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"He is ready, my lord," Scalpel said. The tiny medic moved off the top of the containment unit to a safe area, and waited. Behind him, Starscream and Hook watched. Hook was passive. Starscream was sullen, and did not bother to hide it. Outside the hall a sparkling whined. Starscream turned to look at the door, the longing on his face unmistakable. Jealousy warped the leader's expression, though if everything else went as well as the earlier part of the project did, he would have his own soon, and so would plenty of others.

"Hook, Scalpel, start the reboot sequence. Starscream, get out." That last was snarled. Starscream obeyed that command as quickly as he could manage, and the whining outside the door stopped. Hook and Scalpel worked over the machine, which opened to reveal a small Cybertronian, patterned in black and gold. The two medics looked over the readings as they worked, Hook nodding to himself. After what seemed like vorns but was only a breem or two, they stepped back. Megatron, Lord of the Decepticons, stepped up and picked up the new Cybertronian, and carried him out of the room. "I will contact you if there is a problem. "

As he carried the still form outside, he could feel the new one's spark pulsing strongly against his chassis. Swindle had a pool on whether the transformation would result in a sparkling equivalent, would wake with full memories, or somewhere in between. Megatron found the area he was looking for, and settled. This was one of the restored areas in Cybertron, full of light and sound. He wanted the transformed being he held to wake to beauty.

Optimus threw the Cube into space to keep Megatron from taking it. Cybertron was dying when the Decepticon leader followed the Cube that held the All-Spark.

But when the Decepticons returned, following the Autobots and the new holder of the All-Spark, it was waking. Not even the most vicious of his Decepticons wanted to slow the awakening. Everyone knew that Megatron was killed by the Cube and revived later by a shard. But the All-Spark was not destroyed; it had a new holder. There was an uneasy truce with the Autobots for now, powered in part by this project. Optimus could not do what needed to be done with the new holder of the All-Spark. The holder knew there had to be changes, but he could not do them himself.

Megatron had to admire the courage of the holder, who asked the Decepticon leader to do what neither the holder nor Optimus could do.

Cybertron was coming back to life, but in the form the holder of the All-Spark was in, he could not do more than he had already done. His ability to provide new sparks was severely limited. If the power could not be released into Cybertron, and if more sparks could not be released, then the attempt to renew Cybertron and its population could fail.

Megatron made an offer, and the holder accepted despite his obvious terror. The result was renewed life for Cybertron, and the transformed being in his arms. If all went well, then the final part of the project would commence.

Megatron turned him so that when his optics onlined, he would see light and color and Cybetronian life, and plugged in to monitor as systems came on-line.

He waited for the transformed being with Sam Witwicky's face to come to life.

Years earlier

"But that's impossible!"

Bumblebee came to see Ratchet for some odd pings he was feeling in his chest. Mikaela insisted, worried about the twinges being near his spark even if the pain was not so bad. She promised she would not tell Sam and worry him if Bumblebee would just come and get checked out.

Sam was in the middle of some delicate negotiations with a country that wanted Autobot technology and from whom the Autobots wanted some much needed raw materials. There was a quiet warning from a trusted source that someone in the government was working with a company on the Autobot banned list. The company made weapons. It made the contract agreements tricky. Sam did not need his arm jostled right now.

"Whether or not it is possible or impossible, Bee, it's happened," Ratchet told him. The medic looked at the stunned scout with mixed feelings. On the one hand, it was incredibly good news for their race. On the other, it meant that Bumblebee could not stay on Earth. They both turned as Optimus Prime came in.

"I have good news and bad news," Bumblebee told Sam and Mikaela a month later.

It had been a little over six weeks since the two of them had gone camping with Bumblebee. For the time that Sam had been in college, he and Mikaela stayed together, but a little at a time, they had grown apart. Sam was constantly torn by the needs of the Autobots and the needs of college. In the end, he finished more due to on-line classes, getting credit by taking exams, and being able to absorb large amounts of information at one time. Mikaela felt more and more left behind. They drifted, and finally on that weekend, they admitted to each other that while they were still friends, the lover's part was not working and it was time to part. Sam would be traveling constantly though he would be based at Diego Garcia; Mikaela was working full time with the other mechanics at Diego Garcia. The only change would be that they would have separate quarters.

So for one last time they made love. Bumblebee remembered sinking into a daydream, wishing that there was some way it could work, and ached in his spark for a sparkling of his own. Humans bred so easily. Of course, they had so little time. He did not notice that the pairing took somewhat longer than usual. He did remember that they slept hard afterward. Sam remembered that night vividly as well. He remembered wondering if farewell sex was always that good. It was like something got into both of them, and hung on forever, Through God knew it was the best sex either he or Mikaela ever had.

"Spit it out, Bee," Sam said, trying to be encouraging. "We can work it out somehow."

"I have a new spark in me," Bumblebee said. "Ratchet's building a sparkling body for it now." At first Ratchet was not certain he was right about the growth in Bumblebee's spark, but time proved him right.

