Roaring thunder crashed overhead, he jumped, laughing lightly at his nerves. He couldn't help feeling a little on edge. He had only been in this city for a few months, he didn't know his way around quite yet and he was exhausted.

He was still half a block from his apartment, and silently begged the rain to wait until he was inside to begin. Intense lightening illuminated the midnight sky. A disturbing icy shiver found it's way through his veins. 'Not again' he thought.

For as long as he could remember he had always had an ability, an insight, that he could never explain, nor begin to comprehend. At this moment he knew with unbridled certainty that something unpleasant was about to occur.

Glancing around, he saw no one that looked out of place. With the intrusive sky threatening to pour at any moment, he increased his pace. Five more minutes and he'd be home. He'd be safe. The feeling would pass.

With the entrance to his building only feet away from him, the freezing increased. He closed his eyes tightly and made a valiant run for it. It wasn't enough. His insight was right. It always was.

"Fuck you Faggot!" He heard the voice but never saw the face it belonged to. A searing pain tore through his head, then adamantly proceeded to burn every inch of his body.

The shiver had turned to solid ice within him. The fiery hurt melting away with his thoughts. He felt himself being pulled by an unknown force in all directions. Reality swirled around him in fragments.

Using every ounce of his rapidly deteriorating strength he brought a hand to the warmth escaping him. He observed his pale fingers, the essence of crimson was ever present.

Breathing the crisp air that's always born before the rain, the throbbing stopped. His heartbeat endlessly ceasing as he faded into nothingness.

Blinding light flashed with anguished authority. The heavens broke open, and the sky began to cry.

His scarlet blood danced within the downpour, washing away his existence.