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This chapter features the use of German. I use Google Translate because I do not speak German, but I am slowly learning. The translations will be at the bottom of the page.

Chapter 5: You Said What Now?

I tensed, I didn't like where this was going. I couldn't be a descendant of the Archer's or Mary. The Reverend took out a thick envelope, which was already open. He took out several papers and laid them out. I waited and the crowd collectively held their breathes in anticipation. The Reverend bent forward and scanned the documents till he found the right one. He picked it up.

"Mr. Archer's half-son, twice disowned from the family but still sharing their blood, married your great, great aunt, miss Williams."

"Which one? One of them was disowned." My voice was icy.

"Maria, maiden name, Ashbrook. And if I'm not mistaken she was not removed from the family." The Reverend sneered.

"So what? I'm not a witch, even if I share a very small amount of blood with Mary." I knew I was defeated but I still refused the fact that the Hessian was back because of me. Suddenly I felt myself being pushed back to the door by, what felt like, a huge invisible hand. I stumbled back, but held my ground. The Reverend had a small smirk plastered on his face.

"Ah, by excepting that you are of blood of Mary, you have sealed your fate." His smirk widened. The towns folk where in a state of shock, but then they began buzzing like a swarm of angry bee's. Voices calling out at every direction. The force of that hand pushed harder and I felt myself back away from the crowd. I was more angry than scared; I turned and stormed from the church and into the early afternoon sun. I heard the Reverend saying something to the towns people but I didn't want to listen. I wanted to, needed to, should have, went back to my room, cleared my head and calmed down. But no I went straight to the Western woods. I just kept walking and I didn't care when or where I stopped; I just wanted to get as far away from the church as possible. I didn't dodge or even flinched when thin, flimsy braches grazed my face.

I felt like I was walking forever, and when I finally looked at the sky it indeed had gotten darker. Somewhere in the distance the five o-clock evening bell tolled. Time seemed to pass by so fast, and I didn't really care. I felt something that was pulling my to the center of the woods. I went with out hesitation. Dark clouds rolled in and fog swirled around my feet. It got thicker as I approached the center of the woods. The ground gently sloped downwards and I stepped over dead branches carefully. When I got to the bottom of the clearing one tree stood alone. This tree was so knarled and twisted that it looked demonic. I walked closer to the tree and something caught my eye. A sword, embedded in the ground, like some kind of grave marker.

Lightning flashed behind me and thunder boomed…and I thought I saw the roots of the tree move! I looked closer and blood trickled down the roots. Ok the tree is bleeding, the freaking tree is bleeding! I turned back with a shudder to look at the sword again. Suddenly the roots moved and opened, revealing the severed heads of all the victims of the horseman. Some were merely skulls stained a rusty brown from years of being in the tree, and some were fresher, just starting to decompose. I started to back away, but I tripped over a log. The heads moved from the opening and the Hessian and his horse shot out! They where facing away from me and I tried to keep my breathing quiet. I tried to back away slowly but my hand snapped a twig. The Hessian whipped his head around toward me. He smirked and jumped down from his horse.

"Ich wusste, wir würden wieder treffen." He spoke in German. I sort of understood what he said. I really should have took German 2 back in school. He had no malice in his voice, it was like he was speaking to an old friend.

"Warum hast du zurückgekommen?" The words sounded choppy and disconnected but I tried my best, feeling that he would find conversation easier in his own language…..although I have trouble with it. The Hessian smiled, revealing his wicked teeth. He seemed content with my use of his language.

"Der Grund ist so sehr einfach, ich kam für Sie." He took a step closer, his hand extended so if to help me up. I ignored it and stood up on my own. I glared at him, my eyes filled with defiance.

"But why?" I switched back to English, my voice rang with pent up anger.

"There is something that belongs to me here. Something that only you can give me. " He to spoke in English with his heavy accent.

"No." My voice was hard and cold. " I'd rather die than help you." I said through clenched teeth. Something flashed in his ice cold eyes, his mouth twisted into a snarl, and his hand gripped the pommel of his sword, which was a spectral, but solid version of his grave marker. His reaction to my words went as quickly as they had come.

" So sei es. Sie müssen bis morgen abend zu überdenken." The Hessian said as he mounted his horse and bolted off.


1. Ich wusste, wir würden wieder treffen. I knew we would meet again.

2. Warum hast du zurückgekommen? Why did you come back?

3. Der Grund ist so sehr einfach, ich kam für Sie. The reason is very simple, I came for you.

4. So sei es. Sie müssen bis morgen abend zu überdenken. So be it. You have until tomorrow night to reconsider.