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Dear Ms. Evans,

We regret to inform you of the deaths of your father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Evans, in a house fire this evening. Aurors have been sent to investigate, but we do not suspect foul play at this time. You may contact one Mr. Thompson if you have any questions or concerns. . .

James glanced at Lily when he heard a loud thump. He jumped up and ran to her. "She...she fainted," Mary gasped, rushing over. "Lily!"

"Lily?" James whispered, clutching her hand. "Lily, are you alright?"

She stirred, tightening her grip around James' hand. "Lily, what happened?" James asked softly. Lily opened her eyes, meeting his hazel with her green as tears began to fall down her face.


Lily stayed at the Potter's house. Apparently her sister didn't want her – Sirius had wanted to go "talk sense" into her, but Corrie had held him back. Literally, she clung to his leg so he couldn't go anywhere. James agreed with Sirius, but Lily needed him more, so he stayed by her.


No one expected either of them to make Head Boy or Girl. James'd caused too much trouble, and Lily was still mourning her parents. But they made it work. It took her mind off of things sometimes. Other times she threw herself into practicing for when she went into the Order after graduation. Either way, James backed her up unquestioningly.


James, ignoring Professor McGonagall with the ease of practice, watched Lily out of the corner of his eye. She was taking notes dutifully, but he could tell she wasn't really paying attention. She was better, though, much better than she'd been even in November...it'd taken her nearly six months, but she was beginning to recover. James felt that excused his not paying attention.

"Lily!" he called as the professor let them out of class. Lily slowed to let him catch up wordlessly. "How are you doing?" he asked quietly.

"Okay," she said, smiling faintly up at him. "Thanks."

James put an arm around her shoulders, drawing her next to him. "Free period next."

"Oh, right," Lily said, perking up. "Y'know, we should probably work on the prefect schedules or the decorations for the ball..."

"Yeah, we probably should," James said cheerfully, continuing to head for the Entrance Hall.

"James, it's way too cold to work outside," Lily protested once they'd gotten to the front doors.

"Brightest witch, my left elbow. Wand," he said, pointing at the wand in Lily's boot, "witch," he pointed at Lily, "warm."

"Right," Lily said, smiling a bit.

"C'mon, admit it," James said.

"Admit what?"

"Admit I'm the smartest."

"You are not the smartest."

"That is not what I said."

"I just added a word. You can't be described in just three words. You needed five at least."

"Ahh, Lily-bear, you've wounded me with your logic!"

"You should really work on your tolerance levels."

"These things can't be taken lightly. I'll have to schedule sessions during which to practice."

"Make sure they don't conflict with any of your classes."

"I would never do that. Again."

"Really? Because The Grindylow Fiasco was pretty – "

"We do not speak about The Grindylow Fiasco thank you very much."

Lily put up her hands in surrender. "Shushing!"

"Yes, well," James grumbled. The two Heads walked in silence for a few minutes. "Anyway, I've already worked out when I'll be practicing."

"Oh really?"

"During the ball."

"The ball?"

"Yes. You know, the one before winter break? The one you've been helping to plan?"

"I know which ball you mean."

"Good. I was afraid you'd lost it for a minute there."

"Oh, hush. I was just wondering how you'd be practicing while dancing."

"I'd be dancing with the girl I'd be practicing with."

"And who might that be?"

"Well, you, Lily-bear."

"I don't recall agreeing to dance with you. Isn't that something one usually asks at the ball?"

"Not if we go as dates."

"I wasn't aware we were."

"That would be because I hadn't asked yet." James swallowed hard, hoping Lily didn't notice.

"You're nervous!" Lily exclaimed happily. "You don't know what I'm going to answer!"

"I wouldn't, seeing as how you haven't yet," James said.

"You haven't asked."

"Will you go with me to the ball?"

"I suppose I might as well," Lily said. "Anything to help you get over your weakness for logic."

James grinned and pulled her closer, hugging her to his chest. He still couldn't get over the thrill of being able to do this without her struggling and kicking to get away...and he didn't want to ever get used to it.

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