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The beige colored walls of the museum exhibit currently holding our trio captive played shadows like a movie screen. The moonlight shone through the skylight above, forming all sorts of different shapes in the shadows. Sitting lined along one of the far walls, were Jasper, Henry and Maggie, in that order. At first, the silence had been a comfort, a blessing, a joy.

That just goes to show what three hours in an eerie, dark museum will do to you. 'Tap, tap, tap.' Maggie had placed herself a comfortable, yet close distance away from Henry, sitting with her legs pulled close to her chest and her chin on her knees. 'Tap, tap, tap.' Henry was leaning agents the wall, eyes closed, obviously deep in thought. 'Tap, tap, tap.' Jasper was sitting cross-legged, staring out one of the massive windows at the night sky, figures drumming the floor rhythmically. 'Tap, tap, tap.'

"Would you cut that out!" Maggie cried, lifting her head sharply to glare at Jasper. He shot her a look in return.

"Why, does it bother you?" he asked in a mocking tone, continuing to tap his figures on the floor. 'Tap, tap, tap.' Maggie fumed, already pushing herself from the floor.

"Hey, cut that out you two!" Henry interjected, putting a hand on Maggie's knee before she could stand. Both she and Jasper turned in opposite direction and crossed their arms, huffing like five-year-olds. "Oh come on! We should be putting our heads together to try and find a solution to this problem. Jasper? Maggie?" Henry sighed, shaking his head slowly. Neither of the two sitting on either side of him made any effort to move.

Henry leaned forward and whispered something in Maggie's ear. His warm breathe tickled her neck, and she smiled without realizing it. It was just what he did to her, and no matter how often she told herself they just couldn't be right for each other, it was moments like these that told her the complete opposite.

She shifted, turning to face the blond haired boy, a look of defeat planted on her face. "Fine. I'm sorry, it's just. Not a lot of oxygen is getting to my head right now." she muttered, letting out a long breath.

"Really, I don't recall it being you in that trunk. . ." Jasper mumbled, receiving a hard elbow in the side from Henry. "Alright, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Can we just figure out a way out of here?" he groaned.

"Well, we could-"

"Without, breaking something, damaging property, being caught, seen, noticed or getting grounded for life my dad." Jasper cut in, and Henry stopped talking immediately. They sat in awkward silence for a few minutes, and Henry jumped up suddenly, eyes searching the darkness. Jasper and Maggie were beside him in an instant, following his gaze.

"What?" Maggie asked, glancing from the Dillinger car to the museum entrance, leading into a hall. Henry lifted a hand up in front of her, asking for silence. He stood stock still, the only visible sign of movement being his eyes, darting back and forth.

"Heads up!" Henry called suddenly, whirling around and pushing both teens down quickly. Everything happened so suddenly, in a whirlwind of actions. As he fell forward, a spiraling circular blade flew through the air, slicing through fabric and skin, before stopping embedded into the opposite wall.

Blood trickled on to the floor in a sticky red pool. The silence of the night was suddenly more frightening that it had been only minutes before. The crouching figure held tightly to an arm as the scarlet substance continued to stain the floor.

Maggie was beside him in an instant, grasping for the limp arm dripping blood. Henry didn't once move from his position, covering the long cut best he could. Maggie lowered her head to peer into his eyes. They shifted slightly to lock with hers, and slowly, he removed his hand, revealing the angry wound that would not only call for disinfecting, but for stitches and medical treatment, fast. The cut was more a gash burned into his tanned skin.

Jasper glanced up at them, got one good look at the blood pooling on the floor, and abruptly turned away and started taking deep breathes. "Henry, shit. What are we going to do. Sorry cuz, I can't take blood." he said between his breathing. "We need to get out of here."

"No duh, Jasper!' Maggie snapped, anger flashing before her light chocolate eyes. She quickly turned her attention back to Henry, tugging off her thin hoodie. Henry hadn't said anything in the time, and now was trying to stop the bleeding using the shredded remains of this shirt sleeve. Maggie ripped the white fabric sleeves of her hoodie with slight difficulty, and gently batted his trying hand away. She pressed the mach-shift bandage to the cut, the white fabric blooming red almost instantly.

"Jasper, do something!" she cried, thought they all knew it was no use. Her eyes fell suddenly on the Dillinger car, and a thought formed in her mind. Tugging apart the remains of the hoodie, she tied it tightly around Henry's bleeding arm, hoisting him to his feet with great difficulty.

"Jasper, go honk the horn of the car." she instructed, already walked towards an entrance leading towards the exit of the museum, Henry following, much with no say.

"What?" he asked as he stood, cleverly avoiding making eye contact with the spilled blood only a yard away. Maggie spun around on her heels, pointing to the car. "Just. Do it!" she demanded, turning back around and leaning agents the wall near the entrance, where Henry had already taken position.

With a cautious last glance around, he strode towards the blue car, reaching out a hand. He looked back at the two teens leaning agents the wall, and something suddenly clicked. Maggie nodded, and he pushed down hard on the old steering wheel. Much to his surprise, the car emitted a loud, high-pitched honk. Jasper pushed down twice more, and jogged towards the others, taking up position.

Almost as if on cue, the heavy-stepping security guard rushed into the display room, flashlight shining on the silent car. Once he had stepped closer, the three shuffled out of the room, making a run for the stairs. Elevator would be to risky, so they stormed down the stairway as quickly as possible, small beads of blood dripping to the floor every few steps.

The trio burst out of the museum and made a blind run for Jasper's Smart car. The moon was hidden behind dark angry clouds, and offered them no light to see by. After much difficulty, Jasper was able to find the handle to the drivers side and open the door. The inside of the car allowed them enough light to see by as they tried to stuff into the tiny vehicle.

"Great. You know, I've been to the hospital more times in the past few months than I have in my entire life." Jasper grumbled, starting the car and pulling out of the museum parking lot. Maggie sat sandwiched in between the cousins, for obvious reasons. Jasper would never be able to drive with Henry's bloody left arm pressing agents his side.

Henry was staring out the window, eyes locked on some unknown object. Maggie glanced at Jasper. The boy had had a crush on her for practically five years now. She didn't want to hurt the boy who'd been with her through thick and thin, but no matter how much Maggie tried to convince herself, she just didn't share his feelings. Jasper caught her staring, and his eyes shifted to glance at her for a moment. They held understanding, a silent trust and bond that nothing would split. In a second, Jasper's eyes were glued to the road once more.

Maggie sighed, looking at Henry again. He was hurting, though trying much to hard not to show it. The cut was what worried Maggie most. In the jumble, they hadn't taken a closer look at the spiraling blade that had done the damage. Any such rust or bacteria that made contact with his skin could make Henry very ill. Maggie rested her head lightly on the boy's shoulder, and his head snapped from the surroundings outside to look at her. She kept her eyes closed, exhaustion suddenly overtaking her. Her thoughts blurred, and as she drifted into sleep, she felt the gentle stroking of his unharmed hand on her hair. She knew it was his hand, from the simple smell of him. Cinnamon and mint. She smiled, mind filled with pleasant thoughts for the time as she finally slipped into unconsciousness.