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For the Player Managers and Sassy Secretaries:

Hearing his Italian shoes crunch into the snow made a smile appear onto his face. He couldn't wait to meet the new secretary and hopefully get a little in touch or personal with her only to leave her hanging the next day.

Yes, here we have the typical, more like snobbish manager: Hitsugaya Toshirou.

Hitsugaya Toshirou loved snow; he was twenty three and already owning his own corporation, Hitsugaya Corp. He learned that he was going to get a new secretary due to his regular secretary, Matsumoto Rangiku, which is surprisingly one of the few women he hadn't slept with was pregnant.

Besides, Matsumoto was married to Gin Ichimaru, and they were planning to get pregnant for a long time and now they got their wish. Matsumoto would be around for today and recommended one of her lovely girl friends to be his temporary secretary. He took the offer and now here he was. A few days away from his Christmas break, and that would be it.

He stepped inside and all of the female workers fawned over him as he winked at them and they died of excitement.

Stepping briskly into the elevator and pushing the button to the top floor he gripped his suitcase and the doors opened after a short wait. He was greeted with large marble flooring and saw some male workers putting up a Christmas tree along with a few females wearing see through shirts that showed off their cleavage and short skirts with heels that greeted him.

He smiled; he loved the sight of it. Especially the females that were greeting him nicely as they usually did.

"It must be Christmas time already; I see tons of presents I want." He interjected smoothly as he gave the group of girls another wink as he walked by and they all sighed as they collapsed onto the nearest bench. He was instantly greeted with a forceful hug and a delightful squeal.

"Finally you're here! I thought you were sleeping with some other slut." Matsumoto chirped excitingly and Hitsugaya pushed her off gently and fought to get some air in.

"I left her early, so is my new secretary here?" Hitsugaya asked as they both walked together and Matsumoto squealed.

"Getting excited are we? Well actually yes, she came five minutes earlier than I did to greet her. She's such a hard worker, and she's fun and outgoing, I can't wait for you to meet her!" Matsumoto said as they were near their destination.

Grabbing a few files in the basket waiting for him, he looked at Matsumoto.

"Yeah, I can't wait to meet her." He said with a cool jet tone he used to pick up girls and Matsumoto slapped his arm, automatically knowing the tone.

"Don't play her, one thing she hates the most is players, and you happen to be one of the biggest players around here, so don't." Matsumoto lectured and Hitsugaya smirked as he rolled his eyes.

"She had lots of boyfriends didn't she?" Hitsugaya asked and Matsumoto smiled.

"She's attractive, I wouldn't see why not." Matsumoto simply shrugged, Hitsugaya smirked again.

"If she's attractive, I'm going to have a ball with her as my new secretary." Hitsugaya smiled and Matsumoto slammed her hip into his making a sharp curse come out of his mouth as he rubbed the slammed area and Matsumoto smiled.

"Please don't be perverted, it's Rukia Kuchiki, you know, sister of Mr. Kuchiki and Mrs. Kuchiki of the Kuchiki Inc.?" Matsumoto said quietly and Hitsugaya blinked at her.

"She's part of the Kuchiki family? This will make things more interesting…" Hitsugaya muttered and Matsumoto stopped and went right in front of him and slammed his head with her clipboard, earning a string of curses thrown her way and a wicked glare.

"Look. I told you, she's not interested in people like you. She's not one of your silly fan girls, so don't pull that shit on her, if you do, I'll break your face." Matsumoto threatened and Hitsugaya mumbled.

"I hate you a lot Rangiku. You know, one of these days you're going to give me…" His words were stopped as he saw the sight, more like the glorious sight in front of him in his own office. He would remember to thank the lord.

"Holy shit!" Rukia hissed as she tried to wipe away piping hot black coffee away from her skin before it caused a burn mark. She had gotten some on her blouse, but she didn't expect it to stain all the way down her shirt. She had propped open her shirt and was dabbing away at her black lace bra. What would her new boss think? Hell, he would try to grope her due to the information that Matsumoto had given her before she went down to the main area to meet him. She heard the quite clearing of Matsumoto's throat and immediately whirled around and almost dropped her new boss's coffee as she saw her boss was eyeing her.

He would remember to thank the lord as he saw the sight, or the beauty in front of him to make him drop his briefcase if he hadn't gathered all of the strength he could muster. Her pinstriped blouse was propped open and her hair was a little messed from whirling around, pouty glossed lips and smoky eyes and he liked the demi cup black lace bra she was currently sporting.

Remembering that she was still in front of her boss, she quickly held up the other container of black coffee she had not spilled on herself and threw on a small sexy smile.

"Good morning to you Mr. Hitsugaya, nice to meet you, I'm Rukia Kuchiki." She said nervously and gulped as Hitsugaya dropped his brief case onto the floor in sheer shock.

"Christmas is definitely coming early." He muttered before he shockingly took the coffee.

It was going to be a long seven months if he had to deal with that kind of incidents everyday.

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