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Chapter 1: School begins Again

"Lily Evans, hurry up!"

Emmeline Vance and Alice Rawlins waved from their compartment on the Hogwarts Express, holding the door open for me and my best friend as we headed down the aisle towards them.

I tried to hurry, pulling Severus Snape along with me, but a gang of four boys I absolutely hated stepped out in front of us. "Where are you going with Evans, Snivellus? Isn't she too pretty for you?"

He audibly gritted his teeth, and I felt his hand slip away from my grasp to retrieve his wand from the pocket of his jeans. I snatched his hand again, knowing things would just be worse if wands were brought into the equation.

"What do you want, Potter?" I spat at the boy who seemed almost like the leader of the pack. He had untidy hair that he ran his hand through and glasses that framed his hazel eyes. A mocking smile was plastered on his face, a smile that I hated more than any other.

James Potter shrugged nonchalantly. I hated the way he could do everything perfect without even trying and the way he thought he owned the world. "Not much I suppose," he sighed in answer to my question. "I just thought you might like to have a better guy to hold hands with than slimy little Snivellus here, and I'm always here with open arms."

Sev's hand twitched towards his wand again, but I held it firmly in mine. "Shut up, Potter. You think that you're the greatest thing that ever graced this world, but your just an –"

"Language, Evans," the boy next to Potter drawled. Sirius Black had dark hair that fell in his face and matched his black eyes. The troublemaker in him shinned brightly just like it did in Potter. They were best friends and partners in crime, always pulling pranks on the innocent children of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. "We wouldn't want you to get detention with that stick shoved up your –"

"Can't you have some civility, Padfoot?" the third boy chided. Remus Lupin was my favorite of the group that called themselves the Marauders. He was more studious and wasn't always in on the pranks. I noticed the gleaming badge on his chest that resembled mine and realized that he had been made prefect this year, too.

"When it's Evans? Have you heard the words that issue from her mouth? They aren't all hexes," Black chirped gleefully. It was like their lives revolved around ruining mine.

Before I could register anything else, I had instinctively done the very thing that I had been trying to prevent Sev from doing. I pulled out my wand and pointed it at the boys. "You know, I did learn quite a few more hexes over the summer."

The shortest of the boys, a little one named Peter Pettigrew, began to shake. "M-maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all, Prongs."

Potter laughed, slyly pulling out his own wand. "I still think that it was an excellently brilliant idea, mates! How better would I be able to prove that I am more accomplished in hexes than the undefeatable Lily Evans?"

I gave Potter my most loathsome glare that I reserved just for him. "You're such an arrogant, pig-headed toe-rag that probably isn't even literate!"

Pettigrew scratched his hear, a confused look clearly displayed. "What does literate mean?"

Lupin gazed over at Pettigrew with a cynical look. "She's offending Prongs by saying that he's so dumb that he can't read or write."

Sev sneered and finally wrenched his hand from mine and pointed his wand at Potter. His long black hair fell like a curtain around his face, and his pallid face was growing red with anger. "Don't you dare hurt her, Potter."

Potter laughed and pointed at Sev's bag. "Diffindo," he said with a laugh. Sev's bag split open, causing his quills, parchment and ink to spill all over the corridor of the now moving train.

"Oh, you've done it now," I muttered. "Levicorpus!" I exclaimed the jet of magic emerging from the tip of my wand and shot into Potter. He was suddenly dangling from his leg in midair. I giggled to myself and saw that Sev had already performed the Jelly-leg Jinx on Black.

I lowered my wand, and Sev followed the motion. Lupin looked panicked but not nearly as bad as Pettigrew who looked like he was about to wet his pants. Potter struggled in midair, yelling, "Hey, what is this? What did you do to me, Evans?"

I laughed and performed a spell that repaired Sev's bag and put all the things back in. As I strutted past him I cheerfully said, "Have fun getting yourself out of that one, Potter."

Emma peeked out of our compartment again and laughed at an image down the hall. "I can't believe you did that to James Potter, Lily! And he's still there!"

I beamed, my victory over Potter making me euphoric. "I must say, I'm quite amazing. Maybe I should let him down, now, though."

Sev groaned and said, "Why do you have to ruin all of our fun?"

"Otherwise, he'll pass out from all the blood going to his head and it won't be fun anymore," I explained as I stepped into the hall with my wand in hand.

"Oh Potter," I called when I had reached him. When I saw his face, I noticed that his glasses had fallen on the floor and he was squinting to see anything at all. "Are you all right there, chap? I thought I might show some mercy and let you down before I get in too much trouble." I muttered the counter-curse under my breath so he couldn't hear it, and he dropped to the ground with a satisfying thump.

He groaned and searched around for his glasses on the floor. When he found them, he put them on and gazed up at me, not bothering to stand up. "Have we learned a lesson about harassing people now?" I asked in a sugar-sweet tone.

I inwardly groaned when he grinned up at me with one of his mocking smiles. "I think I'd learn better if I just had someone explain the concept to me… perhaps over a lovely, romantic dinner?" he asked hopefully.

I resisted the urge to kick him hard in the stomach. "You're such a toe-rag, Potter," I said, resignations clear in my tone as I walked away. I didn't always have to stoop to his level, and my anger had burned out anyways. I decided just to ignore him for the rest of the train trip for the sake of my sanity.

Everything was uneventful after that, especially since I was attempting to ignore Potter. I made my rounds as prefect through the train and ran into Lupin a few times, letting us exchange a tiny conversation that wasn't actually half bad. Lupin was actually fairly nice, he just happened to fall in with the wrong friends in my opinion.

Once we got to Hogsmeade, we scrambled into our own carriage and chatted away. Of course, sev was quiet most of the time, but that was the norm behavior for him. We said goodbye to Sev when he left to sit at the Slytherin table with a few of his friends like Avery and Goyle.

