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Earth to Bella

You think you've got it all figured in

Earth to Bella

Everything you know is wrong (well almost)

Earth to Bella

I see where you are not listening

I bear the burden of being the voice that let's you know

We all grow old

And before you swim you've gotta be okay to sink.

-Earth to Bella, by Incubus

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I was dreaming a rather pleasant dream involving me and a certain bronze haired, gorgeous best friend of mine when I heard it. It sounded like something hitting the glass of my window, but I couldn't be certain.

"Tink, tink", it sounded again. Ughh, I grunted as a lifted myself from my bed to see what the noise was. My heart pounded in my chest, more so with each step that I took. I stepped up to the curtain and nervously peeked out. In the back of my head I was reassuring myself that my father, the chief of police, was sleeping right downstairs and he would protect me if some burglar was outside my window when I moved the curtain aside. Instead, upon pushing open the silky blue curtain I saw nothing. I looked down though and sure enough a guy stood below my window with a handful of rocks in tow.

"Edward, what are you doing, it's," I paused to look at the clock quickly,"3a.m.!" I hissed. Charlie's going to wake up and shoot you thinking you are a kidnapper or something. Edward, who happened to be the said gorgeous best friend that up until a minute ago had been starring in a rather naughty dream of mine, responded by shooting me his infamous crooked grin. His brilliant green eyes were standing out to me all the way from my view of him in my second floor bedroom. If my heart was pounding before it most certainly kicked up a few notches from that grin alone.

Edward and I had known each other since we were babies, having grown up across the street from each other. Our parents were inseparable as were we. We grew up playing in the streets and once we were old enough, playing video games which were a big hobby of ours. Or we just simply hung out reading or listening to music together for hours on end. We shared almost uncanny similarities in preference of music, books, food, movies and anything else you can imagine. I had crushed on him from girlhood and still carried a torch for him. It had progressed from simply a crush now though and I was fairly certain I was in love with him. We were perfect for each other, why couldn't he see it?

"Bells!" he whispered just loud enough for me to hear him. "Come down here, I can't sleep. Let's hang out, please! I m dying of boredom here."

"Edward, I'm so tired" I whined in response. He just continued to smile at me knowing full well that I couldn't resist his offer, no matter how tired I was. Of course Edward had no idea the effect he had on me. No one did, besides my best friends Alice and Rosalie. And they were sworn to secrecy. Why you ask? Well, I really didn't want to lose the amazing friendship and bond that Edward and I shared and it was quite obvious to me that the beautiful, talented (he was an amazing guitar player and singer in a band he formed with friends called Eclipse), smart, generous, polite, romantic (or so I dreamed), popular..ok you get it; I could go on all day here. He was just simply amazing, and I was certainly not the only girl who thought so. Nearly every girl in our tiny high school fell victim to his crooked grin on a daily basis. He could get any girl in this town or the next town over, or a famous supermodel for that matter. Why on earth would he want his homely and simple best friend who he only thought of as a sister at most? I mean, I know I'm not ugly, but compared to my best friends and most other girls at my school I was just average.

"Ughh, I'll be down in a minute just let me change ok" I grunted. He just smiled again and took off toward his house. This was not the first time this had happened and we always ended up in his room, playing Mario kart till all hours of the night and giggling and eating junk food. I quickly pulled off my pj shorts in favor of jeans and grabbed a hoodie on my way out. As quietly as possible I snuck past Charlie's room, down the stairs and out the door. Once I was outside I made my way to Edward's front porch, letting myself in and running up the stairs. I opened the last door on the left upstairs, making sure not to make any noise when shutting it again. I took a quick look around the room, thinking for sure I would find Edward sitting on the bed staring at me with that intense look he had. Just thinking about his eyes made my cheeks hot as a blush crept up. But Edward wasn't there. He wasn't anywhere that I could see. I opened the door and looked down the hallway again, thinking maybe he stopped by the restroom before coming to his room but the light was off. I turned around again and would have screamed and woken the whole house up if Edward hadn't put his hand over my mouth. There he stood, his perfect body nearly crushing itself against me as he pushed me against the wall, his face inches from mine and laughing silently at his ability to scare me so easily.