Both humans stared at him in shock. "Bee, that's great news, wonderful news!" Sam was almost giddy. The guilt he always felt over destroying the All-Spark, the Cybertronian's means of reproduction, was suddenly gone. The selfish relief was incredible. "I thought sparklings came from the All-Spark," Sam said. "How?"

"That's not the point," Mikaela said. She waved Bee down so they could sit on his knees and talk more quietly. "Sam, if Bee's carrying a spark, then he can't be your ride anymore, can he? He's got to be careful."

"Only Ratchet and Optimus know now," Bumblebee said. "Optimus is afraid for me. It's not safe for me to raise a sparkling here. I have to leave Earth. "

"Beeā€¦" Sam looked up at his best friend and guardian, stricken. "Oh, Bee!"

Two years passed after Bee left. Optimus left for a few weeks a year later, and when he returned he took Sam aside quietly and showed him a projection of Bee and the sparkling. "He's having a hard time keeping the others from spoiling him," Optimus said. "He said to tell you he misses you and Earth."

"But the baby-sparkling's worth it, isn't he," Sam said, eyes glued to the sight of Bee and the little one that clung to his leg, staring up at Optimus. He took a deep breath. "If only we knew how!"

"Yes," Optimus said, "but until then, Sam, we must keep quiet. We do not want more trouble from the Decepticons." Sam looked up at Optimus, and nodded. The bots took turns now to act as Sam's bodyguard. Sam missed Bumblebee fiercely.

Sam was on Diego Garcia for a few weeks when a government representative came and brought his daughter with him. Diana was in college, but out for a summer break, and he brought her as a reward for keeping her grades up. For once, the representative was working directly with NEST, not through Sam. Sam worked only eight hours a day for a week, got caught up on paperwork, and got a chance to actually spend some time in the human part of the base. He met Diana and showed her around the base.

She was not a beauty, like Mikaela, but she was pretty. Her initial shyness dropped to reveal a sense of humor. Sam found he was comfortable with her. She stayed a month, and one night when her father was out drinking with Lennox and some of the other soldier, Sam and Diana slipped off for some recreation of their own.

Chromia and Ironhide were sneaking off at the same time, more for some private time than anything else. They watched the two young people find a quiet secluded spot on the beach and begin the opening moves. Having witnessed several meetings on the beach between humans, the two Autobots commed each other, betting on what would happen next. When the discussion turned to contraception, Chromia and Ironhide thought about how the Autobots would love to have that problem. Chromia thought of Hope, Bee's sparkling and longed with all her spark for one of her own, while Sam and Diana began to engage in the tender dance that created human sparklings. She missed Ironhide's admiring comment on how long the humans were staying involved.

Two weeks later, Chromia and Ironhide were staring at Ratchet while the medic contacted Optimus and said, "It's happened again, Prime."

Optimus and Ratchet tried to keep this sparking quiet like Bumblebee's, but Ironhide could not help his urge to protect Chromia from the world, and that behavior was noticed immediately. The predictable blowup happened about two weeks later (some beings of both species, especially the women, wondered how she lasted that long) and near the barracks. The word was out with the bots, and only by urgent request of both Sam and the Prime (not to mention terror of Ironhide's cannons) did the news stay within NEST humans.

Theories and rumors flew. After a second kidnap attempt, in which Ironhide was hurt and a NEST soldier seriously injured, Chromia consented to go where Bumblebee was. Some months later, Ironhide proudly showed Sam and other bots holos of the sparkling cradled in Chromia's arms. This time the sparkling protoform was made by Wheeljack at the space base, but there seemed to be a basic form, as Stainless looked much like Hope.

It took a third time before Sam started to fit all the pieces together, with the unwitting help of a new scout, Hound, and a captured Decepticon. Hound was good at holography, and was assigned to Sam in the same role Bumblebee had.

Some of the guys at NEST were talking with Hound, Sideswipe, and Sideswipe's twin, Sunstreaker. Epps commented that Sam needed a girlfriend. There was some lewd commenting back and forth, but the twins and Hound got the idea that humans needed sex as something of stress relief and as a means to look for mates, in addition to making human sparklings. Sam, in the opinion of the soldiers, was not getting the opportunity for either on a regular basis. While Sam was not and would never be a soldier, they did respect that he worked hard as the Autobot representative and that he had guts. He was damned young. They were all veteran soldiers before they came into NEST; Sam got thrown into this as a kid, and he came through better than anyone ever had a right to expect. The twins and Hound picked up the real concern in their conversation.

By this time, both of the newbies had some idea of Sam's importance to the Autobots, and of his attachment to Optimus. They also were practical jokers on a strong scale. They hatched a plan that was made up in equal parts of what they thought was practicality and practical joking. Getting the information they needed took a little time, such as what features in a female Sam found attractive, and the rest was simply waiting for an opportunity. Given that Hound was Sam's regular ride and guard, with the twins as backup, they were set as soon as it appeared. They did manage to get in some practice rounds in during parties.

