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(Hello there young trainer, professor oak speaking, as you know we live in a world inhabited with creature called Pokemon. Pokemon and humans live side by side and help each other. One of the ways that we help each other is by battling, that's where you come in young trainer. Your job is to capture and battle other Pokemon, that way they can evolve and grow stronger. Your goal is to catch as many Pokemon as you can, so can become a Pokemon master and the best that the world has ever known. Which is why I've sent you this letter, you have just turned ten years old, and this means it is time for you to start your Pokemon training adventure. Come to my lab in pallet town on the first to pick your first Pokemon. I look forward to meeting you,


Pro. Oak

Pro. Oak just sent me that letter two days ago, it is now Sunday the 30th, and in one day I will start my adventure. My name is Jake Dragon and I will become a Pokemon master, and this my story.)

"Haaahh…." I yawned as I woke up on Sunday morning. My name is Jake Dragon and I just turned ten years old and I'm about to start my Pokemon training adventure. Like most people I have a mom and a dad, even a big sister, and I live in the Battle Pyramid," Part of Kanto's battle frontier" my dad is the frontier brain, " The boss", his name is Brandon. My mom is a biologist, who specializes in how Pokemon came to be, she's been working a lot at the tree of beginning lately, "it's supposed to be the home of the legendary Pokemon Mew", she wants to take me to the tree before I start my adventure tomorrow, ohh and my moms name is Marry. My sister on the other hand is named Cynthia, and she is the Sinnoh's elite four champion, " That's close to being a Pokemon master", she's fifteen years old and she loves to show off her Pokemon, and pick on me sadly. As I began to get ready for the day, I put on a black T-shirt, blue jeans, a gray jacket with a black stripe through the center of it, red and gray sneakers and my lucky sliver dragon necklace. I then spiked my jet-black hair in its usual five fingered claw fashion in both the front and back, and then finally checked my height,

" Five feet even, cool I grew an inch since last week." I said with glee.

I then ran down stairs (10 flights of stairs) to meet my mom to go to the tree of beginning, once I got down stairs and regained my breath I noticed my sister was standing by the front door with my mom. " Hi baby brother." Cynthia said.

" I'm not a baby any more sis, so please don't call me that." I replied,

but Cynthia just smiled and roughly patted my head saying, " Ohh but you'll always be my baby brother to me."

I sighed, as my mom walked up and said, " Cynthia be nice to your brother."

" Thanks mom…" I said,

once Cynthia stopped patting my head, my mom grabbed a bunch of test tubs and other scientific things and exclaimed, " Now lets go Jake, I have to take a few samples for my research."

" Right!" I nodded,

when suddenly Cynthia grabbed my arm and said, " Hold on their brother, I want you to take this, just in case you see a wild Pokemon."

She then let go of my arm and handed me a half red / half white baseball sized ball with a white button and black strip in the center of it, it was a Pokeball. (A device used to capture and train Pokemon) I knew what a Pokeball was, so for once I actually thanked my sister, then pressed the center button on the Pokeball, which made the ball shrink down to the size of a grape. I put the Pokeball in my pocket then ran up into the car with my mother. Cynthia waved at us once we started to drive off, as my mom and I where driving I noticed a large hot spring about a mile away from the tree of beginning and just to the right of us. My mom slammed on the brakes of the car; fortunately I had my seat belt on, however I was still knocked around a lot. I dizzily uttered, " Oww… Why'd we stop for?"

My mom shrilly replied, " Son, hot springs are a breeding grounds for lots of Pokemon and biologic samples!"

I sighed, and then I looked to the left of the car and saw a fairly deep forest. I jumped out of the car and told my mom, " Great… but I really don't have an interest in biology soo… I'm going to walk around over there by that forest."

" Suit your self son, just come back once I'm done."

" Ok" I replied as I walked into the forest, and the moment I was out of sight of my mom an apple flew in front of me, with a small yellow mouse like Pokemon with a zigzag tail and red cheeks fallowed behind it. I stopped in amazement, it was the first time I've ever seen a Pokemon like this. As the mouse Pokemon was eating I begin to carefully walk towards it, however I accidentally stepped on a loud branch. The Pokemon's long yellow ears twitched and its head tilted once it looked at me and said, " Biggaaa…" Thinking fast I pulled the Pokeball my sister gave me and asked the Pokemon, " Hi their want to play?"

Then I placed the Pokeball on the ground and rolled it the Pokemon. To my surprise the Pokemon smiled and began to playfully roll the Pokeball back and froth. I was about to pet the little Pokemon when my mom yelled out, " Jake let's go, I've got all the samples I needed and you have to go to Pallet town tomorrow."

" Ok one minute."

I answered, but just then I heard a loud pop noise come from behind me, as I turned around I saw that the Pokemon had opened the Pokeball and was converted to a red energy, then was beamed inside of it. The Pokeball closed and a red light came on the center button, then the ball shook side to side for a few seconds. Then the light turned off and the ball made a, " Bionng" noise and stopped. The air around me was dead silent as if some sort of imbalance had occurred, once I picked up the Pokeball I exclaimed, " All right, I caught my first Pokemon!"

I rushed out of the forest and ran up to my mom how had overheard me say, " Wow son, it looks like you got the hang of catching Pokemon, show me what it is when we get home, but now we have to get back so I can cook your goodbye dinner."

I nodded as I go into the car with excitement that I had just caught a pokemon…

( He does not end up like ash from the anime, you'll see why not in chapter two. I will be uploading a chapter a week until the story is done, please comment and review )