"Geeze Bella, you would think that was the first time I had pulled that trick on you", he laughed. My heart was pounding uncontrollably and my blush took up a mind of its own. He stepped away from me probably thinking my racing heart was due to fear, not the close proximity that we had just shared. He went over to his flat screen, switching it on before turning back to me. I had since calmed myself down. I mean, you would think I would get used to being this close to him since we spent so much time together. I was usually very good at hiding my feelings from him, extremely good in fact. But when he did something to put himself that close to me unexpectedly, I faltered in my control.

"You know I get jumpy in dark strange places", I said sarcastically back. Hah, like this was a strange place. I spent more time here than I did at my home.

"Yeah Bells, strange" he replied, as if reading my mind. "So, what 'll it be tonight? Mario kart, movie? Just chill?" I shrugged, coming up to sit on the bed beside him. I couldn't help but think how cute he looked as I look in his body dressed in flannel pj pants and a worn black wife beater. His hair looked completely disheveled as it usually did. He ran a hand through his hair as if he had heard my thoughts and that's when I noticed he was staring at me awaiting a reply. Ugh, I need to stop letting him effect me this way, seriously. Get a hold on yourself Bella.

"Um, how about a quick Mario kart battle, best outta three."

This was a challenge we had on a nearly daily basis, winner getting to dare the other anything they could think of. Or a truth if you wanted that instead, but seeing as how we knew each other inside and out we always stuck to the dares. I know it seems like a dumb game for two teenagers about to go into their senior year of high school, but it was something we both enjoyed and had been doing since we were kids so it was a familiar tradition we shared.

"Yes! I'm gonna own you Swan," he screamed, looking at me with a challenge in his eyes.

"Yeah right Cullen, you're mine," I snorted. Then my mind started daydreaming about calling Edward mine. NO! Don't go there. You want to win. Then maybe you can dare Edward to kiss you. Haha, what a joke. He would probably throw up at the idea. I looked at Edward slyly to see if he had noticed my silent musing. Nope, he was just bouncing up and down on his knees like a five year old that had way too much candy before bedtime. I bit back the smile that was fighting to burst on my face.

"Edward, how much candy did you eat this time, you look like you just took a bunch of drugs or something, my god."

He stared at me with a totally serious look on his face and I froze. What was he doing? Then he started inching his way closer to me. Is he going to kiss me, I wondered. Pshh. Bella you are a silly girl. It amazed me the lengths I allowed my brain to wander. My breath still managed to hitch the closer he got, but before I could worry about him noticing he launched himself at me, tickling me like crazy.

"Ed-ed-warddd! Ge-uff me. Please! Oh my gosh Edward!" I screamed, trying desperately to breathe. He finally relented but paused with me lying on my back, his arms holding him up on both sides of my stomach. He just looked at me, both of us smiling at each other like goofy kids for what seemed like an hour but in reality was probably more like thirty seconds.

"What?" I asked, looking at him, still smiling. This moment seemed so perfect. I wish he felt what I'm feeling right now. I sighed, trying to push him off me before I tormented myself any longer. But he surprised me by speaking again, "You look so cute when you laugh uncontrollably. So free. I love you like that Bells." My heart started sputtering, and I could feel my blush going to new extremes. He. Did. Not. Just. Say. That. Was he trying to kill me? Gosh, this boy was going to be the death of me.

I squirmed out from under him, my blush still in full force. I turned to him, expecting to see him laughing, but instead found him staring at me with an expression I couldn t read. What did that mean? I tried to play it off to make myself feel less awkward by grabbing the control and saying, "Ha-ha, now lets get racing. What should I dare you to do this time." I tapped my chin as if in deep thought. Looking sideways at him, I saw him look down toward the bed with that look still on his face, then squish his eyebrows together before quickly putting on his normal goofy Edward smile. "Ok Swan, best two out of three."

We spent the next twenty minutes racing, screaming at each other and pushing each other to try and get the other to mess up. In the end of course Edward came out the victor, having won all three games. There was a great chance this was due to me being slightly distracted when he claimed he was hot and pulled his shirt over his head, tossing it to the floor right after the first race. What can I say, I'm not able to control my thoughts when a shirtless Edward is two feet away from me.

