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I couldn't believe Drake was here in Vegas. What I really couldn't believe was that he actually though we sought him out. I may be physic, but I'm no stalker. How was I supposed to know going southwest meant Las Vegas?

"Drake it's not like we knew you'd be here. We were intending on driving to Carson City from Utah's capital but I got on the wrong highway,'' I informed Drake.

"So you just happened to end up in Vegas?'' Drake said raising his eyebrows.

"Yeah we did. We weren't seeking you out if that's your concern,'' Josh reassured.

"Wait! Wait! Wait! WAIT. Just wait one minute. You know Drake Swiftwind?'' Grace said with surprise as she turned to give me a look of complete and total shock.

"Oh, Grace, I didn't know you were here. How are you dear?'' Drake said as he kissed her hand.

"I'm fine. Your friends here helped me against a guy who was harassing me. I probably could have handled him myself though,'' Grace replied, turning to face Drake while she blushed and scratched her head.

"But, no one has yet to answer the question,'' Grace asked.

"We're old friends. We had a sort of falling out five years ago and haven't spoken to each other since,'' Jacob told Grace. I had a feeling Drake and Grace were romantically linked but in a casual way. Drake has many girlfriends. Who could blame him though? He's a werewolf, which not only makes you hot, but it's a good confidence booster. Judging by the way some wolves act I'd say that the only thing that could tie down a wolf would be an imprint. I mean we do get horny seeing as we turn into a large wolf with more blood than we do so after we phase back it has to go somewhere until we adjust back to being human. And of course there is only so much a hand can do.

"I could take your power Quil. Think of what I could do with it.'' A voice whispered in my head.

"You're not real,'' I whispered as to not draw any attention to myself.

"Quil what's wrong?'' Grace asked with concern.

I started, "Oh! Uh- nothing, I'm fine,'' I said brushing the mysterious voice off and I felt strangely better. That couldn't have been him. I'm immune to his powers and he can't do anything to me. Plus Ivan doesn't know we're in Vegas. How could he know? If he has indeed found us I know what he's trying to do. He's trying to find a way to get Josh and me away from Jake. Not going to happen, there's no way I'm leaving my cousin and Josh.

"You look beautiful, Ms. Parker,'' Drake said.

"Thank you, Drake,'' Grace replied, smiling.

We had some drinks and talked about nothing of any particular importance. Jake all of a sudden announced he was tired and that he was going to head back to the room alone to lie down. As soon as he said that out of the blue I got a vision. I gripped my head as it felt my head was going to split from the intensity of it. Remembering some of my more frightening visions, I can definitely say that this was the worst I ever had.

I saw Jake heading up to the room but it was trap. Ivan from a long distance had somehow made him tired. Jake shouldn't be tired as werewolves have tremendous stamina. Xavier and Irving we're somehow there. They had red eyes in the darkness as Jake turned off the light.

"Wakey, wakey Jacob Black,'' Irving said.

"Irving?'' Jake growled.

"I can't believe you fell for that. Those moving statues were great surveillance and we got you to lower your guard. Ivan misses his partner. I miss my play thing,'' Xavier said. He reached out to touch Jake, but before he could Jake shouted:

"Don't you dare touch me!''

"To bad your "friends" aren't with you. They left you all alone.. You on the other hand are coming with us to Valle Rossa and you'll finally be one of us,'' Xavier said. What I saw next scared me beyond reason. Jacob was shot with a device that knocked him out and he was brought back to Valle Rossa. Ivan tortured him and Jake seemed to be resisting well, but Ivan whispered something in his ear. Jake looked at him in horror and started shouting "no" over and over again. I saw what resistance Jake had left break. I watched as his tattoo, the symbol of the Pack, fade as his eyes glowed a red the shade of the blood moon. Jacob did things too ghastly to relate. Ivan had made my cousin, perhaps the world's most powerful werewolf a demonio. Armageddon had come. Ivan then revealed his plan to him for bringing about the next apocalypse.

