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For the life of a new fairy

Crying hot salty water down her face, she sobbed loudly in front of her parents. She didn't want to act like a little child, but how could she not? Hearing what she was going to have to go through, she couldn't help but try to stop what was going to happen soon. Lying on the floor sobbing, her parents tried not to cry, it wasn't fair to their eighteen year old daughter that her life had succumbed to this, but it was only because she was a soon to be fairy.

Her mother felt her unnatural tears of blood rinse down her face as her daughter sobbed.

"Mom, don't make me do this, please, please, please, don't." The young girl winced as she cried even harder, in front of twenty seven people looking at her, she didn't know if they felt remorse, or impatient.

"I'm so sorry you had to become our daughter…" Hisana knelt down and so did Byakuya as Hisana cried too and Byakuya felt sadness piercing his eyes, watching Rukia cry was the worst thing. It was because, Rukia never cried.

"Mommy, can't you do it?" Rukia asked through the foreign tongue of an old Romanian language that everybody understood in the room and Hisana cried even more.

"I can't, you're not my element, neither are you of your father's, we can't." Hisana spoke and Rukia cried as Hisana opened her arms and Rukia jumped into them and held onto her mother.

"It won't hurt Rukia, you'll just feel…funny." Byakuya tried to comfort her and Rukia stood up along with her mother. Rukia was forced to wear a pure satin white dress, strapless and with several pleats on the skirt area, it was to signify purity, but she didn't feel like it at all.

Hisana then saw Yamamoto look at them and clear his throat and Hisana let go of her daughter and pushed her so she stood in front of Yamamoto and Yamamoto looked at Rukia.

"Let us witness this fine moment of where another one joins our kind, let us see who will be her maker." Yamamoto said as everybody closed their eyes and they heard a pair of fangs hiss out immediately and Yamamoto looked at the male fairy with his fangs out.

Everybody whirled around, and looked at the male currently licking his gleaming white fangs, they shone in the sparkling light of the room and Yamamoto felt a smile form under his beard.

Yamamoto examined the young youth of Rukia's age, already one of the elite fairies when he was just barely a new born fairy. White spiked hair protruded off of his head, bored and cold turquoise eyes glanced around the room. Donning a simple blue and white stripe like shirt and shorts he looked at Rukia and sighed.

"How nice of you Hitsugaya, I suspect she is of ice element, you haven't made a new fairy for years Hitsugaya. It is quite refreshing to see you with your brilliant fangs out today." Yamamoto said and Hitsugaya gave a slight glare at the King.

"It's been a long time, I agree, come along Ms. Kuchiki; it'll hurt for a second." Hitsugaya said as he held out his hand and Rukia flinched away and looked at Hisana with fear in her eyes. Hisana looked away tearfully and before Rukia could blink, Hitsugaya was at her side.

"Just get it over with; we'll just put you to sleep right after it." Hitsugaya said as he put a cold hand on Rukia's shoulder and Rukia backed away slightly.

"What's your name?" Rukia asked as she breathed in and Hitsugaya curled his lips so that his fangs came out.

"Hitsugaya Toshirou, from now on, I'm your maker." He said as he grabbed Rukia and sank his fangs into the white flesh of her neck and tasted her blood as she let out a scream that erupted into the whole room.

Next morning:

Rukia woke up to a thick coating covering her eyes, it made her eyesight blurry and she blinked a few times to make it go away. She tried to get up and felt her throat go dry, she was thirsty, but it wasn't any type of liquid she wanted. She was craving something she had never craved before, cold, metallic blood. She sat up and widened her eyes at her own craving and felt a slight pressure sitting right on her bed, in her room. She looked over, hoping that the day before was just a nightmare. Yet, the pain felt real.

She looked over and saw Hitsugaya sitting on the bed looking at her, a scowl screwed onto his face.

"Good, you've woken up; I was suspecting I would have to sit here for an hour more. Come on; let's get you something to drink." Rukia widened her eyes and felt tears well up in her eyes.

"So yesterday was true…my own parents let me become a monster…" Rukia felt a tear about to spill when Hitsugaya interrupted her thoughts.

"I wouldn't cry if I were you." Hitsugaya replied as he examined his new responsibility and Rukia looked at him and felt a tear slip down.

"Why not? Why shouldn't I cry? Is it because I'm supposed to be void of any human emotion?" Rukia yelled and Hitsugaya sighed and rolled his eyes as he chucked a mirror in her lap.

"It's not that, humans will run away when they see you." Rukia looked in the mirror and saw she was crying tears of ice and blood. She quickly wiped them away and Hitsugaya put the mirror away.

