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I've heard that one party can ruin your whole Summer One insult can cause a huge rift. But whoever said that one act can change your life obviously saw the situation I was in at this very moment.

Goofy, my best friend in the world whom I love, whom I would take a bullet for was holding Pete's- the landlord- son hostage at gunpoint. I looked to my right at Pete holding Goofy's son Max- the House of Mouse valet- hostage at gunpoint. Both men were glaring at each other, and both boys were looking at their respective fathers with worry, anxiousness, anger, fear, and hurt in their eyes.

Minnie was standing eight feet in front of me holding her PDA in one hand, a taser in the other. She too looked worried and near tears. Donald was next to me holding a rifle, ready to back me up if needed. Daisy was behind Donald, holding her bill shut, her eyes widened with shock and fear. Huey, Dewey, and Louie, our in-house band, were looking eagerly on, waiting to see what would happen next. I myself was holding a sword I got out of the prop room. Clarabelle leaned in eagerly, ready to jot down some juicy gossip about this situation. Horace, and the few remaining guests who bothered to stay at this late hour were scattered around, also waiting for something to happen.

I was about to intervene on this little impasse, when Goofy heaved a sigh. He closed his eyes, bowed his head, dropped his gun, walked in front of PJ, and fell to his knees.

Looking up at Pete, he said calmly, and bravely, the very thing I've been contemplating on saying for the past six hours.

"Take me instead." Goofy closed his eyes, spread his arms out, puffed out his chest, turned his face towards me, and winced in anticipation.

Still confused?

I thought so.

7:00 PM

10 Hours Ago...

It started out just like any night here at the House of Mouse. Max was busy parking the cars of the many guests, and holding the door open for them, Donald greeted the guests, Daisy checked the reservations, Minnie lead them to the showroom, Goofy got ready to wait tables, while I waited to be introduced by Mike Microphone.

"And now, the mouse who started it all: Mickey Mouse!" Mike announced.

The audience cheered as I slid onstage. "Good evening, everybody. Boy, we have a wild show for you tonight! We have cartoons, musical acts, and comedy acts! So, let's start it off, with The Quackstreet Boys!"

Yeah...the night started off smoothly. It would've been the perfect night had it not been for what the villains were planning...


It all began when a group of Disney villains congregated in a building a few blocks east of the House of Mouse.

"My fellow villains..." Pete was standing at the head of a long, rectangular table seqated by at least twelve Disney villains. "As you well know, the House of Mouse started two years ago. I've tried shutting it down-"

"And failed." Hades interrupted. "Epically, might I add."

the other villains chortled at Hades comment. Pete glared at him and continued. "Anyway...tonight will be the night the House of Mouse closes down for good."

"And how do you plan on making that happen?" Jafar asked, intrigued.

Pete grinned evilly. "Oh, don't worry...my plan will blow your socks off." He chuckled evilly.