I listened closely as the Sorting Hat sang of turmoil to come when the houses would be separated among themselves and quarrel, bringing friend and foe together, but tear brothers and sisters and friends and lovers apart. The song was eerie and lone, and frankly terrified me to death. Could he not have sung of the days that would come after that hardship, at least make it seem worthwhile? The song sent goosebumps up and down my arms and left me shivering with a nonexistent cold.

Afterwards, everyone broke into whispers of what the Sorting Hat meant by such awful things. "What's that supposed to mean?" Emma whispered.

"The Hat's never said anything like that before!" Alice whispered. "I wonder what he meant…"

"I have a feeling that he was being quite blunt with his words," I murmured looking around the room. Potter was successful in catching my eye and he winked, as though not giving a care in the world about what some dumb hat said about anything. But something flashed in his eyes before they turned away of a silent agreement, something that I did not care to bother myself with. Sev seemed concerned and flashed me a weak and unsure smile.

Professor McGonagall began reading names off of her long parchment, and each child in turn would sit on the stool as the teacher placed the sorting hat on their heads. Each table would clap whenever a first year was sorted into their group. The sorting brought back wistful memories of the first day I stepped into the Great Hall.

We all trudged along behind Professor McGonagall quailing whenever a group of students seemed too mean. I was basically Severus's shadow, when I gazed up, taking in the enchanted ceiling, I tugged on his robes.

"Severus," I whispered, terrified at this place. Surely they would kick me out, claiming I wasn't a witch at all, just some freak that seemed like one. "It's going to rain in here. What are they going to do? They won't let us get wet, will they?"

Sev chuckled, taking in the purple clouds billowing above. "It's not really the sky up there; the ceiling's enchanted so that it looks like the sky. It won't rain on us."

"You must be the daftest mudblood I've ever had the misfortune to come across!" A boy beside me snickered. He was absolutely dumb-looking. I wouldn't have been surprised if he flunked out before Christmas.

All of the sudden, a boy with messy black hair that flew in every direction and glasses that hid hazel eyes flung himself in front of me and Sev with his wand drawn. "Take that back, Avery! At least she's smarter than you!"

Sev pulled out his wand, too and pointed it at Avery. "Don't call Lily something like that! She's not a-a you-know-what!"

McGonagall took the time to intervene. "Boys! Put those wands away before someone gets hurt! You had best learn to use them before pulling them out! And why do you even have them out in the first place?"

"Professor," James Potter jumped in to explain his coming to my defense at once. "Avery called her a—a—"

"Speak clearly, Mr. Potter, is it?"

"Professor," I interjected shyly, "He called me a mudblood. I didn't take offense, but everyone else did. I've been called many more nasty names than that before…"

"Detention, Avery," McGonagall's voice sang out shrilly. She looked down to me and the other two boys that had defended me. "And someone explain to her what that is."

Whispers rang through the Hall at a student getting detention before he was sorted. That was a feat that even James wouldn't accomplish. The said boy leaned over and said to me, "That word is a bad word for people like you. It's far worse than any name you'll ever hear because it's basically saying that you're not as good as him because you came from muggles. He was saying that you're blood is… diluted, you could say, because you come from muggles but he is from a family of witches and wizards. He thinks that it makes him better than you, and that you don't have a right to be here. He's a nasty bloke, that one."

But now I was staring at my feet, clad in my lovely trainers. "Maybe he's right… Maybe I really shouldn't be here if I don't know simple things like that there are enchanted ceilings here and such…"

"Don't say that, Lily." Sev firmly whispered. "You absolutely belong here. My mum came from muggles, and she was brilliant. Almost got perfect O's on her NEWTS."

I gazed at him, "What are—"

I was cut off by McGonagall calling the boy named Avery up to sit under the Sorting Hat. It barely skimmed his head before it cried "SLYTHERIN!" He left to the table clad in green and silver amidst their rambunctious cheers.

"Evans, Lily," McGonagall called, and my body went rigid with fear. I walked up the steps to her and slid myself onto the stool. I squeezed my eyes shut as I felt the leather of the hat slide down almost covering my eyes.

Lily Evans, a voice in my head whispered, what a beautiful mind you have, so complex.

The fear almost chocked me and I'd figured that I'd gone raving mad. "Who are you?" I whispered in my mind.

The hat, of course, it muttered dryly. A muggle-born, I see. Lacking confidence in your place here. You have a brilliant mind; that might earn you a spot in Ravenclaw. You are trustworthy, as well; perhaps your home should be Hufflepuff, but wait! You obviously have a fiery temper that will help you fight and courage that brings on strength. I know that your home is most absolutely…. "GRYFFINDOR!"

I opened my eyes to find that the table with a gold and red banner waving above it with a lion embedded there had many who were clapping and hooting as loud as possible, seemingly trying to outdo the Slytherins. I hopped down from the stool and sat at the seat available next to the closest Gryffindor. They immediately began introducing themselves to me, and before I knew it, Potter and his three cohorts were seated beside me along with Emma and Alice.

I waited tensely for Sev to come sit with us, too, and when he sat underneath the hat, my hands balled up in anticipation. "SLYTHERIN!" the hat cried as he weakly left to join his new friends, friends that weren't me.

I remembered how upset I had been, thinking that he wouldn't be my friend anymore if he was in a different house, but we managed to keep our friendship going. I felt angry at myself every time I remembered how I thought that maybe Potter could be my friend, too.

I have never been more wrong about anything in my life. The very next day, I found him pulling pranks and being horrible to me so that the only people I hated more than him were a few choice Slytherins. How much I hate James Potter.