Title: Incomplete
Rating: T
Word Count: 519
Prompt: 35 - Torture
Summary: He wanted desperately to know what plagued her when she went to sleep. Post Dark Signer Arc.
A/N: This is my first venture into this universe, but after seeing the duel between Dark Carly and Jack last weekend, I couldn't resist. So, I got my buddy ObsessiveCompulsiveValkyrie to give me fifty word prompts and here we are. Feel free to point out any errors, since I've seen very few episodes in English and Japanese, so expect these to be a mix of both. Most will be less than a thousand words and more than likely AU, and will range in rating, but I hope everyone enjoys. Also, big thanks to OCV for looking this over!

Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's or any of the characters used in this piece of fiction. I am making no money off of them.

Having practically moved in with Carly following the events with the Dark Signers, Jack had been woken many times on random nights. Sometimes it had been to soft whimpers, other times to muttered words. This time it had been to the sound of her gasps and hitching breaths. Leaning up on an elbow, he shook her and watched her come awake with a jerk and a muffled scream.

"What's going on?" he asked, violet eyes narrowed.

"I… I'm not sure," said Carly, scrambling for her glasses in order to clear her vision.

Reaching a long arm across her, Jack removed the frames from her nightstand and handed them over to her, impatient. "You were having a nightmare. What was it about?"

He wasn't really asking, she mused; he was pretty much demanding to know. Carly was silent for a moment, blinking into the darkness and realizing that the blurriness in her vision was being caused by tears. "I can't remember," she said, voice quiet and trembling.

Shifting his much taller frame, he pulled her into his arms and wrapped himself around her tightly, reassuring her without words that he was there for her. It was like torture to not be able to help her once again, and it made him feel like a monumental failure. Here was the girl who would've given anything for him and he could do nothing to rid her of nightmares.

He wanted desperately to know what plagued her when she went to sleep, though he had an inkling as to what it could be. Allowing Carly's dark, silky hair to rub against the side of his face, Jack held her for a long time, hoping she would find sleep soon.

Against his wrist, her heart was still pounding, her frame trembling lightly, and he wondered if he would ever be able to help her when she needed it. After all, he was a man with many shortcomings, and caring for someone other than himself was proving to be something entirely new and difficult. There were times when he didn't know what it was that he was doing. Her voice snapped him out of his thoughts then.

"Hmm… Goodnight, Jackie," she whispered, settling in against his side.

The nickname sent chills down his spine; his brain calling forward memories of the duel against Dark Carly. It brought up his helplessness, his failure to save her. It also made him think of what their lives would've been like had he lost the duel to her. They would've lived as King and Queen of that hell… but, at what cost? The death of the human race? Their friends? Themselves?

His lips bumped against her shoulder and he allowed her cinnamon scent to bring him back to the present and to a different outcome. He would help her, and if he had anything else to say about it, he would always be around to protect her from danger.

"…Goodnight, Carly," he murmured after a long moment, wondering what hell she relived when her subconscious took over.

Curling tighter into him, Carly smiled in her sleep.