Authors Note: Hey guys! Okay so this is my first Fullmetal alchemist one-shot. I'm sorry this is really short but I'll write more next time. Enjoy and please review!

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Teddy Bears

Laughs filled the room, when the young blonde turned around. Ed's face turned beet red from utter embarrassment. He held the object in his hands tightly and brought it up to his chest defensively. He looked up at his boyfriend and narrowed his eyes. His blond hair felled in front of his eyes. Gold eyes filled with rage, ready to say the five words Roy knew was coming.

"Shut the fuck up bastard."

The dark haired man shook his head and wiped his eyes. This was just too funny! Who knew Fullmetal liked teddy bears?

Roy smirked, "I didn't know you liked teddy bears, Ed. I guess Elicia and you really do have something in common, besides being short." He laughed when Ed 's face got even redder. He loved messing with the 15 year old.

"HEY! WHO ARE YOU CALLING SO SHORT.." , The blond was cut off from his tirade by Roy. The older man bent down and kissed the boy. Ed melted into the kiss, dropping the teddy bear and put his arms around Roy. After the kiss ended, Ed picked of the forgotten bear and turned muttering, 'cheeky bastard.'

Roy chuckled, "Love you too Ed."

The latter replied by giving him a glare and going into the kitchen.