"So what are you going to make me do, Cullen?" I groaned, laying back on the bed and staring at the ceiling.

I felt Edward lay down next to me and looked over at him. He had that weird look on his face, and seemed to be trying to make up his mind about something. Or, he could have just been really trying to come up with a good dare. I tend to see things that aren't really there sometimes when it came to Edward. Me and my daydreaming.

"Well, um," Edward began. "I can't really think of anything good right now. Can I think it over and tell you tomorrow at the party?" I looked at him dubiously.

"Seriously Edward? You, the king of dares, is at a loss for ideas? Amazing, never thought I'd see the day" I said smirking at him. He smirked right back.

"Bells, I'm not going to ask you a dare. I'm going to mix things up and throw a truth your way. You better be prepared."

"Um, ok. Should I be nervous? What do you not know about me Edward? Seriously?"

"I think there are some things that you keep to your self." I blushed profusly and he smirked. "See, you are hiding something. I just have to think of the right question to pull this out of you."

"Um, well you can try." I giggled, and turned back to the Wii, picking a new match for us to race.

We spent the rest of the evening back in our comfortable zone just chilling and laughing until I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. Edward walked me home, giving me a huge bear hug. I turned and went inside and started thinking about Rosalie's party tomorrow. Every year, she threw a huge end of summer bash that the entire class ended up going to. Alice would be over bright and early tomorrow to spend the whole day torturing me with preparations for the party. We had to go shopping for a new dress and then come back to her house for a full body makeover. I was dreading it, but not the party. I would get to spend time with everyone, as a last hurrah before we became the ruling class at Forks High. Eventually I got back into my warm bed, slipping easily back into my dream world where I could call Edward mine, and he would call me his.

The next day I found myself in Alice's bedroom.

"Dude, how long do I have to sit here and endure this you guys?" I whined.

I had been sitting here for the past three hours. It had taken them almost an hour to decide what I should wear, Rosalie rummaging through Alice's clothes and setting out different dresses or outfits that Alice should pick from for me to wear. They had finally decided on black leggings paired with a red and black plaid long button down shirt. They finished off the look with a black belt and ballet flats. I had to admit, it was a good look for me. It was almost a dress, but I felt more comfortable, because of the leggings. This way, when I fell, which I was sure to do; there wouldn't be any wardrobe malfunctions. I giggled to myself at this, and Alice and Rosalie shot me strange looks.

"What are you giggling at?" Rose asked.

I just shrugged in response. "So are you going to tell Edward tonight? It needs to be said. This is getting ridiculous. There is so much sexual tension between you two."

I glared at her. "No way", I exclaimed. "How many times do we have to go over this? I am NOT telling him."

Rose glared right back, her hands on her hips. "Bella, you are going to regret not saying anything. I know it. Edward is not going to be single forever. Some girl is finally going to break through his barriers and snag him. And you will be sitting here saying how much you wish you had said something."

Alice jumped in, "Yeah Bells. I mean, I know Edward hasn't really dated anyone in a long time, but it is only a matter of time before that changes. And you are going to be crushed. I know we have had this conversation hundreds of times, but I just have a feeling tonight is the make it or break it point for you two."

I sighed. I had learned from experience that whenever Alice had one of her "feelings" that she was usually right. "I'm just scared, you guys. Terrified. I can't lose him. I won't. And if I tell him that I love him and he doesn't feel the same, nothing will ever be the same between us. I couldn't stand that."

"I understand that it's terrifying Bella. When I met Jazz, it was so hard to put myself out there at first. But it was so worth it in the end. You will realize this", she said empathetically.

"Alice, you and Jasper were together practically the moment you saw each other. There was no question about if he felt the same about you or not. You just were," I sighed. "And you too, Rose. Emmett just came up to you at school and said he was taking you out that Friday after his concert. You slapped him in response and you've been together ever since."

All three girls started giggling at this. But then Rose's features turned serious. "I know it is different with you two, Bells. I get that. I just feel that maybe you could at least push the boundaries between friendship and something more. Get a feel for things, you can tell how he feels by how he will respond to certain things."

