The next day the tournament started and I was in the waiting room anxiously a waiting my first round match up. My battle was to take place on the grass field and I was nervously thinking up my strategy when the announcer called out, " Alright folks it's time for the first round on the grass field to begin!"

I then rushed out to the field. The sun outside was bright and stands around the field were filled with people, including Crystal who was cheering for me in the front row. I stepped on to a platform that overlooked the field from one end. On the other end stood my opponent, he was a fat man that wore an orange shirt and jean overalls, this only made his black bowl hair cut stand out more. I thought when the judge came to the field and announced, " This is an office league battle between red corner Tim and green corner Jake. Each trainer is allowed three Pokemon and both sides are allowed to substitute. Now let this first round battle begin!"

" Go Tangela!"

Tim shouted as he Tangela emerged ready for battle. " Alright, go Charizard!"

A freaked out expression came across Tangela's face as it looked at Charizard. Then Tim said, " A big dragon don't scare a big guy like me, Tangela, choke him with vine whip!"

Vines wrapped around Charizard's neck when I commanded, " Charizard, use flamethrower!"

With a stream of hot blue flames, Tangela released its choke hold and was knocked out in one hit. " Tangela is unable to battle, the winner is Charizard."

The judge announced as I thought to myself, one hit… wow. Then Tim recalled Tangela and said, " Alright then, let's take this battle to the sky! Go Pidgeotto!"

A smaller version of Pidgeot came out and took to the sky. I smiled and said, " So you want a dogfight huh, right then, Charizard take to the sky too!"

Charizard flew up high and meet eyes with Pidgeotto. Then Tim shouted, " Now Pidgeotto, aerial ace!"

Pidgeotto did a loop in the air then speeded for Charizard. While I exclaimed, " Charizard trap him fire spin!"

Charizard quickly spit up a fire stream and trapped Pidgeotto in a vortex. " Now finish him off, use dragon rage!"

I commanded as Charizard blasted Pidgeotto out of the sky. Knocking him unconscious as he hit the ground. Then the judge exclaimed, " Pidgeotto is unable to battle the winner is Charizard."

Tim recalled Pidgeotto and laughed as he said, " you may have beat my Pidgeotto, but you cant beat my last Pokemon. Go Tauros!"

Tauros emerged roaring for battle, kicking up dirt as bulls often do, as he glared at Charizard. I turned to Charizard and asked, " Are you ready?"

Charizard nodded and then I commanded, " Alright then, use flamethrower!"

The flames hit Tauros, but it managed to sustain the hit. As Tauros shock it's head Tim commanded, " Tauros, use hyper beam!"

" Charizard dodge it!"

I shouted as Charizard narrowly evaded the attack, " Don't give up Tauros, keep using hyper beam!"

Tim exclaimed as Tauros kept on blasting hyper beams. Charizard managed to dodge a few more blasts before on finally knocked him out of the sky. As Charizard hit the ground I asked, " Charizard! Are you ok?"

Charizard managed to get up with a bit of a struggle, but then Tim shouted, " Hit em hard Tauros use horn attack!"

Tauros charged for Charizard as I commanded, " Charizard grab that bull by the horns and use seismic toss!"

Charizard braced himself as Tauros slammed in to him. However Charizard was able to grab Tauros's horns and with a mighty thrust of his wings, Charizard did in incredible seismic toss that slammed Tauros head first to the ground. Tauros staggered as he fell over unconscious and the judge announced, " Tauros is unable to battle the winner is Charizard. The victory of this battle goes to the green corner Jake!"

A picture of my face, with the word victory below it, came on the screen of the stadium monitor. Then I turned to Charizard and exclaimed, " Yes we won! Great job Charizard!"

I jumped of my platform and hugged Charizard. Charizard smiled as Tim called back Tauros and said, " Dough… Lost in the first round and to a kid too."

Then Tim walked away as the announcer said, " Wow what impressive three nothing victory for Jake his spectacular Charizard! These two well be fighting in the rock field next, but only time will tell if they can keep this winning streak alive!"

I then recalled Charizard and left the grass field to prepare for the next round…

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