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"Invisible chains are those which weigh the most heavily."

-Page 9 Tribesmen of Gor


I checked the clock as I threw my books in my bag. It wasn't quite five in the morning, perfect timing to go hit the park for a run and finish up with some toning at the gym. I hated treadmills, preferring the fresh air and changing scenery rather than staring at a blank wall. Also, I could use the shower there instead of having to come back home.

I picked up my plastic bag of work clothes and my book bag, collecting my keys from the side table next to the door and made my way out. I locked up, testing the knob once or twice before heading on down the sidewalk. I made it to my truck before I realized I'd forgotten my keycard to get into work. Again.

I sighed and put my stuff into my truck. Jake had fixed it completely before I moved here as a graduation present. Now it could actually do almost 80 and was neighborhood friendly. Unless something happened to it, I didn't have to worry about the neighbors calling the cops on me for a 'disturbing the peace' charge.

I tossed my stuff in, relocked it and went back into my apartment for the keycard. Instead of playing hide and seek with my keys in the morning, I played it with my keycard. I always walked out without it. I was determined to break the cycle one day.

I unlocked the door and went back in, trying to remember where I'd taken it off at. I went through the entire place, retracing my steps until I came to the laundry room. When I walked in, I immediately spotted it dangling from the shelf above the washer and dryer. Apparently I clipped it there when I took my clothes off to make a full load of laundry last night.

I snatched it and grabbed a granola bar on my way back out. I locked back up and ran on out to the truck, headed to a park not too far away. The radio played softly as I slowly chewed my granola bar, going over my 'to do' list in my mind.

I pulled up and parked in the empty lot. Charlie hated that I ran by myself so early. He said it left me open to all sorts of bad opportunities. So, he gifted me with a can of pepper spray. How I was supposed to run with it, I hadn't figured out yet. Maybe I could use it sorta like a baton that runners had to carry for their portion of a triathlon.

I was afraid I'd hit the button on it and end up spraying myself with it though, so it stayed in my purse. I had also thought about getting a stun gun but again the same problem arose. I supposed I could get a fanny pack but I really detested that idea. I'd think more on it later.

I got out and made my customary three laps, totaling approximately three miles before heading off to the gym to complete my morning routine of toning and taking a shower. I checked myself out in the full length mirror, satisfied with the simple outfit of fitted black trousers and a blue short sleeved tunic.

It was a Friday, my easiest day of the week. I only had one class right before lunch and then I worked in the Dean's office as his 'personal secretary' the rest of the day. It was a really easy job. His full time receptionist took care of most of the details, I just picked up smaller errands and 'to do' items. When I wasn't busy with that, I was either reading or doing homework.

I got some brunch after I got on campus so my stomach wouldn't be grumbling throughout my Public Service Ethics class. Although the grumbling would probably help serve to keep me awake. I picked a shady spot out in the quad and ate my breakfast burrito.

I made notes in my little planner notebook about the things I'd need to buy tonight to get all my deep cleaning done this weekend along with noting what exactly I needed to clean. I always hated going on a spree then putting everything up only to realize I'd forgotten something. I also made a note to call Mike on my way to the Dean's office to let him know I wasn't available for the weekend. If he came over I'd never get anything done. He'd be tempting me to go out to the movies, dinner, or even to go up to Tonto National Forest for the day.

I glanced at my watch and sighed. Might as well get this over with. I checked and made sure I had everything before heading off to class. For some reason, I just couldn't get thrilled about attending my ethics class. I took diligent notes and even recorded it, but I still had time to doodle on a separate sheet of paper until the three hours were blessedly over.

As soon as I made it outside I got my phone out and sent Mike a text.

Gonna be deep cleaning this weekend, don't be factoring me into any plans. Xoxo Bells.

I would have called him, but I didn't want to have to fight giving into temptation of him luring me away from things I needed to do. It was seconds later that I received a reply.

Aww Bells, don't be like that. I was thinking we could go on a picnic ;)

And there it was. I huffed quietly and decided to just not respond. The less communication there was, the less ammunition I could inadvertently give him and the less of a chance I would give in.

I turned my phone off and used my keycard to get into the Dean's building through the side entrance. I clocked myself in and headed on up.

His office was neat, but he had stuff everywhere. Books, files, gadgets, items from past vacations or adventures. I liked to look at them, without touching of course and from time to time he'd tell me the back-story on whatever particular piece I was marveling over. He'd get bored and rotate things out often, which gave me new things to look at and more stories to hear.

I could tell it was going to be boring when he asked me to go pick up his dry cleaning and some lunch for us when I first got there. I did as he asked, going just a few blocks away to pick up his tuxedo he'd recently worn for a charity function. I stopped by a Mexican restaurant on the way back and picked up his favorite along with something for me and the receptionist as well.

We ate quietly when I returned. He looking over his planner and coordinating his schedule to his liking while I read through my ethics text, scanning for passages to include in my upcoming paper. After I was done coloring in my book with highlighters to make my task easier, I got out a blank piece of paper and started jotting down various things I'd need for my cleaning excursion.

Four o'clock came quickly today. After packing my books away, I bid the Dean a good weekend and he to me as I headed down to clock out. Stepping outside was like stepping into a heat wave. I loved the heat but after I went to Forks I adapted to the much cooler weather. Now that I was back here, I didn't quite love it as much as I used to.

I pondered over what else I need to get while I was out, not wanting to leave again once I got started. The store was packed, of course, due to it being the time that a lot of people got off work. There was no real rush, I'd be waiting in a long ass line anyway. I languidly made my way up and down the aisles, picking up items I needed as well as snacks and other various food items to last me the weekend.

Trudging towards the front, I went over my stuff with careful eyes. When I was satisfied, I secured a place in line. It was such a boring process that I repeated constantly. Sometimes I felt that my entire life was in serious need of an intervention. I got up, worked out, went to class, did my little side job, saw Mike, cleaned the house, did homework. A constant wash rinse repeat. I hoped once I graduated in little over a year things would liven up some. Once I had a real job, I could hopefully create a new routine.

When I got home I unloaded my bounty, put away what needed to be refrigerated or frozen. Then I lined up all my supplies on the dining room table for easy access and began my OCD deep cleaning spree, shooting texts back and forth with Mike. He did show up once Saturday night with a big to go platter of mushroom ravioli, Italian breadsticks and a bottle of wine. He even helped me rearrange a few things. After finishing up on Sunday evening I did my homework and finished up with my nightly routine.

Stepping out of my house I turned around to lock my door before heading towards my truck. As soon as I was buckled in I realized that I had forgotten my keycard for work. Again.
Sighing I got back out of the truck and ran up the steps to grab what I needed. As soon as the door was unlocked I quickly stepped inside ready to do a quick sweep of my apartment to find the damn keycard.

Before I could register anything a white cloth was brought swiftly over my mouth and nose by a large hand. I was slammed back against a solid body and was pinned against them with their left arm. I involuntarily gasped and I knew as soon as I smelled the sweet, almost antiseptic scent that the rag had been doused with chloroform.

My body went limp of it's own accord and my vision started to fade to black. Before the darkness could take over I heard a male, heavily accented voice whisper into my ear," That's right, relax mi preciosa. Usted es el que hemos estado esperando." And with that I finally surrendered to the darkness that was beckoning to me.



mi preciosa: My precious

Usted es el que hemos estado esperando: You are the one we have been waiting for