"Yessss!" Alice screeched. "Just be more flirtatious. You guys already have an extremely flirtatious relationship, you always have. Maybe if you just push things a little more than usual, he will start to realize his feelings that he so obviously has for you, and finally make his move!" She said, all in one breath.

Bella laughed. "Guys, do you really think it will be that easy? And you are wrong about Edward having feelings for me. Or if he does, he totally has no awareness of them. Anyways, let's just talk about something else, ok? I promise to be slightly flirtier, if you guys promise not to embarrass me or push me on this any more tonight, ok?"

Rose and Alice grinned, quickly agreeing. Alice resumed her work on my makeup job, while Rose began discussing with Alice about what she should do with my hair. In the background, Alice was blasting a CD from one of our favorite bands, Incubus. Currently, "Anna Molly" was playing, getting us pumped for the party.

Soon enough, we were all glammed up and ready to leave. We all stood in front of the mirror examining ourseves one final time. Alice was beautiful in a simple black dress with an empire waist, and bright yellow pumps. Rose looked absolutely stunning as usual in her hot pink bandage dress, which hugged her glorious curves tightly. She had on nude heels with her hair cascading down her back pin straight.

And finally, I allowed myself to take in my own appearance. I almost audibly gasped, but caught myself at the last moment. The belt wrapped around my waist almost made me appear to have curves and my curly hair had more volume than usual, creating a nice finishing touch to my look. When we had decided that we looked decent, we all made a beeline for the stairs heading to the living room, where we would wait for Emmett to come get us. We were staying the night at Rose's, and since Rose and I had driven over to Alice's we didn't want to take their cars to Rose's and tempt wanting to drive later after drinking.

"So are you going to drink tonight Bella?" Alice asked, raising her eyebrows curiously at me. Rose looked at me too and I wondered what they were up to.

"Are you two planning on shoving a bunch of alcohol down my throat to give me liquid courage?" I asked, sighing heavily.

I looked specifically at Alice, knowing full well with her and her continuous planning that there was a plan somewhere along those lines formulating in her evil little pixy brain.

She just looked at me, her eyes wide, playing innocent. I laughed sarcastically and pushed past her to sit on the couch. I really couldn't wait to get to Rose's. Our group, which included us three girls, Emmett, Jasper and Edward, would spend a little time pregaming and then everyone would slowly start showing up. I loved our little group time. I mean, the six of us constantly hung out together but I knew that the time before the party would be way more enjoyable for me than the actual party. I hated big crowds, they made me nervous.

Just then, Rose squealed. "My big hunk of a man is here." Alice and I looked at each other, rolling our eyes at her. We quickly ran outside, jumping in Emmett's jeep.

"How's it going ladies?" Emmett exclaimed in his loud booming voice. He turned his attention to me. "Wow Bells! Trying to impress someone tonight?" He winked at me and started laughing once he noticed my immediate blush.

I smacked him on the arm and turned to look out the window. I really hoped Emmett wouldn't spill the beans about my feelings for Edward. Yeah, him and Jasper knew about it too I had recently discovered, because their big mouthed girlfriends had blabbed. I had been mildly upset upon discovering this, but knew I could trust them as well. So far, my trust had been well founded. Besides relentless teasing, they all kept their mouths shut around Edward for me.

The car ride seemed to go fast and we reached Rosalie's place before I knew it. Jasper let us in when he heard the car roll up.

Jasper and Rose were twins, but they couldn't be more different, I thought as I greeted Jasper. The blonde locks and bright blue eyes were about all they had in common. Jasper nodded his greeting to me before scooping up Alice in his arms.

"Howdy stranger", he whispered quietly to her, causing Alice to blush which rarely happens. He laughed and let the rest of us through the door. I looked back towards the driveway, hoping to see Edward's silver Volvo already parked there. Sure enough, there it was. I jumped, feeling someone touch my lower back and turned around. "He's in the kitchen Bells", Jasper whispered with a smirk on his face.

I blushed, but nodded my head and nearly ran to the kitchen. Once I caught up to the others, I slowed down as to not appear too eager. But I stopped too quickly, running into the back of Emmett and falling backwards from the force onto my butt. My blush heated up my face and I closed my eyes willing a hole in the floor so I could escape.

