Credit goes to Stephanie Meyer for the characters of Jacob and Quil. Credit also goes to Newmoonskyline now Wolf-Of-The-North, who inspired this story and gave me permission to write it and beta'd it for me.

It's often said things happen for reason. For five years my cousin Quil and I have been living with a psychopath. Said psycho imprinted on me but I don't have the same feelings for him, thankfully.

Ivan Nightwalker killed my pack and my family, but left my cousin alive for reasons unknown. So he made us live in Valle Rossa Castle. Could it get worse? Correct Answer: Yes. There are no straight werewolves and no female wolves. However some werewolves are bi like my cousin Quil. I don't mind being gay. Its being the object of a psychopath's desire that makes me want to forget that sex even exists. I don't know what exactly Ivan wants with us, but I know if I don't leave Valle Rossa Castle soon, something terrible will happen.

I'm a very powerful werewolf and he's after my power and Quil's for reasons I don't understand. The only problem is they're not powers that would help me escape from a castle. Quil is the only werewolf I know who can read emotion and feeling as well as read thoughts in human form. Quil's the only thing that's kept me sane the last five years. Without him I'd have cracked long ago. I have seen unspeakable horror and been through hell.

Ivan knows me and my cousin can't take much more from him. Tonight Ivan is going to kill Quil. Quil's got such a sweet personality and I know we have to break out of here for his sake. He's the only family I have left and to lose him would break my spirit for good. So that night while Ivan and his army of what he calls demonio wolves (the Italian word for demon) were asleep me and Quil broke out of the castle with the assistance of some of the castle guard and fled into the night . We had heard of a place called La Push in Washington State a safe haven for people like me and my cousin. Ivan told us it was myth. That myth was all I had to hope for. Hope for a better life and a fresh start with me and my cousin. . Little did I know I was in for the adventure of my life.

I'm Jacob Black and this is the story of how I discovered true love and new friends and the adventure I took to get there.