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Chapter 2: How to Get Detention

Alice groaned. We were only into our second week at Hogwarts, and already, we were almost buried alive beneath homework. "O.W.L.s aren't until the end of next term! Why do we have to do all of this now? It's not like we'll remember it!"

Emma, Sev, Alice and I were all sitting beneath our tree as we considered it by the lake. "This is so stupid," Sev ranted to no one in particular. "When you make a Polyjuice potion, you have to stir it counter-clockwise four turns and then turn clockwise."

"Whatever you say, Sev," I muttered, struggling though Transfiguration. It was just a harder subject than usual. An Animagus was a witch or wizard who could change into an animal at will, but who would want to do that?

Emma saw what I was working on and said, "Lily, if you could be an Animagus, what would you be?"

"What kind of a question is that? It's not like I will ever be one." I said, not sure.

"Just answer it," she snapped. "I'd be a unicorn; they're so lovely."

Alice snorted. "Yeah, 'cause it's so practical. Everyone sees unicorns walking down the road every day. I'd be something more like… a cat, like McGonagall, or maybe a dog."

I sighed. "I'd be a bird; I could travel so quickly. Maybe I would be falcon; they seem so… brave, or maybe an owl so I could read other people's mail."

The girls laughed as I turned pink, but Sev looked thoughtful. "I might be a snake," he said, his eyes focusing on nothing in particular, "or a raven. They're so smart."

I couldn't help but snicker. "Sometimes I really think you should've been a Ravenclaw. I mean, you know more in Potions than Professor Slughorn, and you're really good at all of our other classes."

Sev shook his head. "You should have ended up in Ravenclaw. You're the top student in our year."

Alice cleared her throat, dragging our attention to her. "Lily is the top student in our year with Potter."

Sev and I flinched. "I don't see how he does it," Emma commented absently. "I mean have any of you ever seen him study? I bet he gets perfect O's on his O.W.L.s."

"Uh-Oh," Alice muttered. "Trouble at three o' clock."

I turned in the direction she had gestured and scowled. Of course the Marauders were headed in our direction, Potter leading them with a cocky smile. I couldn't resist; I should've kept my head down and ignored them, being mature. Instead, I had to yell across the grounds, "Hey, Potter, didn't Professor McGonagall tell you that you were gonna fall over if you didn't deflate your fat head?"

By now they were drawing closer. "Ha ha, Evans," he said sarcastically. "I came to settle a score." He had pulled out his wand.

I stood up and pulled out mine, too. Emma, who was closest to me, tugged on my robe like a child. "Lil," she muttered quietly, "I really don't think you should do this. I don't think Madame Pomphrey will be very ecstatic about this."

"I don't care."

"Aw, Little Lily's gonna get hurt," Black prodded my anger, knowing that his stupid little baby-talk-voice would make me furious.

I took the bait. "Shut it, Black," and then I performed a hex that stuck his tongue to the roof of his mouth. He tried to talk but it was only "Nnnmf! Nnnmmmff! Evnnmms!" Lupin turned his attention to Black, leaving me to deal with scared Pettigrew and Potter.

Potter threw a hex at me, quick as lightning; I barely had enough time to block it. I attacked, and he deflected it. Alice stood up with her wand drawn, but Pettigrew shakily shot a hex that made boils break out on her skin.

I shot another hex at Potter which he barely dodged as he fired one back. "Petrificus Totalus!" I shouted just before his hex hit me. He froze and fell over backwards. I ended up with skin the same color as my hair, bright red. I squealed and muttered a spell that returned it to its normal color as Lupin unfroze Potter.

I saw a dark brown stick lying in the grass, not far from Potter. "Accio, Potter's wand!" His wand flew into my open hand, and I waved it around, flaunting it to anger him.

"Hey!" He looked ready to charge at me. "You'd better give that back! I can hurt you without a wand, too!"

I drew back my arm, ready to fling it in the lake. "Stop!" I shouted, "Or the Giant Squid has a new plaything!"

He froze, his glare more ferocious than ever. "You wouldn't dare," he threatened.

"Neither would you," I retorted. My expression turned taunting. "What are you going to do, hex me?"

Something like a growl came from him, and then he rushed at me, running faster than I thought possible. The wand had barely left my hand when he tackled me, and we went tumbling into the lake with his wand. I screamed, lucky enough to have taken a deep breath just before the water pressed in on us. His wand was not far away from us, and he grabbed it, turning to point it at me.