"Bella, falling already?" Edward laughed, at my side in an instant. I opened my eyes, immediately greeted by the green emeralds gazing at me. He held out his hand and helped me up. "Maybe no alcohol for you tonight Bella", he continued teasing me.

"Edward, please. I actually get steadier on my feet when I drink", I laughed.

He smiled at me, leading me into the kitchen with his arm wrapped around my waist. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face at his touch. Everyone else was lined up in front of the counter, a shot in front of each of them. There were two at the end that were unclaimed, so Edward led me towards them and Alice started the toast.

"To the last party before our senior year!" Everyone grabbed their shots simultaneously and downed them quickly.

"Woo", I said, shaking a bit from the effects of the alcohol as it made its way quickly through my bloodstream.

"Try to pace yourself tonight Bells", Edward teased, smiling his crooked smile down at me.

"You pace yourself, Edward", I retorted, punching him lightly on the shoulder.

Suddenly remembering my promise to the girls earlier, I glanced over Edward's shoulder at Alice who I knew was watching my interactions with Edward. Alice smiled and gave me a thumbs up in encouragement. I quickly looked back to Edward, who I caught staring at me with that strange expression again that I couldn't place.

"You look really great tonight by the way", he said quietly. I tried not to force false meanings of his words.

"Thanks, you look good too. You always do though", I said, blushing yet again.

I continued to look at him, not wanting to be the one to break eye contact first. This was something new, I thought. Kind of a moment or maybe I am imagining it. Grr, I need to stop talking to myself, seriously. Of course, out of nervousness, I looked down but after feeling defeated for losing our little staring match, I decided to be a bit bold. I could always play it off as being due to the alcohol anyways if he questions…

I grabbed his hand and looked up at him from under my lashes, as I had frequently seen flirt master Rose do with Emmett. I hurried through with it before I lost my current bout of courage and began tracing circles lightly in his palm as I started a discussion about our conversation from the night before.

"So", I said boldly. "When are you going to ask me that truth?" I kept my eyes locked on his, even though I was practically shaking with nerves. This was Edward, I kept telling myself. I just need to calm down. But then I noticed his look of semi shock and started panicking. He looked from me, down to our intertwined hands and back to me. His face turned from shock to something else I couldn't quite determine and in a flash, back to normal cocky Edward.

"When the time is right, dear Bella", he said, leaning down so close that we were only inches away from having our foreheads meet. My heart started beating irrationally and I lost my courage and quickly stepped back, pushing him jokingly away from me. I could tell that everyone else was watching us and I started blushing as usual. Turning to the rest of the group, I decided to change the subject.

"So everyone, who is ready for the next shot", I shouted. My blush was starting to fade and I got brave enough to glance over at Alice who was staring at me in shock, smiling so wide that I swear her cheeks were about to crack. Rose was also staring at me, smiling and shooting me thumbs up. I quickly glanced at Edward to make sure he wasn't noticing this bizarre reaction from my girls, but luckily he was still staring at me. He looked kind of lost in thought, but as soon as he saw I was looking back at him he regained his composure and grinned at me.

"Later, Bella, later", he said reaching over and pinching my side flirtatiously. My skin burned at the contact and I blurted out something along the lines of hoping I was drunk when he asked me.

"Oh, that's the plan honey", he laughed, walking around me to go join Emmett and Jasper. The boys all began their own conversation about whether the skanky cheerleaders of Forks High, Lauren and Jessica would show up, and how slutty they would look tonight.

I made my way over to the girls, who were waiting expectantly for me.

"Oh Bella!", Alice said a bit too loudly for my liking. She was practically jumping up and down with excitement. I looked to Rose for help but she too was beaming at me. I rolled my eyes at them. "You are doing great so far, Bells! You should have seen his face when you grabbed his hand like that. His eyes almost popped out of his head. It was fantastic. And don't think we didn't notice the eyelash trick. Classic! I had no idea how much you paid attention, Bella. I'm proud, I must say. Keep this up and he will be begging you to do him by the end of the night."