"Jakey you will help me in implementing my plan of putting humans in their proper place. You are the final piece I needed. First we shall launch a coup against the Ember Ruset and then destroy La Push. Then overthrow the government of Forks and then Washington. An army of werewolves will march across America and destroy everything in sight as the march for Washington, D.C! Once Washington, D.C; is ours we shall move onto the world. No one will be safe unless they bend to our will. We'll break their pride and they'll worship us.'' So this is what Ivan desires. I should have seen it at the very beginning. Ivan is our kind's version of Dracula. He desires nothing short of complete and utter worldwide domination and Jacob Black is the keystone of his master plan.

"Yes my master,'' Jake said in an evil voice as he and Ivan and the rest of his goons let out the most frightening and chilling evil laugh one could imagine. As this was occurring I was subjected to a montage of imagery as I saw what terror and destruction Ivan's regime would bring. I saw people being murdered senselessly in the streets, cities and towns being leveled. It was representative of the very worst dictatorships in the world but even worse. If we didn't stop them… the world would be razed... It was with that the vision ended and I fainted. People around me let out gasps.

"Quil? Are you alright?'' Jacob said as he came over to me along with others. Good, he hasn't gone to the room yet.

"What happened?'' Josh asked, his voice full of concern, followed by Drake asking ''What's wrong?''

"Oh, I just had too much to drink,'' I said to my friends too horrified by what I saw to tell them I had a vision.

"You fainted, because you drank too much,'' Drake asked, raising an eyebrow. Josh and Jake also looked at me with a disbelieving stare. I guess when you're a werewolf trying to convince other wolves that you drank too much when you can't get drunk (unless you drink about... Well a LOT) that they wouldn't believe me.

"Sorry," I said sheepishly. "Well, all that matters is that I'm alright and we're all here," I said giving Jake a fervent stare.

Jake gave me a questioning look, but said, "He's all right everyone.'' The small crowd that had gathered to see if I was all right, nodded and quickly resumed business as usual.

I turned to the bar to get a drink to help me forget what I saw, but Josh grabbed my arm. "You shouldn't be getting another drink if you've fainted because of said drinking," Josh said in a tone that was part-mocking, part-concerned, and part-scared. He dragged me to the central stair case with Jake on our heels; Josh pulled us behind the staircase, away from prodding eyes.

"Quil, I know you. You have that "we're doomed, but everything's fine look." What's wrong?" Jake asked. I remained silent and looked around. There were statues everywhere, though it would make sense considering all the Greek influence on Rome.

Josh stared at me. "You had a vision didn't you? What did you see?'' Josh asked quietly.

I sighed, admitting defeat. "Jake, Irving and Xavier are here. They're in this hotel, in our very room. You can't go up to room by yourself. It's just the opportunity Xavier and Irving need to get you alone. They're going to kidnap you and take you back to Valle Rosa. We need to go, NOW'' I told Jake quietly but with worry in my voice. I made sure to keep my voice low as I didn't want to arouse any suspicion or inform the animated statues that Xavier mentioned.

"Ok, but that wouldn't make you faint," said Jake, "What else was in your vision?"

"Vision? Vision of what?" said a voice. We spun around ready to fry someone to see Drake standing there.

"That's what we were wondering," said Josh, "We know that Irving and Xavier are upstairs, but Quil won't tell us what else he saw.

"Irving and Xavier? They can never get their hands on you Jake or you Quil, you understand?'' Drake asked the same panic in his voice as there was in mine. Then I realized he probably knew.

Just as Jake opened his mouth to speak, something stopped him. I heard a faint rumbling and groaning sound.

"What is that?'' I said to myself.

"It can't be,'' Drake said, shaking his head.

"Quil, do you hear that rumbling sound?'' Jake asked.

"I hear it too,'' Josh said as it grew louder but no human in the room seemed to notice. I realized the strange groaning sound coming from below. All of sudden the ground began to move in all directions and a thousand things started happening at once. Fissures started forming on the ground and cracks shot up along the wall. Trinkets started falling and people were screaming. It was an earthquake, and a large one at that.