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"You're what?!" Izaya exclaimed with a laugh. This had to be the funniest joke he'd heard all day.

"I said I'm quitting." Namie said, firmly. She knew she was going to have to put up a fight, but there was no way he was going to let her go easily. Namie knew she was an essential source of entertainment for him – in more ways than one. But she needed to leave. There was no other option for her. She had gone to the clinic the very day she read the results of her pregnancy test. Rather than walking in and having it "taken care of" right then and there as she had intended, Namie found she was unable to enter the building.

The street had been empty, it wasn't like there was anyone who would see or judge her if they saw her enter the building. It was a small clinic on a quiet street. Still, all she could do was stare at the automated doors, her feet refusing to take her any further. After half an hour had passed, her feet had yet to move and the doors stayed in their closed position. No one went in and no one came out.

You don't need to do this now, she told herself. There's still more time to think about it. But if Namie were honest, she knew that her mind was made up. She knew she was going to have this kid. Instead of being relieved at being resolved in a decision with such a large impact on her life, this decision only seemed to present more to be made. Would she keep the child? Give it up? What if it inherited Izaya's sadistic personality?

Izaya. Namie paled at the thought of his spawn inside her, draining her life-force. She had to admit, she wasn't the ideal gene donor, either. The child of two sociopaths? Did it even have a chance to be normal? Sociopathic tendencies did have certain genetic links… However, one had to incorporate the effects of environment as well…

Namie's scientific brain kicked into gear, weighing the pros and cons of her child-rearing abilities. While it was a given to her that Izaya should never be left to care for a child, she did have experience from caring for Seiji throughout most of their childhood.

Namie frowned. She had been pushing the thought of Seiji out of her mind for weeks now and it still hurt for her to think of him going about his life with some other girl instead of her. Perhaps this was her punishment for choosing to betray the man she loved for debauched impulses. And with Izaya of all people. It still baffled her that she could despise him one second then find him unbelievably sexy the next.

She shook her head, pushing the PG-13 thoughts of him that were verging on R-rated out of her head. Regardless of whatever physical attraction she had for Izaya, the fact was that there was no way she was going to let him near any child of hers – even if it was his, too.

Now she only needed to find a way to get away from him. Namie knew that if Izaya found out about it, it would just become another piece in his chess game, a new angle of leverage for him to have against her. She wouldn't even put it past him to use their child to manipulate her further than he already did. After all the time she spent with him, him manipulating the potential feelings she nearly had for her, she had come to always assume the worst of him. Namie was still ashamed of her behavior after their first night together. She had been a fool to think that he had a sincere bone in his body. What's more, she still allowed their physical relationship to continue after discovering his dishonesty.

Truly, this had to be her punishment for being so selfish and naïve. Namie decided she would take on raising this child, but she wouldn't raise a monster like Izaya. She resolved that she needed to escape him.

"You can't just quit, Namie," Izaya said, his tone annoyed but his face was amused. "Where will you go? You do realize the Dollars may still be after you."

"That was years ago, Izaya. I doubt they would have anything to do with me. Besides, leaving Ikebukuro and living here in Shinjuku seemed to work. There's more to Japan than Ikebukuro." She explained, annoyed. Namie had hoped he would let go of her easily, but after an extended argument, he was still putting up a fight.

"You may have been saving up your paychecks, but they won't last forever. You're going to need a job and who's going to hire someone from Yagiri? The name still has negative connotations." Izaya argued, the length of the argument was getting to him and he was getting bored. Namie could tell by his hunched posture. It wasn't his forward lean of intrigue, his back was curved and he leaned his chin against his arm on this desk.

"It may surprise you," Namie countered, "but I've managed to make a few contacts of my own."

"Using my connections, surely" he replied with a sly smile. Before Namie could defend myself, he let out a dramatic sigh. "I'm not going to force you against your will, Namie. No one is making you stay, I'm just looking out for your well-being."

Had she won? Was he really going to let her quit? This may have been the first argument she won against him, so of course it seemed too good to be true.

"Since when do you care about anyone's well-being?" she asked, she had no idea why she was choosing now to be so bold with him. Perhaps the adrenaline from her victory.

Izaya smiled, "I suppose you're right." He leaned back in his chair, stretching his arms over his head.

It was then that Namie realized that this would likely be her last time seeing him. As she admired his slim, yet toned figure, nostalgia swept over her suddenly and for a second she thought she might actually miss him. The thought left as soon as it appeared, but left a mark in the back of her mind.

"Just one question," he finally continued. His face etched with curiosity. "Why are you so interested in leaving now all of a sudden?"

Namie couldn't believe she hadn't thought up a reason for her departure. Did she really need one? This wasn't exactly her dream job and he wasn't exactly the world's best boss… But none of those were really the reason and why would she have put up with him for so long only to leave him now without a justifiable reason?

"I just can't work somewhere where my boss could be lurking around every corner, mistaking me for an intruder," she said. The excuse was pretty lame, but her delivery seemed to do the trick: she watched as a look of genuine surprise manifested on his face mixed with more confusion and a flash of some other emotion Namie couldn't recognize.

Izaya quickly regained his composure and waved his hand nonchalantly with his signature grin. "Very well, I guess you'll be on your way, then."

Taken aback by his sudden surrender, Namie stared dumbfounded at him for a moment, but he merely spun his desk chair to look out the window, obscuring himself from her view. Picking up the bags she had pre-packed, she was a bit surprised that there was no mention of their underlying physical relationship throughout the entire argument. Namie had been sure that Izaya would have brought it up, but he hadn't even alluded to it.

To be honest, Namie half expected him to ask her to stay with him one more night. And if she were to be even more honest, she probably would have. She could hardly believe that she was actually saying goodbye to him. She had to fight the urge to walk around his desk and run her fingers through his hair one more time. It was always so soft and she had loved burying her hands in it.

Finally getting control of herself and her urges, she turned on her heel and made her way to the door to his apartment. Rummaging through her pockets, she found the spare key he had given her and left it on the coffee table before finally taking the final steps towards her freedom.

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