"Geez Alice, that is ridiculous. Besides, I so do not want to sleep with him tonight", I snorted.

"Ha! that is a lie if I ever heard it", Rose said, rolling her eyes at me. "You want that boy more than you know, girl."

"I don't want to sleep with him, well.., maybe I do. But I want him to profess his love to me beforehand", I giggled, blushing.

Both girls started laughing at that and we decided it was time for one more pre party shot considering we had just heard the doorbell ring, signaling the beginning of people showing up.

I was definitely feeling the effects of the three shots and started giggling after slamming my glass on the counter. I turned to the girls, grabbing one of each of their hands and squeezing tight.

"Girls, this is going to be a great night!" I said, slightly slurring my words. They just cheered and the boys came over to join our cheer.

"Rose, go get the door," Jasper said.

Rose proceeded to run out of the room, and we heard the loud voices of a whole crowd of people enter the house. Jasper ran to switch the music on, putting on the top 40 station to appease the crowd. Before I knew it, the house was so crowded that I couldn't even see where Edward had gone. A short while later, Alice, Rose and I had just walked back into the kitchen for another shot and were discussing where the boys were.

"How can we lose them in my own house?" Rose wondered aloud. "Emmett better not be flirting with some skank."

I snorted, "Yeah right Rose, you know Emmett is nuts about you. He'd never do that." I pulled out the vodka bottle from where I had hidden it above the fridge and pouring us each a shot. I quickly downed mine, feeling very anxious about the Truth that Edward was going to ask me. What if he asked me something like, are you hiding a secret crush for someone? What would I say to a question like that? I surely couldn't tell the truth, but Edward knew me very well and knew when I was lying. I looked at Alice and Rose and they were lost in conversation about something romantic that Jasper had done for Alice last weekend on their anniversary date. I tuned them out, lost in my own nervous thoughts. I poured another shot, downing it and replacing it again, also downing that one.

"I still don't feel this shit", I exclaimed. Rose and Alice looked at me and laughed, saying I would start feeling it soon enough.

And boy, were they right. Within ten minutes of goofing off in the kitchen with the girls, I was definitely feeling that shit. Giggling due to something I couldn't for the life of me remember what about, I suddenly jumped in the air, feeling someone graze my arm. I looked to the girls with wide eyes before turning around, scared it was Mike Newton. Mike was this dumb boy in my English class that just won't get the hint that I am not interested in him. They were both smiling at me though, so I knew it must be Edward. This did nothing to calm me down though. I turned around finally to find myself face to face with him, his green eyes staring at me intently. They were both smiling at me though, so I knew it must be Edward. This did nothing to calm me down though. I turned around finally to find myself face to face with him, his green eyes staring at me intently. My nervousness went away temporarily and I threw my arms around him, hugging him and squealing like Alice. He set me down, and smiled his sexy grin at me.

"Bella, I thought I told you to pace yourself, you look like you have not been pacing yourself at all", he teased. He grabbed my hand and started to lead me out of the room.

Turning back to the girls, I winked at them, saying, "Ill catch up with you guys later okay?"

They smiled in return and I turned my attention back to the boy who was still holding my hand, leading me up the stairs where we could talk quietly. My bravery went shooting out of my brain, leaving me alone with my nerves. I looked at him, gulping, and noticed he was looking at me not looking nervous at all. Of course he isn't, to him he is just going upstairs with his good friend for a nice little chat. That is how I should be picturing this too. We finally reached Jasper's room, and he led me in, closing the door behind him. I went over and sat on the bed, looking up at him in expectation. He was looking behind me at the wall, not meeting my eyes.

"Ok Edward lets get this out of the way. What's it gonna be? What is your burning question", I teased.

He finally looked at me and I thought he looked nervous as he began running a hand through his disheveled hair, but I knew it was the alcohol telling me things that weren't really there.

He smiled at me, "Ok, so here goes. It's a good one", he said. I noticed his Adam's apple bobbing a few times, before he opened his mouth to finally speak again. "Bella, tell me the truth to this question, you promise?"

He looked at me expectantly and I nervously shook my head yes. Why is he making me promise that? What kind of question is he going to ask?