"You probably must be thirsty, come on, I'll fix you up something." Hitsugaya said and Rukia sighed as she sniffed.

"Yeah, that might be good." Rukia said as she was expecting Hitsugaya to go fix her up a cup of water but instead he held out his wrist and hissed out his fangs and bit into his own flesh and held it up to her mouth. Rukia stared hesitantly at the blood and Hitsugaya sighed.

"Hurry up and drink, you won't drink or eat anything else unless there's blood in it, if you don't drink, my blood will get everywhere, hurry up! We have a lot of things to do!" Hitsugaya hissed and Rukia hesitantly pressed her lips to the wound and drank and found that she loved it more than anything she had tasted before. When she was done, she lapped up the rest of what she could drink and latched off his wrist. Quickly wiping away any remaining blood from her lips and Hitsugaya sighed as the wound went away quickly.

"Jeez, I thought I was going to lose all of my blood. Now, hurry up and go to the bathroom and take a shower, I've got to show you around your new school." Hitsugaya commanded as he got up and started rifling through her closet.

"Wait, what? I have to go to a new school?" Rukia shrieked and Hitsugaya pulled out black shorts, a white camisole and a lavender jacket and chucked it at her.

"Yep, you're going to Seireitei now, home to the nature born freaks like all of us, get going!" Hitsugaya commanded and Rukia slumped off to the showers.


Rukia glared at her new maker as she walked briskly into the kitchen. Where all of the elite fairies had assembled to eat, they would be staying there for a few months to watch Rukia's progress.

Hisana and Byakuya tried to give a reassuring smile to Rukia who pulled out a chair for herself and sat down in it.

"Good morning Rukia, I hope you've slept well." Hisana asked and Rukia looked at her and sighed.

"I have to go to a new school?" Rukia asked quietly and Hisana and Byakuya sighed.

"I know you would have to leave your old life at Karakura High School, but at Seireitei, a lot of people are the same kind as us, and others, you'll enjoy it there better than Karakura. Plus, I heard Ichigo, Uryu, Orihime, and Chad just transferred." Hisana gestured and Rukia glared at her.

"I can't believe you're making me leave Ryuu!" Rukia exclaimed, obviously, thinking about her boyfriend that she had been with since she started her sophomore year at Karakura. She was now a Junior and she had to leave him now.

"That boy is not any good for you anyways! Trust me Rukia; he'll be scared of you when he sees who you really are!" Hisana urged and Rukia slammed down her hands on the table, making it jolt and almost fly up in the air and Rukia glared at her mother.

"He's going to be scared of me because you let me because some blood drinking monster! What are we? The next generation of vampires?" Rukia asked and Hitsugaya was at Rukia's side immediately and pushed her down in her seat and glared at her.

"Don't be so rude to your mother. We are not vampires, vampires, cannot go out in the bloody sun without losing their powers, vampires cannot grow wings, they don't have a next transformation like we do. So just sit down, and get your breakfast." Hitsugaya hissed and Rukia felt anger rise up in her and she heard a hiss come out from her throat and something protruding out of her mouth. Hitsugaya backed away and Rukia felt around her mouth and found two sharp points that were her fangs and she gasped in horror as she put a hand on her mouth.

"She's making quite the progress Hitsugaya, already getting her fangs! This is delightful!" Rukia pointed out Ukitake's voice, a mentor of hers when she was younger; she had discovered he was a fairy when he started teaching her about mythological creatures like himself.

"She's probably going to have to get used to on how we get food." Hitsugaya said as he looked at Rukia to withdraw her fangs and glare at him.

"How am I supposed to eat?" Rukia asked and Hitsugaya gave a slight smile.

"Turn around, and you'll see where you get food." Hitsugaya said as Rukia turned around and she saw a bunch of men and women standing up, calm and not even frightened. Rukia twisted her face into confusion.

"I'm not a cannibal." Rukia replied and everybody gave a slight chuckle to her words. Hitsugaya patted her shoulder.

"You're not going to eat them, you just pick a human and they give you their blood, in exchange for your blood so they don't die, but since you're new. I guess I'll have to give my blood for two humans today." Hitsugaya said as everybody withdrew their fangs and Rukia sighed as she scanned her eyes over the list of people.

"Third one to the right, he smells good." Rukia hinted and Hitsugaya smirked.

"Good job." Hitsugaya quipped as the male came up towards Rukia and sunk to his knees so Rukia could reach easily to feed. Rukia withdrew her fangs out and went for her meal.

Months later:

A doorbell rang and Rukia eagerly went to go get it, in her simple shorts and tank top, she practically bounced to the door. Her life as a fairy got easier and easier as it went along. She had still kept her ties to Ryuu and they had been happy. Seeing each other often and going out on dates. He was coming over today and Rukia couldn't wait to see him. She sprung open the door and squealed when two strong arms picked her up and twirled her in the air.

