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Summary: Sasuke is The Land of Fire's most prominent serial killer. He is a hedonistic killer-a person who kills for the thrill of it. When he is caught, Hyuuga Hinata, an ANBU agent, is put on the task of interrogating him to make him confess in killing nine other people. But, when the mentally disturbed man won't give her a straightforward answer and constantly denies the killings, these conversations with him get more and more frequent. AU-ish. SasuHina OOC-esque. Some NejiHina.

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Yet again, Hyuuga Hinata's feelings were not taken into consideration. The ANBU agent did not like blood. She hated it. The smell it gave off when it rotted, it disgusted her. The sight of it being taken away, drained, spilling...it was agonizing to look at. Yet, here she was with her two partners Kenshi and Kiba staring at a bludgeoned teenage girl. Her eyes still wide open, the blue orbs seemed to be screaming at her to find her killer. The girl's body was mangled; she seemed to be split through the middle. Crimson stained her green shirt and light blue jean shorts. Hinata fought back the urge to throw up all over the body. The smell was just so awful.

"Looks like she was cut through the middle by a sword of some sort," Hinata thought aloud, distracting herself from the smell, "I think it's safe to assume it's the same guy's handy work."

The others in the group nodded, angry eyes hidden behind animal masks. In the past five weeks, twenty people were killed in the same way: a stab wound through their middle and up to their neck. Whoever did this was a monster, an abomination of God's creation. It was already clear to the entire ANBU investigative and military force that this "person" did not mind killing random people. This someone was not bothered by the victim's screams of horror and pain or the fact that now the victim's family was mourning, not knowing who took their beloved's life away. In fact, they all knew, even Hinata knew that this "thing" enjoyed knowing this. They enjoyed hearing screams.

"When this person kills...they feel nothing but adrenaline when they do. He or she doesn't feel remorse, sadness, sympathy. He or she can walk away from the victim with only one thought in their head: 'Who's next?'," Nara Shikamaru had explained to the entire investigative unit the morning of this new murder.

Hinata sighed, feeling nothing but sadness for the girl who lay before her. She looked no older than her. Her short, spiky, black hair was strewn about, almost seeming to form a halo around her head. The girl's arms formed a horizontal line at her shoulders. It was as if the killer had pinned her down by her arms, maybe straddling her. But no, that would mean there would be marks on her arms from fighting back which she obviously did judging from the blood at her fingertips...she fought back hard. That would also mean that he wouldn't have been able to cut through her without a free hand to wield the sword. He could have had an accomplice, but according to Shikamaru and Neji, that would be very unlikely.

"How could someone do something like this?" the indigo-haired ANBU operative mumbled.

"Like Shikamaru said," Kiba started, "very easily."

"Yes, I know, but..." the nineteen year old began, doubtful.

She scanned the body again. Everything she had observed she observed again, looking for something new. Her head. Her forehead, there was something...

"Did he...the unknown subject...poke her forehead with something?" she asked the others. The Hyuuga leaned in closer to the body, even went down on all fours to verify what she was thinking despite the smell.

If she could see beyond their masks, she could see Kenshi and Kiba smiling. She was observant. The two were testing her observance with this new body. Hinata had just been accepted into the ridiculously high ranks of the ANBU. But, to reassure herself she had made the right call, Hokage Tsunade had assigned the Hyuuga heir to this mission with the other two. Collect evidence and report your findings to the 6th Hokage immediately. Simple enough. What Hinata didn't know is that Kenshi and Kiba were carefully letting the Byakugan user observe everything herself and tell them her findings without her figuring out that they already had theories, that they could already form a great profile on this mysterious serial killer, that they had already seen and formulated a hypothesis on the mark on the girl's forehead. Now all they had to do was wait to see what she would say.

Well, Hinata was thinking to herself, there is something on her forehead. It's like this person stabbed her forehead ever so lightly. It's not deep enough to damage the brain, it barely punctures the skin...It's as if...

"It's like he did it just to do it," she mumbled aloud, though the others heard and looked at each other in approval.

"On the other victims," the long haired kunoichi began, her tone deathly serious, "was there any puncture mark on their foreheads, too?" She knew Kenshi and Kiba had taken a look at the previous victims beforehand.

"Uh, yeah, I think so. Maybe," Kenshi spoke up, "but it's so small it could be looked over by anyone." Well, anyone but Hinata and any other capable Hyuuga out there, he thought.

"It could just be a mark she got from lashing back and he...or she was trying to restrain her but..." Hinata paused, in deep thought, "how? I wouldn't expect a fingerprint just to be smack dab in the middle of her forehead if she was defending herself. But then again, whoever did this wasn't being satisfied so much as to take their time with it. The blade cut that goes through her body is too...sporadic. He was in rush. But, even if what I think is true is true...that must mean that he wasn't in too much of a hurry not to make that mark on her forehead...but because of the size, he very well could have been."

The mark on the girl's head was very small. It was only a partial print, but you could still tell that it was there, like the killer wanted people to see it. It was like the killer just...poked her. But why?

Hinata stood and turned towards her teammates. The two men were both excellent ninja and great companions at that. Of course, she and Kiba had been friends and comrades since their first days as genin in the academy. Kenshi was kind and caring and stood up for anyone who needed the protection. He was very trusting, a lot like Hinata used to be.

It will be your ultimate downfall. Take it from someone who knows
, she used to think and sometimes say aloud.
But he had heart and the skill to be a great ANBU agent, so Hinata let his kindness escape her criticism every once and a while.

