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New Times, Same Old Problems.

Chapter 1: Hold On To Your Heads.

I know, I know, I should have just declined to take this job. Why must I always be the one who gets put on these kind of assignments? I will have you all know that I am a paranormal investigator, and forensic investigator. My grip on the steering wheel of my car tightened as I remembered the meeting with my boss.

(flash back)

I walked down the hall to Mr. Martin's office. When I reached his office I knocked on the door.

"Enter." Mr. Martin commanded in his usual gruff voice. I opened the door.

"You wanted to see me sir?" I wasn't timid of him, not like everyone else.

"Ah yes, Relina. Do come in." He was facing the wall with the back of his chair facing the door. I walked in and shut the door behind me. I walked up to his desk. "Sit, if you will." He had an odd way of speaking. I sat in the leather armchair, the only chair in the room besides Mr. Martin's.

"What did you want to see me about sir?" I was curious of what he wanted. He turned around, and looked me dead in the eyes.

"You are our top investigator, Relina, in both the paranormal and forensic fields. You have the right qualifications for this next assignment." He propped his elbows on his desk. I raised my eyebrow.

"What is the assignment."

"Are you familiar with the legend of the headless horseman?" He stood up.

"Yes, very well actually."

"Do you know everything about it?" He cast a glance over to me. This is where he got his reputation of being almost harsh.

"Not everything sir." I was not fazed by his tone and questions.

"Then you have got much to learn. The horseman was a German Hessian mercenary. He was finally killed be his own sword. He was particularly fond of decapitation, so naturally he was decapitated. He was buried in the Western woods in Sleepy Hollow." He paused.

"Sir?" I nudged him to go on.

"About twenty years after, he returned undead and headless. He took the lives of nine people. Ichabod Crane was sent to bring the horseman to justice. The horseman was being controlled by a woman named Mary Van Tassel. She took the horseman's skull to control him. He got his head back and was sent back to hell, taking Mary along with him." Mr. Martin finished.

"The Hessian's name?"

"No one knows." Mr. Martin turned to face the wall opposite of me.

"You never told me what my assignment was, sir."

"Its obvious, your assignment is to go to Sleepy Hollow, even though the Hessian has not returned, the whole town is getting bleaker, just like it was when he was haunting it, in 1799. Your assignment is to find out why."

"But sir, that's a two day trip…." I interjected, but Mr. Martin raised a hand to stop me.

"From that Nick has told me about your driving, you should get there with in a day, if you don't get pulled over that is." He chuckled. That was one of the few times that he did chuckle.

(end flask back)

I sighed and popped in a CD into the CD player on the dash board. I turned up the volume until I couldn't hear the engine anymore. I glanced at the GPS that was clipped onto the dash. I should be there in about two more hours. Suddenly the road turned bumpy, signaling the end of the black top.

I looked up at the sky about an hour later, it was getting darker despite the time of day. I slowed down, just enough to study my surroundings. It was so dark and Gothic looking. Tim Burton would have a heyday here. I then came across a bridge leading into Sleepy hollow. I went over the bridge and stopped. The towns people where as still as stone. I looked around. Everything still had an original air to it, and there was hardly anything modern. I opened the car door and stepped out. I closed it and I heard a collective gasp. I then realized that I was wearing a lot of black, most of all I was wearing my black boots and black jacket that had many buckles and a few sliver buttons. I shook my head, causing my jet black hair to fall in my face. I tucked it behind my ear and started to walk toward the, what looked like, mayor's manor. The towns folk just stood there, watching me like I was some unnatural creature. I took one step on the porch of the manor, when the door opened. A man, the mayor no doubt, bowed to me.

"Welcome to Sleepy Hollow miss." He looked at me and shock consumed his features if only for a second.

"Um, it's a pleasure to be here."

"Would you be so kind as to say your name, miss?" His eyes darted around, I could feel the towns people gather around.

"My name? Relina Williams."

"Well then Miss Williams, may I ask what brings you're here?"

"I am a paranormal and forensic investigator. My boss, Mr. Patrick Martin sent me here to investigate the case of the headless horseman." I paused, everyone cringed. "It seems that there are the same signs now that there where 211 years ago, when the horseman was on his terror spree."

"Come with me then, quickly." The Mayor turned and scurried into the manor. I followed quietly. The Mayor led me into a sitting room. "Go ahead and sit." He squeaked.

"What's the matter?" I sat on a couch.

"It isn't safe to be talking about the horseman."

"Well why not? I'm not a helpless kid or teenager. I'm twenty-two for Gods sake."

"There is a curse that was set upon this town. Lady Van Tassel's twin sister put a curse on the town before she died."

"And the curse?" I was getting intrigued.

" 'If a person of Van Tassel heritage and blood enters Sleepy Hollow, the Hessian horseman shall ride again.' She wanted to punish all future Van Tassel's for what her sister had done."

"For releasing the horseman in the first place." I mused as I stared into the hearth, thinking. "Has anyone from the outside entered the town recently?"

"No, you are the first in the past eight months."

"When did the signs start appearing?" I was getting into detective mode.

"About a month ago." He must have been thinking the same thing I was because he looked directly at me. "Are you of Van Tassel blood and heritage?"

"I don't think so, it never came up when they pulled my family tree for a background check." I sighed, I know I'm qualified for this but this is going to kill me.