I stretched my tired muscles across the bed feeling my body start to wake from its long sleep. Hearing muffled voices around me, I slowly opened my eyes, squinting at first before fully opening my lids completely.

A dark shadow sat across from me, it wasn't till my eyes fully adjusted to the light that I realized it was my father. His face was blank but I could see the worry in his old eyes. I swallowed trying to get some moisture back in my now dry throat. My dad noticed calling out to Sam who was standing next to bedroom door.

"Sam, get Jacob a glass of water, would you?"

Shockingly Sam obeyed, letting my father have the control for once. As soon as my pack leader was out of sight his attention turned back to me giving me a stern look.

"We have things to discuss."

I gulped nervously; I could tell by the look on my dad's face he meant business. We sat in uncomfortable silence waiting for Sam's return. I knew what this talk was about and I for one was not looking forward to it. Judging by how upset my dad sounded earlier when he found out I imprinted on our once enemy, and to have to find out that information from someone else, I know he was upset and probably a little embarrassed too.

I quickly took the water from Sam at he returned, gulping it down greedily. My throat welcomed the liquid happily, taking all that slid into my mouth. I observed my father as I drank. He let out a huff, drumming his fingers on the edge of the bed, clearly losing patience.

I silently wished I had more water to keep myself occupied and my father's words at bay, as the water in my cup came to an end. I slowly sat the cup down on my nightstand knowing the worst was yet to come. I heard my father let out a sigh before he began to speak.

"How do you feel?"

"Well, my muscles are a little sore but other than that I'm good. Carlisle did a good job stitching me up." I said noticing the little twitch my father made at the mention of a Cullen.

It wasn't usual for one of us to praise the Cullen's; in fact it was unheard of.

"Speaking of the Cullen's, I heard about you imprinting." My father announced showing his distaste on the subject.

I felt like he was talking down at me instead of to me.

"Dad, there is nothing I can do to change it, so you're going to have to accept it." I stated tiredly.

I hated the way he was looking at me. Like I was a freak show, I was his son for god's sake he should be treating me like one. He gave me a wary look before responding.

"And have you accepted your imprint Jacob?"

I let out a shaky breath before answering.

"Yes, and Edward has accepted me as well. He makes me happy."

I watched as my father closed his eyes briefly, as if to calm himself down, before meeting my gaze again. I waited on edge for his reply, hoping he wasn't disappointed in me. I never wanted to let my father down; he was my mentor, my family, my best friend.

"Okay." He retorted.

I sat there waiting for my father to explain his words but he didn't.

Okay what?

Okay, you accept?

Okay, you're kicking me out?

What does that mean?

"Okay what?" I asked losing patience.

He let out a heavy sigh before giving my hand a light squeeze.

"Look, I love you son and I know this was not your choice. I know you can't choose your imprint, because I know if you could it sure as hell wouldn't have been a Cullen or a vampireā€¦"

I rolled my eyes annoyed by my father's words.

"Dad, just get to the point."

"All I'm saying is, I know this isn't what you wanted and I'm sorry fate is so cruel. I understand you have to spend time with your imprint and stuff. So, I'll support you."

Even though my father's speech was meant to be heartfelt, I felt like it was the exact opposite. I withdrew my hand from his as I responded.

"Dad, you do realize I care for Edward right? That he didn't put a gun to my head and force me to be with him. Yes, you're right. Things did not end up the way I thought they would, but that doesn't mean things are any worst. If anything, I would say they are better. I found something not many people find in their life."

"What's that Jacob?"


My dad looked taken back by my confession. His eyes looked down at my bedspread as he nervously scratched the back of his neck.

"Well, good for you." He said oddly, feeling uncomfortable now that the direction of the conversation changed.

"Look, you don't have to like it. I'm not expecting you to like it, but you do have to accept it if you still want to be a part of my life." I voiced, trying to stay strong and not break down.

I wanted my father's approval. Honestly, I don't know what I would do if I didn't have his approval. Nobody else's opinion matter to me, but my father's. I was there for him when my mother left us as a kid and I needed him to be there for me.

