I passed! I made it through the training! Though still sore, I am so happy with myself that I made it to the end of the training! My mask resembles a dark wolf and I am entirely proud of it. Now all I have to do to become an ANBU is to pass the test in a few months.

I walked into the door to the Hyuga manor. Hiashi had come back a week after the attack. Being a clan leader, he was forced to stay behind and decide on who will be the next Hokage. Apparently, they chose Tsunade Senju, one of the Sandiame's pupils, since Jiraiya didn't want the position. I hope she isn't into Jiraiya's books like the Sandiame was.

Neji suddenly appeared, running around the corner and straight towards me. I sighed as I was thrown into a hug by my overprotective brother. "How did you do in the Chunin Exams? Did Naruto kick your ass into the ground?" I joked. He growled and glared at me with his arms crossed. I stuck my tongue out at him. I had guessed right.

"Where were you? You missed me execute a perfect Kaiten!" Neji demanded. I smirked at him. He was worried. He just won't admit it.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" I taunted. He lunged at me and caught me in a headlock. I half squealed, half laughed as I fought back. Eventually, we ended up on the ground wrestling. A few branch members were watching as I gently pushed him away. "Fine, I was on a long mission with Aoba-sensei. When we heard about the attack on Konoha, we got back as fast as we could, helped out, and left again. It's no big deal, except he trained me and now I can beat you like this." I snapped my fingers together and he just rolled his eyes.

"In your dreams!" he taunted this time.

"No, in your dreams, weak boy that got beat by the knucklehead!" I fired right back smirking triumphantly. He glared right on back in slight anger. I nudged his arm playfully before grabbing a hold of his arm and dragging him away.

"Come on! Let's got find Sasu-nii!" I said to him dragging him through the gates. He pulled his arm out of my grasp but followed me none the less. We ran straight past Team 8's training grounds with them in it. I waved to Hinata as we past.

We ran right into the Team 7's training grounds and I tackled Sasuke to the ground. Neji stopped at the edge respectfully. "Gah!" Sasuke shouted as he hit the grass below him. "What the hell, Bailey?" he shouted at me. I smiled.

"Good to see you, too, nii-san!" I shouted back innocently. He glared. "What? No, 'welcome back' or 'where have you been' like Neji. You're just going to lay there and glare at me."

"Fine, welcome back Imouto, yadda yadda. Can you get off me now?" he said. I giggled and I got off his back and helped him up.

"Where were you little missy?" Kakashi stated crossing his arms. He came over and lifted me over his shoulder. I growled and crossed my arms as he tried to spin me around. I flipped off his shoulders.

"I was on a last minute mission with Aoba-sensei okay. We had to locate, scope out, and maintain our cover in the mist of an enemy gang in Mist. After a few weeks we had enough evidence to detain them. Poor morons didn't know a thing," I answered simply.

"What were your covers, father and daughter?" Sasuke stepped in.

"As a matter of fact, yes. He was the cool father and I was his young daughter you didn't want to mess with," I replied getting in Sasuke's face. "I punched a guy in the face the second they doubted anything." With that, they all shut up about the matter.

"So, have you met Tsunade, yet?" Neji asked from the edge of the clearing. I shook my head. "Well, let's go introduce you. You'll hate her, trust me." I raised an eyebrow as the three of them dragged me towards the Hokage tower. I think I'd like her if Neji doesn't. Thank Kami Sakura and Naruto weren't here to drag me there as well.

We arrived there within a few minutes. A couple of people gave us some strange looks, but they were easily ignored. A woman with black hair registered us to see Tsunade. "I'm Shizune, Bailey-san. I'm Tsunade's assistant," she said. I nodded.

"Drop the honorifics, please. I prefer just Bailey," I replied. She nodded this time and knocked on a door that used to belong to the Sandiame. She entered with us in tow. A blonde haired woman looked up from the desk positioned by the windows.

"Shizune, why are they here?" the woman I assumed was Tsunade said irritated. Stacks and stacks of paperwork littered her desk. I smirked as she looked ready to punch someone.

"These bubbling idiots thought it wise to introduce me," I answered. She smiled. "I'm Bailey Uchiha Hyuga, the sister to those two fools. I was trained by Aoba and Kakashi. I'll leave you be if you want."

"You can stay, but the other three have to go. Shizune can stay as well," Tsunade ordered. Sasuke stuffed his hands into his pockets and just left. Both Kakashi and Neji bowed and exited. "I like you. You've got balls and I respect that. So, where were you before when I met every other ninja?"

"I was at the ANBU training for the past two months. I survived at eleven and twelve. My birthday was during the two months. That's awesome," I said. She smiled. "So, I see you've got tons of paperwork. Sandiame thought it was cursed you know. There's so much, it never seems to end."

"I highly doubt it," she leaned back in her chair. I raised a skeptical eyebrow. "So, Bailey, who were your parents?" I sighed.

"Hizashi Hyuga and Mikoto Uchiha were my parents. It was a complete accident, but without it I wouldn't be here today," I replied. She smiled slightly. "How were your travels? I heard you've been a huge gambler. How's the luck?" I asked.

"So gaki, I hear you're Jounin ranked while those brothers of yours are still Genin. Can you explain that?" she asked ignoring my question. I rolled my eyes at her nickname for me.

"I'm Jounin ranked because I got Kakashi to train me when I was three. He taught me some lessons from the academy and when I got in, I just breezed on through. Graduated the year after. From there on, I kept it a secret. Neither Neji nor Sasuke knew about the graduation and neither of them found out until they graduated when they got their senseis, whom I train with," I answered. She nodded her head impressed as I shrugged.

