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Carlisle helped me change into a more comfortable, suitable night gown before he led me out the door. I squeezed his hand hard as the pain struck me like lighting. "Ah!" I exclaimed, caressing my throbbing stomach with one hand while being guided by Carlisle with the other. Carlisle slowed his steps as he noticed my discomfort.

It wasn't long till everyone was crowding the hall arguing back and forth, fighting over who was going to be in charge of things. Carlisle seeing the stress it was causing me, quickly took control silencing everyone, as he swept me up into his arms. "Only a couple of people can be in the room while I deliver the baby." He announced loud and clear.

"Alice, I want Alice. Ah, and Jasper." I voiced in pain, clinging to Carlisle shoulders as he continued on his way to his office. "Bella I don't think that is wise, Jasper is not good around human blood, perhaps Edward would be better suited." My eyes widen at his suggestion. Having Edward by my side while I gave birth to his father's child was just too weird.

"What, are you crazy?" However, I quickly changed my mind as the pain came again. "Ah, I don't care who comes, just get this baby out of me!"

As we entered his office it suddenly hit me how quickly everything was happening. I was about to have our baby and we weren't even prepared. "Carlisle, it's too soon, we haven't even thought of any names." I said sadly as he laid me down on his couch. I could see a frown cover his face. "We will have plenty of time to figure that out later, let's just focus on getting you delivered."

I nodded my head in agreement feeling the pain getting more intense with each passing moment. Carlisle took his spot positioning my legs up as Edward silently held my hand on one side and Alice gave me words of encouragement on the other.

It felt like my body was on fire, with the sharp, twisted pains and stretching. There were no words to describe the feeling, only pain. I screamed out as Carlisle advised me to push with all my might. It wasn't till I heard the faint cry of my baby that I knew it was over. I closed my eyes tired and worn out, just wanting to rest.

I was almost in a peaceful sleep when I felt someone shake me harshly. "Bella wake up!" I strained to keep my eyes open, having a hard time adjusting to my surroundings. "W-what?" I asked to no one in particular.

"She lost too much blood during the delivery, her bodies too fragile, she going to have to be changed." Carlisle stressed. "Hold on Bella." Edward said giving my hand a light squeeze before leaving the room. "I'll take care of the little one till your strong enough." Alice voiced holding my baby lovely in her arms as she walked away.

I reached out for my baby but I was too weak. "Where is she taking my baby?" I asked anxiously. Carlisle took my outstretched hand in his; I could see the concern in his eyes. "It's okay Bella." I felt myself start to get more groggily. "Is it a boy or a girl? Before I could hear an answer all went black.

I woke up to the sound of a baby crying. As tired as I once was, I was now surprising alert. I looked down at my now flat stomach recalling the events in my head. I gasped as I eyed my hand, my skin was pale white.

The baby must have done more of a toll on my body than I thought.

"She up!" I could hear Emmett loud voice shouting to the gang downstairs. I winced rubbing my ears in ache. "Emmett must you be so loud?" "Sorry Bella, I forgot how sensitive you are when your first changed."

Changed, what?

I squinted my eyes at the brightness of the room, finding it bothersome. When I was finally able to fully open my eyes and focus, I noticed Carlisle heading over with a look of relief on his face. "Hey." I greeted weakly. He smiled warmly down at me. "How are you feeling?"

"Strange, I feel rested but a little out of place." I confessed, not sure what was going on. Since giving birth my body was all out of wack. "That's to be expected considering what you went through." Carlisle stated. I smiled remembering my child. "How the baby?" I asked anxious to see him/her.

"He's good." Carlisle voice letting it be known I had a boy. I wanted to cry in sheer joys at the news, knowing my baby's sex just made it seem more real. Weirdly enough I was able to stop myself from shedding any tears.

"It's a boy?" Carlisle nodded giving me a kiss on the forehead. "You did so well, better than I expected." He praised. "Can I see him?" I asked beaming with joy.

He caress my cheek making my eyes met his. "Not yet, you should drink first, are you hungry?" I eyed him strangely as well as the rest of the eager Cullen's in the background. "Hungry, for what?" Alice looked amused, giggling she answered. "Why blood of course." I froze in my spot in shock.

Blood, but that would mean I'm a-

My eyes widen at my realization. "I'm a vampire?" Carlisle frowned slightly at my surprise. "I thought you knew." I shook my head in confusion. "I knew I felt weird, but vampire?" "You're not disappointed are you?" Alice asked in the distance.

"No, I just never imagine I would become a vampire. I mean, I always wanted to be a part of your family and now it's official. It's kind of overwhelming." Carlisle smiled sweetly giving me a quick peck on the lips. "You always were a part of this family."

"Can I see him, our baby?" Carlisle handed me a cup of what looked to be blood. "Let's get some fluids in you first." I stared at the dark red substance in disgust. "You got to be kidding me?" Carlisle pushed the cup closer to my face in encouragement. "It's not as bad as it looks, try it." I took a small sip than another, before I knew it I was chugging the cup of blood down asking for more.

"He's so beautiful." I expressed as I held my son delicately in my arms. He had brown hair like me, well the little hairs that he did have anyways. His eyes were a pretty sky blue, which I guess he got from my mom's genes and his lips were full and pink. He looked more like Carlisle than me, which was probably a good thing. Carlisle was the looker after all.

I sway him in my arms as I listened to his little heartbeat. "I think I'll call him, Adan." I said watching him smile happily up at me as though he liked the name as well. Carlisle bent down giving the top of my head a kiss as he spoke. "I like it." "Good, I think he likes it too." I said as I gently rocked Adan to sleep before putting him in his crib.

"Now that, that's settled, maybe you can help answer a question for me?" Carlisle said grabbing my attention.

I looked up to see him pull something out of his pocket, curious what was going on. "Now, I wanted to ask you this for a while but I wasn't sure when the best was time and then you got pregnant and everything got in the way." "Carlisle, what are you trying to say?" I watched a nervous Carlisle gulp before bringing his hand out with a box in it. "Bella, will you marry me?"

Thank god I was a vampire, I 'm sure if I were still human I would have had a breakdown of some sort. "Yes!" I exclaimed, wrapping my arms around his neck giving him a nice big kiss. Carlisle happily accepted.

I sighed in content as he slid the huge rock on my finger. Finally, I had everything I ever wanted, the man I loved, a family and the ability to spend eternity with my love ones. I couldn't believe how truly blessed I was.

The End! ;)

Note: Yes, that's right; the baby's name is Adan, not Adam. I like Adan, I think that's a cute name and I wasn't sure what the child should be called.