Noah lie face down in his bed. His naked butt half covered by a blanket. His hand underneath him, against his semi-hard member. His second hand rest near his head, exposing the brunette hair under his arms. Somehow, the hair on his head maintained its perfect spiked shape. He began to play with his dick, circling his fingers around it and moving it between each set of fingers, feeling the large head slide in and out. It felt good to have the warmth of it touching all parts of his teenage boy hand.

It was 10:00 am on a Saturday. Really, he didn't have to get up at all. But he needed the computers at Teen Buzz to finish his most recent story, which should be done sooner than later. So he couldn't lie like this all day.

He rolled over, ridding his body of all cover. He looked down on his now nearly fully hard cock, still embraced by his large, soft hand. He wasn't at all ashamed of his body. He pulled his hand away, exposing his dick completely and lightly moved his fingers across his V line just so that it tickled the slightest bit. He smiled. Noah moved his thick, well shaped legs apart a little, his hard on just reaching his belly button. He could see his nice sized, round sac, then his long thick shaft, soon followed by a large mushroom shaped head. At the moment, his treasure trail was almost hidden, but brown hair was clearly visible wear his legs met. Honestly, he enjoyed the sight of his fully hard manhood.

He ran his index finger up, from base to tip, making his legs tense, and his eyes squint a little. He then grabbed his full length. He slowly moved his hand up, then down. Now a little faster, up then down. He continued to stroke his firm cock. Pleasure running through his body. Each stroke sent waves of the best kind through his member and throughout his naked body. His legs and abs tensed and his face was squinted as he reached his peak. His cheeks began to burn red, and a bead of sweat ran down his forehead. Excitement stirred within his core. With one quiet moan, he watched himself come all over his abs and chest. The liquid flowed out through his shaft, he pushed his head back into the pillow. He let go of his cock as, finally, the cum ceased. The excitement of orgasm was still running through his body and his legs felt weak.

The large shaft lie limp against his stomach. His treasure trail soaked in warm, white cum. He lie in bed, a little out of breath. Cum still resting on his body. He grabbed a piece of materiel from somewhere in his jungle of a bed and used it to wipe off his front. As he moved the cloth between his legs, to the area between his cock and ass, it sent another wave of pleasure through him. He threw the cum soaked material to the floor. And grabbed a pair of boxers from near where it landed. He slipped them on while lying in the same spot and watched as his manhood disappeared beneath the waistband. He pressed his finger against that same spot once more, knowing that was his sensitive spot. He sucked air through his teeth as he rubbed it. But decided he had to get to work on hi story. Then got up from the bed and headed toward the bathroom door.