Maybe it was because I couldn't swim well, but I grabbed his shirt swirling in the water. He squinted down at me, making me realize that his glasses were either lost in the water or had fallen off when we tumbled through the grass.

He nodded, and we made some sort of an informal truce until we reached air. He took hold of my arm and began helping me swim upward. I hadn't realized that we'd sunk down so far until my lungs began to burn with the need for air.

Suddenly, Potter slipped away from me, falling downwards, a green web wrapped around his leg as he struggled to get away from the Grindylow. I panicked and somehow found myself wrapping my arms around his waist and trying to pull him upwards. I gave up, knowing I didn't have the strength and found my wand still gripped in my hand. I blasted who-knows-what at the Grindylow which let out an earsplitting scream and let go of him.

Black spots began to cloud my vision, and I struggled to help Potter swim to the surface. Suddenly, I found myself choking, having been forced to find some sort of air, but only filling my lungs with water. I began to thrash violently, struggling to find air. Potter was shaking his head as quickly as he could and he held me closer, weakly struggling to find air.


My lungs constricted and I found myself coughing up water, what seemed like gallons of it. Sev was patting my back when I woke up, and Potter seemed like he had run a marathon. I was surprised to find that both Sev and Sirius Black were sopping wet like me and Potter.

"Merlin, Evans," Potter said when he had regained some sort of breath, "Can't you hold your breath?"

"I saved your life; just shut it," I snapped, really not in the mood to listen to a prat like him.

"I saved yours, too," He defied hotly. "I didn't have to, but I did!"

"Neither did I!" I retorted. "I guess we don't owe each other anything, Potter."

He nodded sharply. "Now we can just go back to hating each other."

"We don't even have to mention it," I agreed with him for the first time ever. He stuck out his hand, and I shook it. We both let go as soon as possible.

"What are you two going on about?" Black asked, wearing the same confused look as Sev. Neither of us answered. I picked up my books from the grass and pulled Sev with me as we left.

I ignored the stares I attracted as they puzzled over my dripping wet clothes. I marched through the castle with Sev, Alice and Emma at my heels. "Miss Evans!"

I stopped dead and turned to face Professor McGonagall looking over my sorry state. "Why on earth are you wet?"

Her eyes watched our group like a hawk, waiting for one of us to give it away. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the Marauders heading down our way, too. They were deep in whatever they were talking about, and I only had enough time to register that Potter was half angry and half disappointed about something before Professor McGonagall had called them over, too.

She glared at us all, giving us what my mum would've referred to as the evil eye. "Now I don't know why four students are soaking wet, but I demand to know right now."

I shuffled my feet. Sev fidgeted beside me. I could see the mechanics of Potter's mind whirring to find a way out of this predicament. "We, erm, thought that we might, erm, take a dip in the lake…?"

"That is the best excuse you can come up with, Mr. Potter?" McGonagall asked like she had dealt with something like this way too often. With Potter, she probably did. "Now I know this will be awful. Someone had better tell me the truth, or I'll give you all detention for the rest of the year."

"I, erm, attempted, to, uh, throw Potter's wand in the, the lake…" I mumbled so quietly that I had to repeat myself twice before she heard me. When she finally did hear, she went absolutely livid.

I had never seen anyone turn almost purple in anger (Although Petunia's boyfriend, Vernon was pretty close). "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? THROWING SOMEONE'S WAND AND POSSIBLY DAMAGING IT? I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT YOU WOULD DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT, LILY EVANS!"

Someone might've well magnified a Howler by ten times in the hallway. Potter interrupted her, just before she gave out my punishment. "Actually, Professor, I, erm, well, we tried to hex each other and she told me that she would throw my wand in if I tried to hurt her. I, er, tried to get it, and we fell in as a result…"

Her face lessened in its red colour by at least five shades. "I should've known that you would be more involved than what she would say. "Mr. Black, Mr. Snape, why are you two wet?"

"James and Lily didn't come up for a long time, and we got worried, Professor," Black explained. "When we jumped in, Lily and James were close to drowning and Lily had already passed out."

She returned her glares to me and Potter. "Detention for two weeks. And I'll have to take fifty points from Gryffindor. But for Mr. Black, fifteen points, and fifteen points for Mr. Snape. You two will report to my office at eight tonight. Don't be late." Was I only imagining the pointed look she gave Potter when she said that last part? I doubted it.

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