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Chapter One: I don't know what's real anymore.

The sooner I got home, the better.

I needed to come home and finish off that last level of Kingdom Hearts.

I know, the game's real old and everyone either has an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. But when my friend Terra told me that I was missing out not playing the game I decided to go along and play it. Now I'm hooked on it and I have never played my PlayStation 2 longer than I have playing Kingdom Hearts.

"Mom, are we there yet?" I asked for the umpteenth time.

"Marie Hill, if you ask that question one more time I'm not making you any brownies when we get home," she threatened.

"...Fine," I grumbled.

"Oooh, mom turn up the radio!" Stella, my older sister, said. "I love this song."

when my mom turned up the radio the song 'Shark in the water' by VV Brown was playing.

"Oh, it's the degrassi song!" I exclaimed. The ride home suddenly didn't seem so long after that, as me and my sister kept singing the song over and over again even after the actual song ended.

Soon enough, after singing 'Shark in the water' so many times, we made it home. You know, sometimes it sucks being a girl. That car ride I was in? Yeah I went to go shopping with my mom and sister. Now don't get me wrong, I like to shop, but when you have two overly girly girls ogling at which outfit is cuter, it's annoying.

As I entered the house I was greeted by my dad, and then he went outside to help my mom with her bags.

I went into the living room and saw my brother playing Modern Warfare 2 with his friends, they were getting angry at the campers in the online multi-player game. I used to play Modern Warfare 2, but when everyone got angry over nothing it started to bother me, so I sold it and used the money to buy Kingdom Hearts.

Oh and let me tell you, that Sora kid? He seems a bit too nice for my liking. I understand his 'sense of justice' thing, but I'm not to keen on his wimpy attitude. But that's just me I guess.

But I figured he would be like that because of his adventure, I would be like that too, maybe. Well, overall I think he's okay for a video game character. Which reminds me, I gotta finish that last level. I've tried so many times that it's ridiculous, I even went all out and leveled Sora till he was level 99. even then I couldn't finish off Ansem. So I got pretty irritated and stopped playing for a week.

"Hey Marie, happy early birthday!" my thoughts were interrupted when I heard Dustin, my older brother.

"Why are you telling me this now when you can say it tomorrow?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, I forgot you live here," he said. Really? I'm a little embarrassed to call him my brother sometimes. I saw my brother's friend William face palm at him.

"How can you forget!" I shouted.

"Well you're always playing that Kingdom Hearts game that you barely make any noise," he scratched the back of his head, realizing that what he said before was stupid.

"Yeah, yeah. Well, if you need me, which I doubt, I'll be in my room and continue to be non-existent," I said as I stomped my way to my room. I looked back and saw William laugh as Dustin rolled his eyes.

Dustin is 19 years old, brown hair, green eyes and tanned skin. He's real smart in his studies, but when it comes to practical stuff he's pretty dumb. My sister is the opposite, she's 17, medium wavy blonde hair, brown eyes and fair-skinned. She's not so smart at her studies, but she knows everything else that isn't school related.

I'm 13, well 14 tomorrow, short blonde hair, green eyes and neutrally pale? Meh whatever. I don't really care about school, malls or any of that stuff. It's just me and my video games. But if I'd have to talk about that stuff I'd say I'm average at school, usually getting 70-80% on my report cards. And I have two best friends, Terra and Ella. We're not all the way down the food chain as far as popularity goes, but we're not at the top either. I'd say we're in between.

My brother's on the soccer team, so he's well known around his campus, and my sister is also well known. I was suppose to go to her high school, but it didn't have that french immersion program, so I went to another high school.

Well anyways, back to my current dilemma. Kingdom Hearts.

I popped in the disc and waited for the main menu to show up. When it did my bedroom lights started to flicker. Dammit, that electricity guy does a horrible job with the lights. I try to ignore it and continue playing, but they keep distracting me while I play.

As the lights stop flickering, I reach an area and immediately start fighting some monster called Chernabog.

Oh crap.

I forgot to equip Sora's ultimate weapon.

Oh well, I'll equip it when I fight Ansem. I'll really need it when I fight him, though every time I fight him I always forget.

Maybe that's why I always lose...

Anyway, as I'm halfway through the battle with Chernabog, the lights start to flicker again. And when I reach the door to the final level, my T.V and lights go out.

"Stupid electricity guy can't do anything right!" I yelled. Seriously though, he spent like four hours fixing our lights and they're still messed up.

I noticed something though, when I yelled I didn't hear the usual "don't yell in the house!" from my mom. I got up from the floor and went to check what was up.

Although, I think I should have stayed in my room.

As I entered the hallway, everything turned weird. The clock on the wall didn't move, the fishes in the fish tank also froze in place too. I was about to panic, but figured it was maybe a prank my brother was pulling on me? Hopefully.

I went downstairs and I saw my brother and his friend on the couch. I ran up to him but I was traumatized at what I saw.

My brother was sitting on the couch, tossing a cookie in his mouth, and the cookie stopped midway. My brother didn't move either, I kept poking him but nothing worked. I looked over and saw William standing still with two soda cans in his hand. I started to freak out.

I ran to the phone and tried dialing 911, but the buttons wouldn't bulge! I threw the phone in frustration and ran to the kitchen to grab my dad's cell phone since that's where he keeps it. But when I entered the room, there stood my mom,frozen at the sink cleaning dishes. My dad was sitting on the table reading the newspaper, his face was still.

What the heck was happening! Why was everything still, as if frozen in time. I started to hyperventilate, this wasn't happening, this couldn't be happening!

I ran upstairs, and went to check on my sister, my last hope of what's real or not anymore.

….But that last hope I was clinging for died. My sister was sitting on her chair, and holding a lipstick on her hand. She was also still, and looked at the mirror. I leaned against the wall, but the fear and shock made me drop to the floor. My breathing was irregular and I couldn't control it.

As I looked at my sister I noticed her eyes shifted from the mirror to me. I screamed out of fear and ran to my room. I tripped over my wires, and fell to the floor. I didn't want to get up, no, I wanted to stay on the floor. I began to breathe even more rapidly and unevenly, my hands started to twitch and my body was shaking.

I was having an anxiety attack.

I usually get them when I'm left alone, but this one is really horrible. I felt like crying and wanted to catch my breath but I couldn't. I could only look around my room and try to look for something to help me. Of course nothing helpful was around, I count on my mom to help me with these attacks!

As it gets harder to breathe and I feel like I'm dying, I begin to hear a voice.

'There is no light to protect where you will go.'

'But do not fear.'

'Your heart is your weapon.'

'And you, along with him, are the ones who will open the door to the light.'

the lights begin to flicker and my T.V suddenly turns on. The main menu to the Kingdom Hearts game appears and the colours on the T.V begin to distort. I start hearing music from the game, what was it called, treasured memories?

I can't think.

My mind's...all hazy.



First chapter done!

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