"Ok, here goes", he said again. "Do you have feelings for anyone at the moment?"

My heart dropped to my feet and my stomach clenched up. Seriously. Of course he had to ask that. Gosh. Just my luck. I stared at him stupidly while I wracked my brain for something intelligent to say. Because I sure as hell couldn't say the truth, even though I'd promised. And I knew he was going to know I was lying, unless I came up with something really great to say. I was panicking and I really hoped he couldn't tell.

"Um", I stuttered. "Uh, Edward, why are you asking that? Do you think I like someone?" I blurted out without thinking. I regretted it, but was shocked by his reaction. I could have sworn for half a second that he almost blushed at my answer. He recovered way too soon for me to decide if I was imagining it or not, so I pushed it out of my head.

"Bella, just answer the question", he insisted.

"No", I said, again without thinking. I noticed my blush was burning through my cheeks.

He narrowed his eyes at me, "No, you won't answer the question or no, you don't have feelings for anyone?" He asked.

I sighed, resigning myself to lying to him. "No, I don't have feelings for anyone", I said quietly, looking down, not wanting to see him looking at me when I knew he knew that I was lying to him. He'd see it in my eyes if he hadn't already guessed.

It was silent for a few minutes until I felt him sit down on the bed next to me. He wrapped his arm around me, and whispered, "You are feeling that vodka pretty well arn't you?"

I finally looked at him, sure that by now it would be ok to do so. I was wrong, as soon as I looked at him and felt him so close to me, I felt ashamed for lying. He looked into my eyes, seeming to search for something. He sighed, and started speaking again.

"Bella, I really really hope you aren't lying to me. I've been feeling like you've been keeping things from me and I hope we arn't growing apart"

I looked down too at this and didn't answer, instead deciding to jump up and head towards the door. I felt almost physical pain at moving away from him. He stayed sitting on the bed, staring at his lap, a confused look in his eyes.

"Where are you going, Bella?'', he asked, looking at me. I blushed again and mumbled something about finding Alice because I forgot to tell her something important. I felt on the verge of tears as I walked out of the room, terribly angry at myself but also very confused. I needed my girls immediately to figure out what had just happened, if anything back there. I practically ran back down to the kitchen. Still not believing I had just left Edward upstairs like that but pushing it out of my mind for the moment, I found Alice and Rose right where I had left them and quickly filled them in on the story.

"Oh Bella, what have you done?" Alice whimpered. She was looking at me like I had just killed her cat. "You messed up this time Bells. I'm not going to lie. This was the perfect opportunity to tell him your feelings, how could you pass that up?"

I felt my eyes brimming with tears but pushed them back. I am not going to cry, I told myself.

"I was so scared; I didn't know what to do. I mean, I thought maybe I should but freaked out", I cried.

Rose pulled me to her for a hug. "It's ok Bella, this won't be your last chance to reveal the truth. In fact, I think you should go find him right now."

I pulled back, and looked to Rose, trying to see if she was joking. She looked dead serious though, and Alice was nodding in agreement.

"Let's go find the boys and you can see Bella, it'll be ok", Alice said, pulling her by her arm out into the room with the dance floor.

I looked around, searching for Edward's bronze hair, battling with myself about whether I should get some balls and just go up to him and blurt out that I was lying. That I was madly in love with him, and wanted to be with him more than anything in the whole world. That's when I noticed the tall leggy strawberry blonde head. She was wearing a gorgeous white dress that hugged her curves, and showed off her bronzed legs. The legs that were intertwined with a boy on the couch across the room from me. The boy had disheveled bronze hair, but it surely couldn't be Edward? If Alice and Rose were right, which I had made myself believe for half a minute, then Edward had feelings for me. Obviously they were dead wrong though, or else he wouldn't be currently making out with Rose's cousin Tanya right across the room from me.

My heart dropped to my toes for the second time tonight. This time though, it broke in about a million pieces on the way down. Alice and Rose had stopped when they noticed me freeze. They followed my gaze to see what I was seeing, both their faces turned from shock to anger before turning to sympathy as they looked at me. The tears started falling down my face as I turned on my heels and ran from the room.

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