Kahlan, you are a Confessor,

And I am a Mord-Sith.

I was taught to see you as a monster.

Likewise, I know that you have been taught

To see me as a monster.

Kahlan, I never expected for you to accept me.

It was bad enough that I was a Mord-Sith,

But then I confessed that I had killed your sister.

Even though it's not in my nature to admit such a thing,

I was frightened by the blood red of your eyes.

It was at that moment that I truly realized

What Confessors are so greatly feared.

It was at that moment that I truly realized

That Mord-Sith are not the only dangerous women in this world.

Kahlan, before that moment, I thought you to be weak

Because you kept on yammering about compassion,

And compassion and Mord-Sith never go together.

Kahlan, I only killed your sister because I was ordered to,

But you didn't care.

I could understand your pain.

I think of the other Mord-Sith as my sisters,

And I would have been angry at you as well, Kahlan,

If you had killed one of my sisters.

As a Mord-Sith, I can understand the desire for vengeance.

I was trained to be as hard as steel.

I was trained to kill without a thought.

Kahlan, how I came to be a Mord-Sith didn't matter to you,

But that didn't bother me.

I was trained not to see myself as a victim,

So I did not expect any mercy from you.

Kahlan, you have come to surprise me in many ways.

When I learned that my father had not really betrayed me,

I regretted the monster that I had become

For the first time

Since I was first touched by an Agiel.

Still, I did not expect any mercy from you;

But you cast aside vengeance,

And for the first time in my life

I saw the beauty of compassion.

Kahlan, I could see in your eyes

That you still hated me for killing your sister,

But you showed strength

By not taking vengeance when it counted.

There was a time

When I would have seen that as a weakness,

But everything has changed since Darken Rahl died.

I have learned that sometimes it takes more strength

To not kill someone you hate.

Killing someone you hate is easy

Because that person's life means nothing to you,

So mercy and compassion

Are truly signs of strength.

Kahlan, time healed many wounds.

You slowly came to accept me as another human being,

And I slowly began to do the same with you.

At first I thought that you were weak

When you were crying over being separated from Richard.

Mord-Sith never cry over a man,

Except perhaps if that man is the Lord Rahl,

But Mord-Sith are taught to view the Lord Rahl

As being above a weak man.

Kahlan, I was annoyed by your tears,

But my brief time with Leo made me realize

How important a man really can be to a woman's life.

Kahlan, every time I looked at you and Richard,

I could see how much you loved each other.

At first I saw love as a weakness,

But when Leo came around,

I slowly began to realize

That I wanted that kind of love as well.

Kahlan, you encouraged my relationship with Leo.

You wanted me to be happy with Leo

Like you were happy with Richard.

Kahlan, I was touched by that,

That you would want a monster such as I

To have love and happiness in my life.

Kahlan, before Darken Rahl's death,

I would never say such a thing,

But it is nice to have people around you

That genuinely care about you.

It is nice to have people around you

That don't just see you as a monster

That tortures and kills on her master's command.

It is nice to have people around you

That see you as human.

Kahlan, when you were torn in two,

I saw the monster that you could be,

And I realized that you and I

Are more similar than we are different.

We are both capable of being monsters,

But we are also both capable of being human.

Kahlan, when you were made whole again,

You became a human once more.

Kahlan, you are a woman capable

Of great and dangerous passion.

You are a warrior, a fighter,

But you are more than just that.

Kahlan, you are more than just a monster.

You are also a woman

Capable of love and compassion.

You are also a woman

Capable of justice, not vengeance.

Kahlan, many people in this world

Will always see us as monsters,

And sometimes we have to be that way.

You cannot afford to be soft

When you are fighting a war,

But you don't have to give up your humanity either.

There is nothing wrong with showing emotions.

Emotions are not a sign of weakness.

Sometimes it takes more strength to share your real feelings

Than it does to hide them and to pretend that they don't exist.

Lying is easy for a Mord-Sith.

That's why Confessors can't read one.

For a Mord-Sith to be truthful,

Especially towards a so called "monstrous" Confessor,

Is very difficult.

Emotions, however, are part of being human,

And I want to be human.

Kahlan, my friend, my sister, I will always be a Mord-Sith,

Just like you will always be a Confessor,

But that doesn't mean that we have to always be monsters.