I was in the garage working on my dad's pickup truck when a sickening sweet smell hit my nose. It smelt like Vanilla and cotton candy mixed together. The stench was so thick in the air, I felt like gaging. However, I fought against the urge going back to work on the truck.

It wasn't long after that Quil came in interrupting my peace and tranquility.

"Hey Jacob, the bloodsuckers are here."

I sighed annoyed, giving him a hard look before going back under the hood working more intently.

"Uh, Jacob?"

"Yeah, I heard you." I snapped, gripping the tool in my hand a little tighter than necessary.

It's not that I was mad at Quil but the last thing I needed was to have to deal with those bloodsuckers.

"Don't you think I know that Quil? I can smell them from here." I remarked, setting my tools to the side. Wiping my oil covered hands off on my once white shirt.

I knew it wasn't Quil fault that the bloodsuckers where near, in fact, it was my fault. After all, it was my stupid idea to come together with the vamps to help find Victoria.

I'm doing this for Bella. I had to keep telling myself as the bloodsuckers came into view across the invisible line where our territories met.

With every new step I took it wasn't hard to see that those statue like creatures were not human, which meant if others came close enough, they could tell too.

We had to make this quick before anyone got the wrong idea.

As I was greeted by Carlisle, I couldn't help but feel ill thinking how much of a risk I was putting not only myself through, but my whole tribe, just to help the bloodsuckers.

Paul's stiff figure stood next to me ready to start a fight if necessary. Meanwhile, Sam took charge, strategizing with Carlisle. I remained quiet in my own thoughts, scanning the bloodsuckers over as my eyes landed on him, the creature my best friend choose over me. The reason I was in this awkward position in the first place.

It wasn't till I noticed all eyes were on me that I realized they were all waiting for me to say something.

I looked to my crew for help; however they didn't seem to catch on.

"Does that work for you Jacob?"

I turned towards Carlisle who looked honestly interested in my opinion on the subject, the only problem was I had no idea what the plan was.

I scratched my head in confusion trying to act like I was thinking about the concept when Edward started to chuckle out loud. Everyone turned to him in curiosity as Edward gave his signature smile before answering.

"He's confused; he doesn't even know what we've been talking about."

I glared at his humorous smile, upset he blew my cover.

"Thanks vamp, but I think I can speak for myself."

Sam sighed annoyed. "Jacob, come on, try to keep up. The tribe is doing this for you after all."

I clinched my teeth trying not to blow up in Sam's face especially in front of the Cullens, but his remark upset me even more than Edward's. He knew how much Bella meant to me and he was making it seem like she was nothing important.

Carlisle noticing my anger quickly dismissed the meeting, obvious not wanting a fight. I started to pant as the Cullens underway their departure. I watched as my tribe headed back to the house without me, clearly disapproving of my reasons for our truths with the Cullens.

I turned back in the direction that the Cullen's left, shocked to see Edward still standing there with the same smirk on his face from before.

"What are you looking at?" I snapped, clinching my hands in a fist, wanting nothing more than to punch him.

"Listen, I know it's hard for you to go against your tribe but I just want you to know I appreciate all that you're doing for Bella's safety, we both appreciate it."

A growl escaped my mouth at the mention of "we." I took a deep breath before demanding.

"Please, leave."

Edward stood there for a minute, amused at my state before nodding in agreement.

"See you later, dog."

"Don't kill him, you promised Bella." I kept repeating to myself as I took off towards the woods to vent my frustrations.

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