Short as hell. Sorry guys. Next chapter will be significantly longer. Just think of this as...a bridge that will connect you to even more ridiculous fuckery that is to come. I said this would be up yesterday, but I finished Artemis Fowl: The Last Guardian, the last book of the beautiful series, and I became too depressed to write lol.

"How are you feeling today, Hinata?" she said, observing the Hyuuga behind a pair of ugly black prescription glasses.

"What are you writing down?" Hinata countered as the woman in the unsightly glasses took a pen to a yellow pad of paper.

"Nothing," the woman replied, "nothing yet."

"How are you feeling?" the woman repeated in the same smooth and dreamlike manner.

"Why am I here?" Hinata asked, ignoring the woman's repetitive statements.

"Well, I think you know why you're here."


"Can you tell me why you're here, Hinata?" the woman asked, writing on the yellow pad in what seemed to be from Hinata's vantage point a large and sloppy scrawl.

"I witnessed a suicide."

"Who's suicide?"

Really? What was the point of asking this garbage? Did this woman really want Hinata to relive a moment that didn't take her by much surprise, but one she'd still rather put behind her?

"Haruno Sakura's," she said finally, through clenched teeth.

"And how does that make you feel?"

Ugh, spare Hinata the clichés please. And since when has anyone cared about how Hinata felt? Since fucking when and who, because she'd love to meet them. Someone who cared…

What a nice idea.

"Nothing," the Hyuuga said at last, "I feel…nothing."


Sakura's funeral was small. It was mostly family with a few of her closest friends. Hinata went only to send her regards to Sakura's mother and father. She was not going to look at the body, she was not going to sit and listen to people talk about how great a person Sakura was and how she will be sorely missed, and she was not going to the wake. She couldn't stand funerals…ever since her mother died.

Hinata's mother was sick. She had been for two years, and when she died, there was sadness in her daughter's heart, but also there was relief. Her mother was free from physical pain and the disappointments of the mortal world. The girl still took it hard, but the one person who took it harder than anyone was her father, Hiashi.

You could say that the day her mother died was the day that her father died. You could say that, but in actuality, the only thing that changed about Hiashi after his wife's death was that he took out his tangled and destroyed feelings on his children.

And Hinata was the spitting image of her mother, in appearance and in personality.

God, how she hated funerals.

Naruto was there, as were Kiba, Shino, and other Konoha ninja who knew her well. She didn't see Ino. It amazed Hinata that she didn't see Sakura's closest friend, so she looked and looked until it seemed fruitless to look anymore.

The Hyuuga was dressed plainly in black pants and a shirt. Simply put, it was a larger version of what she had worn for the 4th Hokage's funeral.

"Where's Ino?" Hinata asked Shino once she found him in the crowd.

He shrugged, "Haven't seen her all day. You'd think she'd be here."

"Yeah," Hinata mumbled, "you'd think."

The Hyuuga situation will be revisited for I think a final time soon. Sasuke's coming back next chapter. Yeah no, this story is going to be largely more...large than I had originally predicted.