A/N: This one is going to be wayyyy AU and AH... I am thinking about making this one into a story, like with chapters and stuff. Tell me what you think (: I don't think that this makes very much sense...

I stared down at my tie, red and gold, Cambridge Preparatory school colors. The teacher's voice droned in the background, almost as gray as her hair. I flicked the black shaggy bangs out of my eyes.

As I did so, I spotted someone walking through the door. He had most definitely not been here before. He was slender, very pale, with tawny sandy hair that fell almost to his shoulders. Said hair hung in his face, but when looked past, he was very attractive. His eyes were pools of light airy amber; they were playful, yet serious, speaking of hidden knowledge. His face was rounded, yet pointed, his nose perfectly curved; lips full and pouty, but fitting for his countenance.

I looked at him once and knew I was hooked, he was mine.

"What's your name?" droned the teacher's listless voice.

"Remus, Remus Lupin" he said it so low I almost didn't hear him, but his voice was a deep baritone, coating me in his words. A firm pink settled itself upon his face as everyone looked, no stared, at him.

"Take a seat by Mr. Black, Mr. Lupin; I think you will enjoy it here." Professor Milton managed a small, tight-lipped smile that she donned on extremely rare occasions, then went back to her lecture.

I looked to the boy in the desk next to me who was getting out a notebook and a fountain pen.

Oh yes, he was going to like it here.


Show you around after class?

Sirius Black

Remus looked at the note, his eyes grew round, as if shocked, and he turned to me… he stared at me for a while and nodded yes. I smirked back in response,

"Sirius mate!" I could hear James shout from down the corridor and turned, grabbing Remus' arm to keep him in place, he gripped his books a bit tighter.

"Who's this?" The boy pushed his glasses up, and glanced at the other lanky teen, Peter had strolled up to stand behind James, chewing on some candy.

"Jamsie, Pete, meet Remmie" James swatted at me for the nickname before turning to shake Remus' hand,

"any mate of Sirius, is a mate of mine" he smiled while Peter nodded to agree, his mouth being too full of butterscotch pasties to say anything. Remus smiled, his first real smile that I had witnessed so far…

Then I realized something… This would be something more than a friendship… this would be something more than an obsession… this would turn into something worth changing for.