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He wasn't aware of when exactly the change took place, or if the feeling had been floating in his subconscious for years. All Freddie Benson knew for sure was every time he looked at her, he felt a thrilling mix of fear, attraction, and perhaps love.

Sam Puckett: his nemesis, his tormentor, his best friend. Of all the girls in the school he could've developed feelings for, his wayward heart chose Sam, the most obnoxious, vicious, funny, crazy, unpredictable, and complicated girl he knew.

Since sixth grade, the two of them had moved from being enemies to best friends, and now Freddie was ready to take that next step into something more.

He knew that Sam had to feel something for him. No one could abuse him the way she did without strong feelings motivating her actions. After all, they did say there was a thin line between love and hate. He just needed to make sure he could get her to cross that line.

Navigating the tenuous bonds of their strange friendship would be no easy feat. Freddie knew it had taken him years just to get this far, and high school ended in nine short months. It could take longer to make any change to the status quo.

Especially since he would need to break every single one of the unspoken rules of being Sam's friend. When Carly had first told him about the rules, he'd scoffed. There was no way being friends with a blonde-headed demon would ever be important enough that he'd sacrifice his pride, self-respect and personal safety to follow the rules. But over time, Sam's abrasive nature grew on him, and he began to see the rules as a kind of game. And Sam's tough personality as the thick shell that covered a deep vulnerability, one he'd tap into in order to pull off this plan.

And Freddie was nothing if not a planner. He wrote up a list of the unspoken rules, and charted out each step he'd have to take to break down her defenses and get her to realize that they were meant for something more.