"Nice kid, you remind me of both Kakashi and myself. So, how would you like to do my paperwork?" she said sweetly.

"Hey, I'm not that dumb. I know about that and you can't get me to do it." I backed away. She snapped her fingers and banged her head against the table. "So, did Naruto make you treat anyone when you got here?"

"I healed Kakashi, Sasuke, and I examined Lee. He's gone through with his operation and is recovering. He should be released soon because of how many times we've caught him training on the floor in his room," she mumbled into her desk at the first part before slamming her head back down again. Sasuke? Kakashi? Why were they hurt? I know it's not from the attack on Konoha.

"Why were they in the hospital Tsunade-sama? I know why Lee was but what about the other two?" I questioned. She looked up confused but shrugged it off.

"They ran into Itachi Uchiha. They were placed under his Tsukuyomi," she explained. I growled dangerously. "I take it you have a vengeance against him as well," she sighed.

I shook my head. "No, but he is in deep shit now," I replied. "Thank you Tsunade." I bowed and was going to leave.

"Oh, Bailey, I've got a mission for you. You will investigate Orochimaru's hideout. I trust you on this mission. I'll give you a few days to decide," she stated. I smiled and left. Itachi was so dead.

I ran out of the Hokage Office and to my hiding place in the far corner of the Uchiha compound. I hid some stuff there just in case, that included a scroll with a messenger crow from Itachi. I summoned it out of the scroll and wrote a quick note, telling him I was in trouble and I needed to meet him today at the clearing in less than an hour before sending it off to him.

I ran straight to the clearing I had specified. It was near a pond where I used to train by myself whenever Kakashi was gone on a mission. It was on the very edge of the forest between the Uchiha forest and the Takeo's next to us. It had taken about a half hour just to get there and knowing Itachi, he would be there within the next ten, fifteen minutes.

Sure enough, twelve minutes later, Itachi arrived in the clearing, slightly out of breath and sweating. "Bailey, I got your message, what's hap-" He couldn't say anymore. I had thrown a punch straight at him and connected with his cheek. He stumbled back and clutched the side I punched him on. "What was that for?"

"You put both Kakashi and Sasuke in comatose states!" I shouted at him. "What were you doing near them in the first place!" Metaphorically, steam was pouring out of my ears with anger. That steam could fill six hot air balloons and still have enough for half another, that's just how mad I was at him.

"I had to make the attempt to catch Naruto-kun practical. If I had purposely thrown the mission, my partner would get suspicious. If he found out about my deal with the leader he would freak!" Itachi stated.

"That doesn't mean you use your Tsukuyomi to torture the people I care about the most! What did Kakashi do to make you use that? And don't you dare say self-defense," I yelled at him.

"Imouto, I was protecting my partner, as for Sasuke, I went easier on him than I did Kakashi. His mind probably went into a mental relapse for a while. He would have been up in two weeks tops," Itachi answered. I sighed and shook my head. "So, you aren't in trouble, then. You just used that to lure me down here faster." I rolled my eyes and gave him a 'no shit Sherlock' kind of look.

"Itachi just don't do that to them, please," I pleaded. He nodded and pulled me into a hug. "And if you do, I'll personally twist you inside-out." I muttered darkly into his cloak. He stiffened for a few seconds but relaxed again.

We stood (hugged) in silence for a few minutes before he spoke again. "You should head back, Bailey. It'll be noon soon." I looked up to the sky and sure enough the sun was getting close to the middle of the sky.

"Just promise me you'll be okay, Aniki," I said into his cloak.

"I promise. You stay safe, too. I have to get back. I have a meeting with Leader-sama in an hour," he gave me a comforting squeeze and let go. I smiled up to him before taking off back to Konoha.

I let my mind swim to the thoughts of what has happened as I finally made it back to the compound. I trained with Sasuke for about an hour, but I wasn't focused. He didn't notice, but I could just feel that something was going to happen. He was improving but there was something he was clouding in his head and what seemed to fuel him.

I went for a walk to clear my head. Gai-sensei stopped me and he checked to make sure my Taijutsu was improving. By the end of that, the sun was high in the sky, but it wasn't at all as hot as you'd expect.

My thoughts went to the mission I had gotten. Investigating Orochimaru's base might not be easy, but I want revenge on that snake pedophile. I was heading to Hyuga compound from the gate to eat lunch when the wind picked up slightly. The soft breeze through my hair felt amazing and suddenly I wasn't worried about the mission and thought I could probably handle it.

The bliss of the breeze was just spectacular. I actually stopped for a second to just stand in it. I breathed in the fresh hair and just felt at peace. I decided another lap around the village wouldn't be so bad and continued my walk.

As I walked, I saw Kurenai and Asuma shopping together, Kakashi was talking with Iruka, and Gai was harassing them, but all was awesome. Kotetsu and Izumo were nearly asleep by the gate, some kids were playing in the park, and a few Chunin were lounging around on the streets joking around. Even a few villagers were just hanging around at the stands and talking.

All was peaceful, but I didn't know how wrong I was. Little did I know, that my whole day (the good part of it anyway) would turn into a nightmare in a snap of my small tiny twelve year-old fingers.


I hope you all enjoyed the story. It was very fun to write. Now, please read My Life as a Ninja to follow it. (If you haven't already read some of it)