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Disclaimer: Stephen King owns Carrie. I own the twins and their family. I win.

PLEASE NOTE: Andy is portrayed by Jamie Campbell Bower, Audrey is portrayed by Ashley Greene, their parents (Rose and Leonard) are portrayed by Helena Bonham Carter and Benedict Cumberbatch, respectively. Carrie is portrayed by Chloe Grace Moretz. There's some of the book and a little bit of each movie/miniseries (especially the newest one. They did a really good job on it) mixed in there because I'm stupid and don't do continuity well, but I'm setting it in the 2013 version. Whatever. This is fanfiction, I can do what I want.

Not beta'd or Brit-picked. Names have been changed as of January 2016.

Welcome to Chamberlain.

Andy looked up from his phone as the car hit another speed bump.

"I hate speed bumps." He thought as he looked over at his twin sister, who was sketching yet another design in the sketchbook that lay open across her lap.

"We're almost there."

Audrey looked up from her sketchbook and exchanged a glance with Andy.

"Really?" She asked. Andy turned around and looked out the rear window at the moving van that trailed behind their small car.

"Yes, really." Their mother slowed the car as they approached a stop sign. "Look for 45 Carlin Street."

"Right." The twins answered before resuming looking out of their windows.

5 minutes later…

"There it is." Andy pointed out. Rose turned the car onto Carlin street and kept going until she saw the new house. She slowed, parked the car, and turned off the engine.

"Here we are."

As they all got out of the car, Andy noticed the house on the right. It was blue with white trim, slightly run-down, and there was a girl looking shyly at him and Audrey out of what appeared to be an attic window.

"Andy? Andy!"

Andy blinked and turned to Audrey. "Huh?"

"Get your bags out of the car. I've been trying to say that for a minute now." Audrey moved closer to him and lowered her voice. "Did you see anything?"

"Huh? Oh, no." Andy grunted as he lifted his two suitcases out of the trunk. "Just thinking."


"Just thinking about the house next door." Andy looked back up at the window, but the girl was gone.

"All right, kids, get your bags inside." Rose called from the front door, straining under the weight of her two suitcases. "Get acquainted with your room. You'll be sharing it. Is that all right?"

"We don't mind, mum." Audrey chirped as she hoisted her suitcases off the ground and started up the steps to the porch. "Anything's better than the old flat. Come on, Andy."

Andy grunted as he lifted his suitcases off the ground and followed his sister and mother into the house.

"Ain't this homey, now?" Rose asked as she set her suitcases down. "Nice big living room, nicely sized kitchen. It'll look much better once we get the furniture in, maybe some cheery wallpaper..."

"Yeah." Andy agreed absentmindedly as he looked around him and headed for the stairs.

"Which room is ours?" Andy heard Audrey ask.

"First one on the right."


"All right, Andy. Tell me what you saw, and don't leave ANYTHING out." Audrey demanded once they got their luggage up to the room they were to share.

"There was nothing, just a girl in one of the attic windows of the house next door. What's to tell?"

"Kids!" They suddenly heard their mother call. "Come downstairs and meet our neighbor!"

"We'll talk later." Audrey whispered to Andy, who nodded, as they headed downstairs.

"Won't you come in, Mrs White?" They heard their mother ask someone.

"Oh, how kind of you!" The door creaked as it closed.

"I'm sorry there's nothing to sit on, we just got here."

"It's quite all right, Mrs…?"

"Barker, but you're welcome to call me Rose."

"Ah. Well. I'm here on the Lord's business, Mrs Barker, and I have something I KNOW is going to interest you and your family."

"Thank you, Mrs White." Rose said as she sat down on a box. "Please, find a box and sit."

"That won't be necessary, Mrs Barker. I can't stay long anyway."

Rose suddenly turned around. "Ah, children! This is Mrs White. She lives next door."

"I'm Andy…" Andy said shyly as he shook Mrs White's hand. It was cold and white and it squeezed his hand firmly. He let go after a couple of seconds and stared awkwardly at Mrs White's frizzy red hair.