Hinata's voice was still soft and quiet, but she no longer stammered and stuttered. It was void of the level of compassion she had before and was now colder, less shy, and more assertive. Still, that didn't mean she didn't have a heart. She still was prone to tearing up whenever she saw a sad movie. The Hyuuga could still feel sympathy and sadness for anyone undeserving of punishment so cruel as slaughter such as this.

A messenger hawk flew above them, dropping a note down next to Kiba. The Inuzuka read it quickly and whispered something to Kenshi. Hinata's eyes narrowed. Something was going on.

"Come on, Hyuuga, we've got to go," Kenshi said and Hinata simply nodded.

Hokage Tsunade's patience was being tested again. Shizune had insisted that she finish her paperwork and assigning and briefing missions to the ANBU operatives before she take a sake break. The Legendary Sanin became jittery and irritable whenever she did not receive her sake. The job of a Hokage is difficult and alcohol has always been Tsunade's way of coping with difficulty. She was only three groups away from being finished with her responsibilities for the day and now Team 4 was late!

Tsunade opened the file containing the information of the members in the aforementioned team. First appeared Inuzuka, Kiba.
Age; 19, ANBU Rank; Special Operative, Sex; Male...

Tsunade moved onto Kenshi and realized that his file was almost identical, excluding background information. Who Tsunade really found interesting was the Hyuuga heir. She really wanted to get a look at the credentials of the young girl who went from shy and slightly weak to confident, strong and most of all, someone that her father Hiashi could actually be proud of.

Scanning the file, she came across a very interesting sentence in the background information paragraph:
Hyuuga Hinata disappeared for 3 days while on a mission in Otogakure. She was hospitalized on concern for her mental health on April 23rd and was discharged on April 25th. After which Hinata showed signs of dramatic improvement in her skills as a ninja...
Is in line to lead the Hyuuga clan along with ANBU captain Hyuuga Neji...

"So, I heard correct," Tsunade mumbled aloud, "Neji and Hinata are to be married."

A knock came at the door and the Hokage quickly closed the team file. The blonde woman told them to come in and they did so. Kenshi came in first followed by Hinata and Kiba. Their masks were off, revealing the faces behind them. Kiba had obviously matured physically. Though his canines were still ever present and the two red markings on his cheeks, but, his bone structure was more developed and he had allowed his hair to grow out a little longer. He was also a lot more muscular and masculine altogether.

Kenshi had long black hair that went a little bit lower than his shoulders. He was very handsome, his eyes were a bright blue and his bone structure was fabulous. He was muscular like Kiba too, but he was also scrawny and thin like a stick.

Hinata still looked the same that she did three years previous, but it seemed that ever since she ditched the baggy jacket for the ANBU uniform, her breasts had gotten larger and her hips became more prominent. Her hair was still stomach length and her eyes still maintained some playfulness. But, her face had sunken in a tiny bit; maybe from the strenuous exercises she went through every day and the stress of her job. The gaze in her eyes had also turned a bit for the worse, as they looked colder, angrier at the world. But, she still had a smile and a face that any man would be lucky to wake up to in the morning.

Neji's a lucky guy.

"Hello. What can you conclude, Hyuuga?" Tsunade greeted and cut straight to what was really important.

Why am I the one being asked for a profile on the killings? I shared my findings with the other two...they seemed to agree. Hinata thought and almost shared aloud.

"I need to understand something first," the kunoichi spoke, "you already have a strong profile on this killer, don't you? You're just looking for me to confirm your findings, aren't you?"

"Just answer the question, Hinata!" Tsunade exclaimed impatiently, angrily even.

Hinata struggled to ignore that her questions had been left unanswered, "Well, Lady Hokage, it's already been stated that this unknown person kills for the thrill of it. But, I think there could be some emotional aspect to it as well."

"Hmm," Tsunade mumbled, intrigued, "explain."

"After searching the body for any other clues, I found a small blood fingerprint on the base of the victim's forehead. I have been informed that it may have been found on previous victims. I questioned to myself why there would be such a mark on each victim. Maybe it refers to something like identity or someone that identifies with their victims. But then I thought that maybe it was something that someone has done to the killer themselves. Most likely, the fingerprint is some sort of ritual. I'm still unsure of why that would be a ritual but that's the only thing I can seem to think of for a reason."

"Very good," Tsunade said simply, "Welcome to the ANBU Hyuuga Hinata."

Hinata's eyes widened.

This was a test?

Kenshi and Kiba were smiling. So they were in on it, too?

"Celebrate later," Tsunade said, the smile from before wiped from her face in a matter of seconds, "Right now, I have another mission for you only Hinata."
And before she knew it, the others were gone and it was only her and Lady Hokage.

"We have the serial killer in custody. Your findings are very correct. The fingerprints are a ritual. They were something the killer's brother used to do to him...poke him on the forehead. We know this because he has told us. But, we need him to tell us something else. We have found nine other bodies; they were killed in a very similar way with one slight difference. The Council has only given us thirty days to get him to confess to the other nine killings."

"Why only thirty? And what's the difference" Hinata asked.

"Because, after that he is to be put to death for the other twenty. But, we only feel its right that the families of the other nine receive the same...closure. He's not talking. Your task is to interrogate him...get him to confess. The only difference is...there's no fingerprint on the forehead...no ritual. "

"So...who is he?"

Tsunade smirked, "The last Uchiha."