Then came New Year's, and a party on the base. Sam, being in one of the few places that he felt safe, decided it was high time he relaxed. He struck up a conversation with a girl who was pretty hot and seemed to be both intelligent and as determined to relax as he was. Early in the party, Mikaela came by. She and her husband had pictures of their children, which Sam and the young lady admired, and the subject turned to Bumblebee, Chromia and the sparklings. Eventually, Sam and his new friend left the party, and eventually, they wound up in Sam's quarters, one of the houses on base.

Sam woke up the next day with a mild hangover but he was really relaxed, remembering the pretty girl whose name he never picked up and the really good time they had together. Hound thought about how messy human mating was, though he admitted it felt really good and how much he wished he could get a sparkling like Bee's or Chromia's from it the way that human females did. He was thinking that during the entire encounter.

Two weeks later he was staring at Ratchet while the medic contacted Prime again.

At the same time that Ratchet was having a conference with Optimus and a sparked Hound, Sam and the twins were fighting a Decepticon attack from Starscream and Kickback, a grasshopper insecticon. At one point Kickback had Sam under him and kicked. Fortunately Sam dove out of the way. The kick hit a wall and rained debris everywhere. In the next moment, Starscream shrieked at him, "Capture, you fool, capture!"

Just then backup arrived in the form of Ultra Magnus, Arcee, and NEST. Kickback was knocked offline and captured; Starscream, true to his code, left his fellow Decepticon behind when Sunstreaker and Sideswipe started playing jet judo with him.

Back at the base, Sam got the required medical exam and got stitches in a few places. Moving somewhat stiffly, he accepted the painkillers the sympathetic medic gave him but did not take them yet. He swallowed some ibuprofen and called Optimus, determined to get some answers. He came in to the middle of the Autobot debriefing. "Why would Starscream tell Kickback to kidnap and not kill me?" Sam asked, getting to the heart of the matter. Unfortunately, all they could agree on was that they would have to ask Kickback.

With all the confusion over the attempted capture, they managed to keep Hound's personal news quiet. When Sam asked to see the prisoner, Hound was glad to go with him, grateful for the distraction. Sam stood outside the energon bars and considered how to ask his questions. Kickback stared at the young man in front of him. Silence reigned for a time, before Hound asked, "Why are you staring at Sam like that? You've seen humans."

"Yeah, but this one holds the All-Spark," Kickback said,

That ended the conversation with a crash-a literal one, as Hound went down and Sam shouted for help. Moments later, Sam was standing in front of the deactivated bars with his arms out, keeping Sunstreaker and Sideswipe from firing on the Decepticon, who was screaming that he didn't do anything while hunkering on the floor, trying hide behind the human. Optimus and Ultra Magnus had to drag the twins out of the brig after reactivating the bars, while Ratchet did a forced reboot on Hound.

"That's a switch, seeing the twins being dragged out of the brig," Ratchet grumbled, working over Hound. As the now former guard groaned and came back to reality, Ratchet looked over at Sam, who was weakly leaning against the wall and looking as shocked as Hound.

Then Hound heard the sound of the twin's voices, and he lunged up and out the door. The scream of "You guys got me into this!" along with the sound of a weapon firing, sounded from the hall. Sam and Ratchet looked at each other for a moment before Ratchet charged out to the sounds of a hysterical Hound being subdued.

Ratchet's bellow of "Be careful, he's in a delicate condition," rang in the halls with the other crashes and yells.

"Him too?" Sam asked the wall.

"He sure doesn't sound that delicate to me," Kickback said, frowning. The commotion died. "What do you mean, him too?" Sam shook his head, more to clear his head than refusing to answer the question, and walked to the door. "Hey, I thought you wanted to talk?" Kickback yelled in near panic. He did not want one of the twins coming back, bars activated or not; while only certain personnel were supposed to be able to deactivate the bars, the twins evidently knew how.

"I wanted to know why Starscream wanted me captured instead of killed," Sam told him. "And don't worry, if the twins come back, they'll be in the other cell."

Hours later, Hound was in forced recharge, the twins were confined to quarters, and Kickback was being interrogated by Ultra Magnus while Optimus and Sam watched on video. Ultra Magnus told Kickback that if he did not talk and tell them the truth, he would put the twins in with him. Kickback could not talk fast enough.

The information that Kickback was giving was good and would be useful, and Sam knew he would digest that part later when it mattered. But right now, only two points remained in his head. One, the Fallen told Megatron that he, Sam, held the All-Spark. The second, that the Decepticons knew that there were sparklings and assumed that Sam had something to do with their creation. Somehow the Decepticons missed that the Autobots did not have the information that Sam had absorbed the All-Spark when the Cube was destroyed. They all knew that Sam absorbed something from the shard when he touched it, in that he remembered everything now. Optimus turned off the video and turned to Sam. "That is a logical conclusion," he said.

Sam nodded, preoccupied. "Optimus, I need to send a message to Bumblebee and Chromia," he said, "after I talk to Hound. I think I might know what happened, or at least some of it. In the meantime, do you think we can keep the All-Spark stuff quiet?"

"We can try," Optimus said.