I thought was necessary. I began to make pancakes. He would still be out of it for at least another five minutes so I hurried.

I was able two or three before he was fully awake. The scent of the pancakes had overpowered the scent of the cake, thank Kami. We ate in silence before he headed off. I got in my ninja gear, something he's never seen, got the cake out of the oven, and bounced off to Iruka's classroom. I met him out of his classroom before the bell rang and we chatted. By the time the bell rang he was blushing as he walked in and I was following.

"Imouto, what are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be in class?" Sasuke asked and a look of worry replaced his disgusted one. Remember? He had accidentally kissed Naruto.

"Giving Iruka the result to whose team you're on and wanting to see the reaction that you useless Genin have," I answered plainly. He gave me a shocked look noting I hadn't added sensei to the end of Iruka's name and that I seemed meaner. Also that I called him a Genin yet I was in the academy. He would have said something but Iruka cut him off, saying the names of their Jounin senseis. Their reactions? Priceless! Some were happy, some were sad and other quite frankly didn't care. I left quickly when the bell signaling for lunch rang so Sasuke wouldn't get me.

I went back to the house and iced the cake and took it with me when I went to find Kakashi-sensei. We went to the classroom together.

"Why don't you ever stop reading that damn book of yours?" I asked when he opened the door. An eraser came down and hit him on the head and I could hear Naruto laughing in the background. He walked in and collected himself, me quickly following.

"My first impression of you all? You're a bunch of idiots," he said nonchalantly. I couldn't help but laugh.

"Imouto, why are you here and why did you act that way before?" Sasuke spoke up from a desk.

"Everything I said was true, though," I said back innocently. A gleam of amusement sparked in Kakashi's visible eye.

"Useless Genin? Where did that come from? You yourself are in the academy! You have no right to call us useless!" he lost his temper. I chuckled darkly, making Naruto and Sakura back away from me and making Sasuke look at me questioningly.

"You see Sasuke, I'm not in the academy," I started but he cut me off.

"You're already a Genin!" I shook my head. "Chunin?" I shook my head again. "Jounin? When did that happen?" He was looking at me like I was juggling pie or something.

"Jounin for a couple of months now Sasuke. Kakashi-sensei truly is a great teacher," I answered.

"No way, he got fooled by my prank!" Naruto shouted idiotically. Kakashi chuckled darkly at his comment. I took this moment to slam the cake in Sasuke's face.

"Congratulations!" I yelled. He wiped the cake away from his face and gave me a death glare. "Hey, I did this to Neji, too." That didn't stop him. He took a piece of cake from his face and smeared it on mine. I smirked and used my figure to lick it. "I have outdone my self, yet again." Naruto came over and took some of the rest of the cake and tried it.

"Wow! That is good! You made this?" I nodded, making Sasuke curious to try it. His eyes widened when he did.

"Just like mom's food. Was that what woke me up this morning or was it the pancakes?" he asked.

"This. The pancakes were just a cover up," I said before Kakashi led us to the roof to introduce ourselves. He explained what everyone had to do and went first, revealing only his name. Naruto talked all about ramen and being Hokage while Sakura just squealed and said that she hates Naruto.

"My name is Sasuke Uchiha. There are a lot of things I dislike and I don't really like anything and… I can't really call it a dream, but I have an ambition, the resurrection of my clan and… to kill a certain man." My eyes narrowed dangerously when he said that. He wanted to kill an innocent man. Everyone looked to me.

"I'm Bailey Uchiha Hyuga and I like training, and my family. I dislike people who are full of themselves, people who treat people badly on their looks, and people who insult me or my family. My dream is to kill the man the made my life a living a hell," I answered bitterly. Sasuke eyed me thinking I wanted to kill Itachi, too. "No it is not the same as yours Nii-san," I hissed. He looked shocked.