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Kyoko and the people around her where startled by the terrible sounds of screeching of the tires and the unusual shrieks and screams of people. She looked to where the sounds were coming from. When someone mentioned the Dark Moon filming and if there was and accident, her hand instinctively flew to her Princess Rosa necklace. And when their director ran to find out what was happening, she wanted to bolt after him or maybe even run faster him and arrive at the destination first. Her whole body shook as she held back her desires and impulsive actions.

Amamiya clearly noticed her body's honest reactions and told her that no one would be mad at her if she went. She didn't protest. She just bowed and ran like her life depended on it. Well, maybe it was so, but it would seem that would be unconsciously for Kyoko, the oblivious one and the girl who swore of love. She didn't think of anything, she just ran and ran.

When she arrived, there were a lot people crowding around the whole area. She couldn't see past it and find out from the afar what had happened but she was feeling that it wasn't very good. She moved her way in the crowd. Squeezing and ducking and crawling her way through, just to be sure that nothing had happened to her sempai or Setsu's beloved Cain-niisan. After a long and hard time, she finally came out of the crowd and stood in the front line. There were already yellow caution keep out tapes and uniform people barricading the crowd. She walked to the side because one of the uniformed people was blocking her line of sight.

When she had a better view, the first thing she saw was a badly damaged and upside down car in front of her. And to make it worse, there was a little pool of blood on the concrete road on the driver's side. Her knees immediately gave out. Her knees and bottom flopped to the ground as a tear slid down her cheek gently and quietly. H-how could this have happened? He said he wasn't doing anything dangerous. He promised. She was in denial of believing her sempai was badly hurt or worse, gone. I know I should have made that stupid omamori. This wouldn't have happened. It's my entire fault for being so stubborn about it. She was filled with regret and pain in her heart. It was as if someone had ripped her heart out and left her there to bleed and die. Or someone had poured a bucket of ice cold water on her. Or someone turned all the lights off in her life because in her eyes, all became black and white. And the words "It's my entire fault" echoed in her heart.

She blinked the tears that were clouding her vision. T-tears? She thought, confused. I-i-i'm c-crying? W-wa-why am I crying? Why does it hurt so much? Why am I like this? She rubbed the tears away from her eyes, wishing they would stop. But the pain she feels inside kept making her tears flow out of her eyes.

"…chan…ko-chan. KYOKO-CHAN!" Yashiro shouted in the crying girls ears. He had been trying to get her attention since he noticed her. He saw one of the uniformed people on the side having a hard time on a crying fan, but when sunlight touched the orangey hair, Yashiro immediately went to check if she was really Kyoko. She flinched at the loud shout. She turned to Yashiro and her face expressed her unspoken questions. He bent to her ear. "Ren is at that ambulance over there. I think its okay for you to see him. Director Ogata is near the ambulance and I think he'd understand if it's you."

Without hesitation or asking if Yashiro was sure it was okay, she literally flew to the ambulance that Ren was inside of. One of the uniformed people tried to run after Kyoko and stop her but Yashiro assured the man that she was one of the casts and it was okay. Director Ogata, Kijema and the female lead of Dark Moon, who was outside the open back door of the ambulance, felt a gust of wind and wondered what it was that, flew nearby them. But the next thing they heard and saw in front of them startled and confused them.

"NII-SAN!" Kyoko or it should Setsu called out. She accidentally pushed the medic that was examining Ren inside the ambulance towards the front of the vehicle. "Are you okay? Are you hurt badly?" She cupped his face and looked around his head and face for signs of injuries. "Oh, thank God, your face isn't damaged." She moved to his neck and his naked chest and to his. There were little cuts and bruises on her torso and arms but it wasn't anything serious. Then she faced him and pointed a finger in front of his face. "You said, no you promised, you weren't going to do anything dangerous."

"I wasn't." Ren answered defensively and automatically before he could stop himself, even though he was still very surprised to see Kyoko there and acting so concerned about him. But he was more surprised when she called him 'nii-san.' It broke all his colorful assumptions that she was there as Kyoko and was so worried about him.

"Then, why were you involved in a car stunt accident just now, and with all this bruises and cuts." She scolded him. "You're lucky you weren't hurt so badly. Are you sure you're really okay?"

The three people outside the van were frozen when Yashiro finally arrived at the scene. They all have the same train of confused thoughts. Did Kyoko-chan just called Tsuruga-san, Nii-san? Why is she calling him that? Did their relationship moved up from sempai to nii-san? And why is Kyoko-chan acting like this? Is there something between them that I don't know? And so on…

"Do you need a smoke, nii-san? Or a drink?" The three, now four, watched the two inside still frozen in the same spot and position. Yashiro who just arrived and realized what was happening did the only thing he could do to cover this up. He quickly shut the doors of the ambulance and turned to the three.

"I think it's better to give them a little privacy, don't you think?" Yashiro said and laughed nervously.

But the three people's minds were racing of confusion. Tsuruga Ren? Nii-san, again? Smoke? As in cigarette? Tsuruga Ren, the gentleman, smokes? And Kyoko-chan innocently asked him if he needs a smoke or a drink… What the hell is going on?

Yashiro will really need to do some major damage control. Maybe, spray them some memory eraser would do just fine. If only it exist.

But I think the lesson here is to not Jump into Conclusions… It could take a good few years out of your already so short life or maybe add wrinkles to your beautiful face, or just hurt you so badly it could affect your life so strongly… or maybe hurt other people and make matters more complicated and worse, you know… and many more…

JTC – Jumping To Conclusions…

Hope you enjoyed it… Thank you for Reading… ^_^