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Finding a New You

Now it was Friday and Claire smoothed Johnny's jersey as put it on. It was really big on her, so she had to tie a knot in the back of it. "Claire, let's go!" Her dad shouted from downstairs. "I'm coming!" She shouted as she grabbed her bag and headed downstairs where her dad handed her a breakfast sandwich.

She arrived at school and after going to her locker she headed over to Eli's locker. She went around the corner to see Johnny and Eli in a conversation and neither looked happy. She decided to stay out of it and hide behind the wall.

Eli was much shorter than Johnny so he had to sort of look up at him. Johnny had a couple of his friends behind him that Claire had guessed was his back up to make him seem scary. Eli though, did not look scared and stood his ground. Now was the time that Claire had wished she could know how to read lips.

Johnny then walked away before he shoved into Eli's shoulder. Once Johnny was gone, Eli turned back to his locker and Claire walked over to him. "What was that?" she asked.

Eli turned to her and smirked. "He's not too happy to hear I'm taking you to homecoming, I told him we're dating so he shouldn't be mad. Then he went on and on about how we're different and we shouldn't be together." He rolled his eyes.

"Well I guess it's a good thing that I don't care what he says." She smiled taking his hand in hers. "People like that annoy me. I'm tired of it and I'm not going to let it go. He messed with the wrong person." He evily smiled.

Claire sighed, "Please don't do anything that you'll regret."

"Trust me I won't regret this." He smirked as he let go of her hand and walked down the hallway.

Eli walked away and found the person he was looking for. He closed his locker. "What the hell Eli!" said Eli's long time friend Andy. "I need a favor." Eli said. Andy turned to his Eli. "Man the last time I did you a favor we almost got suspended. I can't get my brother to come in again." he groaned.

"Aren't you tired of these jocks walking down these halls like they rule it? I am and one certain football player is getting on my nerves and I plan to end this once and for all." Eli said.

Andy looked over at Eli who had a face that could scare anyone who looked at him. Lucky for him, Andy was used to it. He sighed knowing he would regret this but this was his friend.

"Alright text me the plan. By the way when is this taking place?" he asked. Eli smiled, grimly. "Tonight at the football game." he said. Andy walked away, shaking his head thinking what he had gotten himself into.

Claire waited at her and Eli' s table at lunch. She tapped her foot against the table causing the table to slightly shake. Then Eli came and slid into the seat next to her, wrapping an arm around her waist.

"Hey." she smiled but he wasn't even looking at her but instead he glared at Johnny who was across the room.

"Claire, I have the perfect plan. And tonight at the football game it will come true. I will need your help though" he said.

"Eli, no. Whatever you are planning I can't be a part of this."

"But tonight I'm going to-"

"Forget it Eli. I'm not doing it."

"Are you going to do this to me? I have to do this and if you won't do this then fine." he muttered.

"You know Eli this is probably the stupidest thing. If you get caught you will get suspended and what about homecoming? Here's an idea why don't you just forget it." she spat before she picked up her books and walked away.

Eli sat there but he knew that he was going to continue the plan.

That night, Claire took off the jersey and put her uniform on. She glanced in the mirror. She was really hoping that Eli wouldn't do this stupid plan of his. Why couldn't he just forget about what Johnny said and just be happy that he was with her but no guys always had to be stupid and fight for what's theirs.

She re-applied her make-up one last time before pulling her hair back into a tight pony tail.

She took one more glance before smiling and heading out to the football game.

When she got there she was greeted by the other cheerleaders.

She looked around in the stands and there was no sign of Eli. Soon the game started and he wasn't there. Even though Claire was sad that he wasn't there she was happy that he wasn't there planning whatever plan he was planning.

Around half-time he still wasn't there. She smiled in relief. Maybe he felt bad she thought. Had she been to hard on him at lunch? Claire decided to call him after the game to see how he was.

With a minute before the game ended suddenly the power went out. Everyone whispered and screamed in panic.

The football players were rushed back to their coach and the cheerleaders gathered around in a circle. It was completely dark.

"Ladies and gentleman!" a voice boomed over the intercom. Claire froze, instantly recognizing the voice. Eli.

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