He relived the memory of screaming into the smooth junction between a perfectly curved neck and a straight broad shoulder. The wind roared around the astronomy tower, the rain lashed into the worn stone, the thunder sang it's sorrows, and the lightening illuminated his grief riddled features. His trainer clad foot kept sliding closer and closer to the edge of the tower with every sip of firewhiskey he took.

"Harry…. Your emotions are out of control again" He could hear Hermione's worried voice and the wind let out another wail, as if to prove her wrong. Her warm hand landed on his shoulder,

"You are too close to the edge" she whispered, tightening her grip on him, the storm slowly died down, the thunder retreated, the rain backed off, and the wind stirred more sluggishly.

"Do you ever wonder Hermione?" he was glad to have kept the crack from his voice, but it sounded foreign to his own ears, it had been too long since the stranger inside him had spoken.

"Wonder what?" her eyes seemed to devour him, taking in the stubble that had accumulated on his chin, the glasses with crack through the top right lens…that crack had taken place when he fell to the stone in the great hall… she even examined how his denims and his jumper hung loosely from his form.

"How things would have been different…" she shook her head and stood… he had asked her this at least three times in between now and this past Saturday, she walked out of the astronomy tower, there was nothing more she could do….she tried not to cry as she heard him whisper,

"I love you tom"

Before he fell over the edge.

A/N: I was feeling a bit angsty…and inspired after reading Batsoutosai's story: Abandon on the Silver Snitch….pretty good website, you should check it out. And if you can't tell, the storm is reacting to Harry's emotions... and "last Saturday" is the final battle date...