Soft lips met hers and she smiled as he set her down.

"Good evening honey." Ryuu greeted as he let go and Rukia leaned up on her tippy toes to kiss him again.

"Evening, come on, I want to show you something!" Rukia said with a sneaky grin as she pulled him to her room and locked the door.


"She's been making great progress Hitsugaya, but as her maker, we want to see a little bit more development." Yamamoto said as everybody was seated at the large table at the Kuchiki mansion and Hitsugaya stopped drinking his tea.

"You want me to make her get her next transformation? She's not even due to get that until a month. You can't push these things Yamamoto." Hitsugaya gestured and Yamamoto frowned.

"Why? You made her become a great fairy already, teaching her how to fly, drink, and kill; I don't see the problem now." Yamamoto urged and Hitsugaya sighed.

"I'll try, she's not under any emotional duress, so I guess I could try." Hitsugaya said as he took a sip of his tea and Yamamoto smiled.

"Now that's what I want to hear, now concerning with other pressing…" He was stopped when screams were heard coming towards them.

"Come back here Ryuu! I didn't, it's not what you think!" The fairies saw a male running in the hallway, without a shirt on, trying to fix up his belt and run away frantically. They immediately saw Rukia, who some males even whistled when seeing sight of her, dressed in a beige short little dress, with a robe that reached mid thigh and stockings. She also had her fangs out, something that happened when a fairy was about to get intimate.

"Not what I think? You have fangs for god sakes Rukia!" Ryuu said as he was still trying to fix his belt and Rukia felt her eyes tear up.

"It comes out naturally when…oh never mind, come back Ryuu, I'm not going to hurt you!" Rukia persuaded as she tried to come near towards Ryuu and he backed up more.

"Not going to hurt me? You were going to kill me with those! Drink all of my blood, what are you, some vampire?" Ryuu screeched and Rukia glared at him.

"I'm not a vampire! I wasn't going to drink your blood okay? I wasn't even going to hurt you!" Rukia whimpered and Ryuu was shaking his head.

"You're a monster Rukia! A bloody monster, I tell you! A monster!" Ryuu screeched as he ran away and Rukia saw him leave through the door and Rukia felt her icy tears drip down her face as she looked at her parents and the rest of the elites looking at her. She immediately turned around and there was a pillar twice her size. Rukia punched the pillar, causing a big hole in the pillar as she looked at them.

"I hate all of you; I can't even have a normal life. I hate you!" Rukia said as she walked away and Hitsugaya sighed as he got up.

"I'll go take care of her, just stay here." Hitsugaya said as Hisana was about to protest and Byakuya nudged her shoulder to give a signal that she shouldn't go. Hitsugaya walked out and walked around until he found Rukia's room. He gave a slight knock after hearing Rukia sobs echo throughout the whole hallway.

"Rukia, come on, it's me." Hitsugaya said quietly and he heard shuffling.

"Go away, you've ruined my life." Rukia whimpered through tears and Hitsugaya opened the door and saw Rukia. Her room was organized and Rukia was sitting on her large bed, she had peeled off her stocking and laid them on the ground. She had a blanket pulled up to her chest as her head bowed down. Hitsugaya sighed as he sat down and looked at his fairy.

"Don't blame everyone. I know its hard being a fairy and that's why we decided to transfer you into a different school where you'll be with others like yourself. We told you to break up with him because we knew he was going to react this way. He doesn't really love you anyways if he runs away from who you really are." Hitsugaya said as Rukia looked up at him, her blankets stained with blood and ice.

"It's not fair, I wanted to be with him so bad, but I can't even do that, it's because he said what I am." Rukia cried and Hitsugaya sighed.

"What did he call you?" Hitsugaya asked and Rukia looked at up him and chuckled bitterly.

"A monster and he's right. We are monsters, and I'm one of them." Rukia stated and Hitsugaya moved his hand so it was right near her foot.

"I admit, we are monsters, but that's what makes us, us. Look, as your maker, I've already experienced these things like you did. I used to be the one thinking I was a reject. In fact, life as a fairy is better than a human's. So, I'm only going to say this once, so listen well. Just because you are a monster, doesn't mean you won't find somebody who will accept you for who you are. I'm sure there is someone Rukia, and when you find that one, you'll know." Hitsugaya reasoned and Rukia looked up and Hitsugaya and hugged him and Hitsugaya widened his eyes as Rukia cried on him and Hitsugaya sighed as he relaxed and held her.

Now, he wouldn't know that he would soon be the one she was searching for.

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