What I saw shocked the fuck out of me. And trust me I had a lot in me.

It was a money transfer from Mike's company directly to an account in the Middle East.

The number was 77875003875. I quickly texted it to the department of the Volturi that took care of tracing and such, and got a quick reply…Oh my god.



"Did we get her?" I ask Jasper, my tech guy. He shakes his head in a clear 'No'

"Damn it!" I hit my fist against the wall, cracking it. This is the second time I tried tracing her and NO luck!

"Tap her cell! Find out where her job is!" I bark at him and the rest of his little nerds.

They all got to work as I start pacing around the small cramped HQ.


"Boss, I got something!" Jasper yells. I walk over to him as he presses the play button, and I hear my sinful angel speak

"Yeah, Mike already invited me Jessica! Oh shit, I forgot the place, what is it again?"

"It's the Eclipse Lounge" a whiny voice says from the other side of the line.

'Got it, see you then!"

Then the line went dead.

"Boss, don't you think we should be focusing on our real hit?" Says the little bitch that is Edward. But he is right.

"Fine, what do you have Edmond?" I said while swirling around in my spinny chair.

"Well our source from the Middle East is…Dead."

"WHAT? HOW?" I yell "I talked to him 2 HOURS ago!"

"Sir, the reports state that he was walking down a street, then…nothing."

"How are we going to get into Al Qaeda's files now? He had the slip! He had the piece of paper stating THAT company was behind 9/11 that they supplied the money! What are we going to do now?"

"I don't know sir."

And that was the only answer I had for the rest of the day.



Al Qaeda. Mike was funding Al Qaeda. FUCK! The document was showing money transferred from Mike's company into an Al Qaeda bank account. And it was all transferred a few weeks before 9/11…but the magnitude of the amount of the money transferred could not be from Mike's company alone…

I could see Mike's shadow outside the office, so I exit out of what I was looking at and sat back down in my chair

"So Bella, are you coming to the bar tomorrow night to prepare for the" he uses air quotes "Bonding activity?"

"Actually, no! Sorry, I have plans! But I will be there for the bonding activity" I said while doing his stupid air quotes trying to look flirtatious.

"Oh, well that's too bad." He says with actual sorrow in his voice "Oh and I don't think I ever told you this, Friday is casual Friday. Well kind of, it still has to be work appropriate. Even though I know how much I want to see you in some leather pants, that's just not gonna happen." He says, his try at flirting leaves me gagging.

I giggle, and bat my eyelashes, trying to give him something to stare at while I covertly slip the thumb drive of info from his computer up my skirt.

Once I did, I quickly stood

"Well Mike, how about this, I'll run to Starbucks to get everyone coffee, then we can all start the workday in a good mood?" I say trying to sound appeasing.

"Um yeah, you go do that…" he blinks rapidly. Huh, must be a twitch. He hands over the company card….perfect, this may be the proof I am looking for.

I call Paul the IT guy at head quarters and give him Newton's credit card info, then I actually do go to star bucks to get the office coffee.


It was Friday which meant…You guessed it Casual Friday. With Casual Friday brings Casual Clothes. Alice actually came over this morning, and helped me pick out the clothes this morning. The old saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder" is totally true. I forgot how much I missed her. We didn't talk much when she first came to the company, but we got closer as time went on.

She had pointed out how I had to look effortless, and like I wasn't trying too hard. We picked out a cute outfit that consisted of a purple-blue paisley corset, dark skinny jeans, an ADORABLE tote bag—oh god I sound like Alice—grey studded mid calf open toed boots, raybans, and a turquoise cuff. Alice insisted on doing my makeup. It was pretty while being flirty…

Both Alice and I were heading out the door when we heard a noise straight behind us. Alice knowing that she is not trained quickly got out of the way. I pulled my gun out of my tote and slowly walked up the stairs of the cabin, when I got to the top floor I started walking first to my bathroom. I saw a figure dart to my left, and I ran after it. It ran into my bedroom, I follow. They break the window, and jump out, its light enough that I can make out the figure running across my backyard.