Full Summary:

McKay is having a hard time with the 'new' math he made up while in his 'Ascension' mind. With the request of a new Lieutenant, the members of Agent Don Eppes' team along with Charlie, Amita, Larry, Lt. Walker, Ian Edgerton & Megan Reeves are given security clearance to go to Atlantis. What happens when the group is beamed up to the Daedalus? And how do they react when told the reason they got 'clearance' in the first place was because of a former agent they had worked with?


McKay's Lab:

"For the millionth time, I will eventually figure this out. Just stop bugging me." McKay yelled at Zylenka.

"Well, I'm sorry, but if we had any help it might be beneficial."

"I am aware of that. However, I don't think you can find another person whose as brilliant at math as I am in this galaxy."

"Um, actually, the new Lieutenant was mentioning someone she knew back on Earth. Maybe we could get her to ask him to come here." Zylenka said.

"Oh yeah & if they don't have security clearance, then what?"

"They get security clearance McKay. If there's someone remotely smarter than you, its worth the shot."

"True, but I highly doubt he's smarter than me."

"Who said it was a 'he'? She never said anything about it being a 'he' or a 'she'."

"Does it matter? Let's just go ask her."

"Fine, do it your way. It was my suggestion you know."

"Yes, Zylenka, it was your suggestion."

Mess Hall:

Lt. Andrea 'Andi' McCord was eating lunch when both Dr. McKay & Dr. Zylenka showed up. They sat down in front of her and she looked up.

"Can I help you doctors?"

"Well McKay is having trouble with his advanced math and I brought up the fact that you mentioned knowing a math genius back on Earth."

"And there's the end of that conversation."

"Well if he can help, we can get him the clearance."

"No, besides he has CIA clearance already. He helps his brother solve FBI murder cases all the time in L.A. He won't want to come here."

"Why not?" Ronon, Shepard, Teyla, Keller, & Kernel Carter had stepped into the conversation.

"You already talked it over with Kernel Carter? Nice, the answer is still no."

"If this math genius you know can help, I say we give it a try." Shepard said.

"Yea, did I mention he may not want to come without his friends and family. Which means physicist Dr Larry Fleinhart, his wife Dr. Amita Ramanujan Eppes, his brother Agent Don Eppes and his team plus Lt. Walker of the LAPD and Ian Edgerton, a retired Army Lt. turned bounty hunting sniper. I highly doubt you want to be giving clearance to all of them. My answer is still NO! But at least you asked."

"Why don't you want them here?" Teyla asked.

"I left at a bad time and a case was never solved. They never caught the guy, and I never saw them again."

"You were on Agents Eppes' team huh?" Keller asked.

"I tried to help my next door neighbor out of an abusive relationship and things went sour. Her boyfriend killed her and left me for dead. Just leave it alone."