Chapter 10: September 2019

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This is a FLASHBACK CHAPTER! It tells of Katilynne's first day of public school.

Today was Katilynne's first day of 1st Grade, and also her first day of public school. She was at a daycare facility for Kindergarten, and was starting to feel like a big girl. As her father dropped her off at P.S. 262, she walked to her class. Her teacher, Mr. LaValle sat and gave the class an introduction activity: Meet and make as many friends in 30 minutes. As she sat in her chair, she was greeted by a girl who looked vaguely Hispanic, but you could tell she was mixed.

"Hi! My name is Rochelle!" the girl exclaimed.

"I'm Katilynne. How are you?"

"I'm excited! My mommy was sad but I wasn't!"

"I don't have a mommy..." Katilynne said in a melancholy tone.

"Is she missing?"

"No. I never had a mommy. My daddy is my mommy."

"Oh. Where does he work?"

"At the police station. He works with kids like us."


"Does he wear ties to work or all blue?"



The girls both screamed.

"You want to be my best friend?" Rochelle said excitedly.


As the girls were talking, Principal DiAngelo appeared over the loudspeaker.

"Attention Shabazz Elementary, today we will be having our first fire drill of the year. Teachers please go over our emergency procedures for fire emergencies at this time. The drill will begin in 5 minutes."

"Ok class," Mr. LaValle began. "Here's how things are going to go down. I am going to have five of you doing very important things for me, and it will change every month. One of you will turn off the lights, another will close the windows, another will count the students, the fourth will be the line leader, and the fifth will be the caboose. We will go out of the door, to the RIGHT, down the hall, and out of the doors. We will follow me to our RED classroom number. We will wait for the chime sound to let us know to come back. We WILL stay together, OK?"

"OK." The class replied.

"Great! Now, Nicole, you can do the lights; Amanda, you can do the windows; Trevor, you can count the students; Rochelle, you can line-lead; and Katilynne, you can be the caboose."

The students giggled with excitement. This was short lived, as no quicker did Mr. LaValle finish, the fire alarms screamed to life*. The action team sprung into action, except for Katilynne. The sudden noise scared her, and she started to cry.

"Don't cry Katilynne." Mr. LaValle said in a calm tone. "It will be over soon."

"ITS SO SCARY!" she said in-between tears.

"I'll be here for you, OK?"


Within 45 seconds, the class was in the hallway. Mr. LaValle locked the door and proceeded to lead the class out of the building. By 1 minute, 15 seconds, the class was approaching their classroom number, 1G, spray-painted on the ground in vivid red spray-paint. By 2 minutes, the alarms stopped their shrieks of terror, everyone was at their numbers, and the building was clear. Principal DiAngelo came out with a bullhorn and began speaking:

"Great job P.S. 262! You were completely outside in 1 minute, 53 seconds! We will go back in at the chime and report to the auditorium for an assembly!"

As the classes poured back into the building, Katilynne was embarassed, and her long blonde curls hung and covered her piercing gray eyes. Her face was flushed and she shuffled. Rochelle came up to her as they got in the auditorium and gave her a big hug.

"Its alright you were scared, we all know you aren't used to it."

"You guys aren't going to laugh at me?

"No. And if they do, they're big, stupid, dookie heads!"

"You're right!"

Around 2:00p, S'Ana, the self-elected queen bee of the class, walked up to Katilynne and laughed in her face at how she cried earlier that day. This served to make Katilynne even more upset, and she ran out of class emotionally distraught. Mr. LaValle pressed the 'Unattended class' button and an overseer quickly rushed to the class. In the time it took between Mr. LaValle leaving, and the overseer getting to the class, S'Ana had a field day at Katilynne's expense.

"Breyona did you see her, crying like a baby! HAHAHAHA!"

"Imma joke her when she gets back."

"Me too! I don't like her."

"Me either."

Rochelle was NOT having this. She went up to S'Ana and Breyona and told them:

"What you two did wasn't nice at all, and breaks the rules, and the police can come and take you to JAIL! I'll call my daddy and have you put away!"

S'Ana sucked her teeth.

"No you won't"

With her perfect timing, as the overseer came in, she immediately started crying and wanted to call her daddy. The overseer got her phone and called Mr. Amaro at work.

"Daddy, these girls are being mean to me! And one of them kicked me!"

"OK princess I'll be right there."

Nick Amaro was at Shabazz Elementary within minutes, and was in classroom 1G (after getting his visitor's pass to prevent a lockdown) in no more than a minute. Katilynne was back in class and obviously looked upset.

"I'll be taking Rochelle and Katilynne."

"OK." the overseer said.

The two girls got their bags and got left with Nick. He checked the girls out and left the school. He brought the girls back to the precinct, and let them sit in an interview room and play. K.C. was informed that his child had been picked up by Amaro and was at the precinct. At the end of their shift, the two SVU detectives decided to take their children to McDonald's for dinner, to let them play in the park and get tired. At the end of the day, the two separated, and tucked their little princesses into bed.

*If you wonder how I think the alarms sound, Google a Simplex 4050, they use those at my school. YES I know I'm a nerd for knowing that.

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