A/N: Another project? Yes, another project. I can't seem to help myself.

This is a result of Joemerl and soultaker78 over on DA talking about Codierra and it's comparison to Twilight only this time around "Bella" realizes that "Edward" might not be the best significant other. Me being silly and disliking both Codierra and Twillight decide to write this silly thing. I kind of wanted an excuse to write a Cody 1st POV fanfic and a chance to see if I could do it well.

Anyway, don't take this thing too seriously and if it's not your cup of tea go ahead and find something better to read. This site is full of better stories, trust me. XD

I've always wanted a girlfriend.

What regular guy doesn't?

I always imagined having a really cute girlfriend with a smile that made me smile. She'd be smart and talented. We'd have conversations about movies we'd see together and laugh as we had a good old time.

Then of course those little imaginings would die when I realized that I wasn't boyfriend material. At least I wasn't boyfriend material for the girls at my school. Some were nice about rejecting me while others were just plain mean. I never gave up trying though. I was persistent!

I would just convince myself I was cool enough it was only a matter of time. If I wasn't going to get any love in high school I'd just get love after it. After all I was going to be an important executive for some awesome company one day.

But until that day I'd just continue trying my best in high school.

I loved that little mindset I had before moving in with my grandmother. Before going to Saucer High School I led a nice and safe life. Before meeting Gwen Ackhart I was sure I would never meet my soul mate until I was in my 30's.

Before meeting Sierra Swann I was sure extraterrestrial beings were a product of Hollywood and science fiction.

I kind of miss that mindset because back when I did I wasn't as screwed as I was now.

End Notes: Short and sweet I know. The first real chapter ought to be posted soon.

Something Else will be updated too I promise! I just wanted to write this before the idea was forgotten forever. XP

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