Chapter 1: Prologue

AN: I like to place thoughts and texts in my writing, so my shorthand will look like this: "Talking" 'texting' "thoughts"

Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN DEGRASSI: THE NEXT GENERATION. SOME COMPANY IN CANADA DOES [I'm just borrowing the characters for a little bit. I own the idea of Declan and K.C. having sex in this fanfic =]

Declan ran down the hall to his social studies class in a flash of lightning. Halfway through his journey, the bell rung. "FUCK!" thought Declan as he was caught in the midst of the hallway and slid down the wall. Suddenly, a tall boy, with deep brown eyes, a skull cap, and light brown hair, just like his, appeared around the corner.

"Hey," the boy said. "Aren't you the rich kid?"

"Yes, yes I am. Name's Declan" Declan responded.

"My name is K.C., want some help getting up?"

"Nah I got it... where are you headed?" Declan questioned,

"Social studies with Mr. Perino." K.C. replied.

"Wow that's the class I have right now... I was going to just wait here because I loathe his late policy." Declan groaned.

"Wow, me too."

"This Declan kid is kinda cute" K.C. thought.

K.C. was actually having a crush on Declan. He hadn't told Claire, or Jenna, but KC was actually gay. After eventually coming out to himself, his mom, his friends at the group home, and finally to Principal Simpson, he was proud to be slightly out at school. He questioned whether Declan was gay, or at least bisexual.

"I really hope that I can eventually kiss those soft, warm lips on him." K.C. thought again as they sat and waited for the bell to ring.