I almost feared for my dad, that if he didn't accept he would end up all alone. I mean, sure he had my younger brother Seth but after a couple of years, Seth would be on his own. I already have seen Seth try to venture out at his young age. Excited at the idea to grow and become an adult one day. It would only be a matter of time before our once full house became empty.

"Jacob, you know how I feel about those Cullen's. As much as I'm going to hate this, nothing will ever stop me from loving you not even a bunch of bloodsuckers. You have my heart and you always will." My father expressed.

I could feel my eye's start to water at his words. It meant so much to hear my dad's acceptance. I leaned forward giving my father a hug. He happily threw his arms around me, giving me a big squeezed. I moaned in pain causing him to release his hold on me.

"You okay?" He asked concerned.

"Yeah, I'm just a little bruised."

I headed over to the familiar mansion, listening to the sounds of the fallen leaves crunch under my feet. Fall was coming, I could feel it. I took a deep breath, breathing in the fresh cool air.

"Jacob, you're awake!" Alice greeted giving me a light hug.

Her sudden movements threw me off and I was surrounded by her strong smell. I tried not to react to her scent or the way her ice cold arms felt around me as I gave her a light pat on the back in return.

Once she had her fill Alice released me letting me inside the huge house. I silently followed behind as she led us to the kitchen.

"Edward and his brothers are out hunting but he should be back soon."

I just nodded as I eyed the place; it really was a work of art. Everything was neat and tidy; everything was modern and looked expensive and never used. I felt dirty just being there. I looked down at my holey shirt, paint stained shorts and dirt and dried blood cover arms starting to feel uncomfortable.

I should have taken a shower.

"Well, hello Jacob, how are you feeling? Can I get you anything to eat?" Esme asked entering the kitchen.

"I'm fine, thanks." I said trying to cover my dirty arms embarrassed I didn't realize how filthy I was before heading over.

Esme looked me over noticing.

"Oh my, I'm sorry Jacob, would you like to use our shower? I'm sure standing around in that muck can't be very pleasant."

I lightly blushed noticing the marks my shoes were making on their once clear floor.

"Yes, please."

Esme gave me a warm smile directing me where to go.

"There should be fresh towels in the pantry, just leave your clothes in the hamper once you're done, so we can get them clean. You can borrow some of Edward's clothes for now."

I made my way upstairs and enter the first of many bathrooms the Cullen's had. I slowly undressed setting my clothes neatly into the hamper, not wanting to make more of a mess than I already have.

I turned the water on letting the warm liquid wash all the grim away. The once clear water turned murky once it hit the shower floor. I made sure to wash myself twice, not wanting to miss any dirt that lay on my skin.

Once satisfied I was clean, I turned the water off opening the shower door in search of a towel. I yelled out surprised to find Alice in the bathroom, trying desperately to conceal myself.

"What are you doing here?" I yelled covering my dick the best I could with my hands.

Alice smirked holding up a pack of towels.

"You forgot to grab a towel."

I quickly snatched one of the towels from her arms wrapping it around my waist as she set the rest down on the counter top. It wasn't two seconds later that I heard the rush of footsteps, as if someone was running.

Suddenly the bathroom door was thrown open by Edward who looked around on guard.

"What's wrong?"

I gripped my towel tighter not wanting to give another peep show.

"I saw Jacob's thingy." Alice bragged smiling brightly.

Edward eyes widen in shock, looking back and forth between us, finally identifying the situation.

"Could you please leave?" I said towards Alice blushing profusely.

"I don't know why your so embarrassed Jacob. You got very nice equipment, not as nice as my husbands but nice just the same." Alice babbled on.

"Please leave."

Alice skipped out, leaving just Edward and myself. I turned to him to find him staring at my towel cover body, well dick to be precise. I gulped feeling like a piece of meat.

First, Alice saw me naked; she was the only person besides my dad and myself to ever see me naked. Now, Edward is staring at me, with hungry eyes.


He shook out of his trance meeting my eyes.

"You mind?" I asked just wanting to be alone.

"No." he whispered huskily, but didn't move from his spot.

I gestured towards the door, hoping he would catch on.

"Oh, you mean leave. Yeah sure, no problem."

I let out a sigh in relief waiting for Edward to make his departure. He twisted the doorknob letting out a sigh.