"And I'm Audrey." Audrey said as she shook her hand.

"What lovely children you have, Mrs Barker."

"Thank you, Mrs White. I'm sorry Leonard isn't here to meet you, he's helping the movers."

"It's quite all right." Mrs White pulled something out of her black bag.

"Oh, a Bible!" Rose trilled as Mrs White handed her a small leather-bound Bible. "Thank you!"

"The ultimate path to salvation through the Christ Jesus!"

"This is very kind of you, Mrs White."

"Always a pleasure to bring lost souls to our Father."

"I couldn't agree with you more."

"Well, I must be going. I have some business to attend to."

"That's quite all right. It was a pleasure to meet you."

"Thank you."


After the door closed, Rose sighed and turned to her children.

"Well, I would say that was sufficiently awkward." She said with a sigh. "I'm going outside to help your father. Don't get into any trouble."

"We won't." Andy responded as he and Audrey started back up the stairs.

After a dinner of pizza, the twins once again retreated to their room to finish unpacking their things.

"Which side of the closet do you want?" Audrey asked.

"Eh." Andy replied absentmindedly as he stared out the window, making it obvious that he wasn't paying attention.

"Andy," Audrey sat down next to him on the windowsill. "do you hear me?"


"Then what did I just say?"

"You asked if I heard you."

"Don't be a smart arse, Andy. I can tell something is on your mind." Audrey paused as she saw her brother lift his hand and wave at someone. She followed Andy's gaze and saw a girl wave back shyly from an attic window of the house next door. The girl had long blond hair and was wearing a white sleeveless nightgown.

"Ah, so that's what's up." Audrey got up and walked back to their closet. "I'm taking the right half of the closet, Andy."

"That's fine." Andy said absentmindedly as he watched the girl in the house next door close her windows and curtains. "You've the right half of the room anyway." Andy got up and sat on his bed. "So what do you make of her?"

"I don't know. We haven't had a chance to meet her yet."

"Well, tomorrow's Tuesday, so we might catch her on the commute to school."

"Maybe we can walk with her if she doesn't drive or take a bus."

"Maybe." Andy stood up with a sigh, walked over to the window, and closed it. "I'm assuming you already know what you want to wear tomorrow."

"Surprisingly, no." Audrey sighed and turned the closet light on. "I'm so used to uniforms that it's difficult to decide what I should wear."

"Think of it this way, Audrey." Andy said as he sat down on the floor and pulled his suitcase out from under his bed. "What would you wear on a Saturday to go shopping?"

"I know what you would wear." Audrey shot back.

"What?" Andy looked up at her. "What's wrong with what I wear? It's a shirt and jeans."

"I'm not saying anything's wrong with it, I'm just saying that you're fairly predictable when picking out clothes." Audrey paused and pulled a shiny magenta blouse out of her suitcase. "What do you think?"

"Did you make that?"

"Of course. Should I wear it?"

"Audrey, I'm probably not the best person to ask, being Mr Predictable."

"Right." Audrey began humming as she pulled out a gray cardigan with black trim, a pair of light jeans, and a pair of black ballet flats.

"Guess I should probably pick out something to wear so we're not late on the first day…" Andy thought as he opened his suitcase. He rifled through the rumpled mess of clothing until he found what he wanted: a fading gray Rolling Stones t-shirt and a pair of snug blue jeans. "Perfect." He laid his clothes out on the chair that he had placed near the end of his bed, along with his black Converse high tops and navy sweatshirt.

"I hope the people there are nice." Audrey said as she laid her outfit out on the chair by her sewing machine.

"Audrey, relax. We're going to be fine. I know things weren't great back in England, but think of this as a fresh start."

"I know, but still…"

"Look, let's just try to get some sleep, yeah? We'll fret about this in the morning."

"Yeah, I suppose."

"Good night, Audrey."

"Good night, Andy." The twins turned out their lights, turned on their alarms, and went to sleep.

It's not my best, but at least it's not horrible. The heavy editing should have helped, at least.