I suddenly panicked.

Oh god, please say it isn't so.

"She didn't."

Edward slowly turned towards me with a smirk on his face.

"No, she didn't. I just wanted to see your reaction."

"You asshole." I said playfully hitting his arm with my free hand as Edward let out a couple of chuckles.

After he had enough fun, he left, shutting the door behind him, which I made sure to lock.

Once I calmed myself down, I headed out the bathroom to Edward's room to find a pair of pajama bottoms lying neatly on the bed. Edward sat on the opposite side reading a book; he looked up when he noticed my presence.

"These are yours?" I questioned in disbelief as I looked over the blue and white striped night pants.

The pants didn't seem like something Edward would wear, something so colorful and youthful. Nor did he need a reason to wear pajamas considering he never slept.

Edward let out a small snicker before answering.

"No. I have no need for such things, most of the time I go commando."

I let out a gasp in shock thinking maybe I heard him wrong, that was until a saw Edward give me a mischief look, knowing the effect he had on me.

"You're Evil."

Edward just snickered returning his attention back to the book in his hand. A bit my lip looking between Edward and the piece of clothing in my hand.

"Is it too much to ask you to leave your room while I change?"

"Yes." Edward voiced without looking up from his page.

"I can turn around if you'll like?" he suggested looking over at me.

I gave a nod in agreement as Edward silently turned his body so he was facing away from me. I could still hear a snicker or two but he never snuck a look.

"Okay." I said, letting him know when I was dressed.

He slowly turned around to face me. Edward had a look in his eyes I never seen before and started to walk over to me. I was about to question him when he suddenly pressed his lips to mine in a sensual kiss. I felt a stir in my shaft. He pulled his mouth away before I could respond, leaving my lips begging for more. I looked into his eyes questioningly to see something that looked like adoration.

"I'm glad you're okay."

"Thanks." I said roughly before capturing his lips, wanting to felt them on mine again.

It didn't take long for Edward to respond. Our bodies became mashed together as our mouths attacked each other. I tugged on Edward's messy hair as his hands claimed my ass, squeezing it through my bottoms, while pushing me closer to him at the same time, letting me feel his ever growing shaft.

It wasn't long till I heard a growl escape Edward's mouth, two seconds later; I was thrown to the bed and my pajama bottoms where quickly removed. I blushed embarrassed, this was the first time Edward saw me completely naked. He eyed me hungrily, licking his lips in the process.

"Alice was right, you do have nice equipment." He voice huskily into my ear before nibbling on it.

With that, I threw Edward down on the bed, taking the control back as I quickly de-clothed him so we were both naked. Edward position himself on his knees facing the wall as I ran a hand down his smooth back all the way to his ass, admiring his curves. He let shiver moving his ass closer to my hard dick silently telling me he was ready.

Hard and yearning for relief I shoved my hips forward, slamming my dick deep in Edward's ass.

"Fuck your tight." I moaned as I felt the resistance with each push and pull.

"Shit Jacob!" Edward panted from underneath clawing the bed.

I froze in my spot worried I was being to forceful.

"What, did I hurt you?"

Edward shook his head in disagreement.

"No, quite the opposite, keep going."

At his request, I grabbed Edward's pale hips and began thrusting harder and faster with each rock of my hips. Watching as he flexed and arched his back with need.

"What, this? Is this what you wanted?" I asked as I buckled my hips to his.

"Yes, god, don't stop!" Edward moaned uncontrollable, pushing his ass back against my thrust.

At our fast and powerful movements the bed started to squeak. I could hear every sexy little grunt that left Edward's sweet lips. His hair flipped and flopped from our movements. Our bodies smacked together. Sweat rolled off my body and onto Edward's. The smell of sex was in the air. I shuddered towards my end squeezing my eyes shut in pleasure.

I collapsed next to Edward tried and high from my orgasm. Edward pulled me to him, covering our bodies with a sheet. My overheated skin savored his cool touch.

I love you.

"I love you too." Edward whispered against my ear.

I didn't know what the future held, all I knew was as long as I had my other half , my imprint, Edward, by my side, I could face any obstacle that came my way.

The end!

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