I wanted to experiment with writing the same scene from the POV of two different characters.

"Warm Up - His" is from Pritkin's POV. As you might guess, "Warm Up - Hers" will be from Cassie's.

The action happens shortly after Curse the Dawn. All of the characters and the fascinating world they live in are the property of Karen Chance. I'm just grateful to borrow them once in a while!

Warm Up - His

Pritkin left the training salle without looking back. He had left Cassie there. Supposedly still working on the warm up exercises he had been putting her through, though he was sure she had stopped as soon as he was gone. He dragged a hand through his hair. Fuck. She was torturing him and didn't even know it.

Instead of her normal baggy sweatpants and faded T-shirt, she had showed up for their session in what passed for workout wear in this century, but which he couldn't stop thinking of as underwear. Tiny black Lycra shorts stopped well shy of her navel. A black workout halter top exposed her midriff, and really, she might as well have been wearing a thong and a push-up bra. And hadn't that been the worst thought ever to be playing in his mind as he had fought to keep his body under control.

They had been working through simple yoga poses. He had placed his hands on her hips to correct her posture, when her scent, the clean citrus smell that was Cassie, had surrounded him. Suddenly he had been painfully aware of how her slim hips narrowed to an even smaller waste. His hands had slid around that waste without any conscience thought on his part. Cassie didn't seem to notice when his fingers brushed against the soft satin of her bare skin. But touching her skin had been enough to flood his memories with the images and sensations from their... emergency of only a few days ago.

But still, he had kept things under control. Until she had turned sharply in his hands and tripped over his foot.

It had been an automatic reaction to steady her by tightening his arms and drawing her to himself. That had been a mistake. He had become acutely aware of how perfect it felt to have her voluptuous little body pressed against his own.

She had looked up with those clear blue eyes, her full pink lips parted in surprise. When the tip of a little pink tongue ran over her bottom lip, he had almost groaned out loud. He had wanted nothing more than to follow its path with his own, to claim her mouth, to trail kisses down her neck until she was moaning under him. Instead, he had firmly pushed her back and took a step back himself.

"Careful," he had said. He hadn't known if he was talking about her balance or the dangers of getting too close to him. His incubus nature could feel her attraction to him and it was driving him mad.

"Mmm...hmm," she had mumbled and looked at him strangely. Her eyes had kept straying to his face, but she avoided making eye contact. He reminded himself that she was young, inexperienced. Her whole life had been tossed sideways. He had saved her life; she had saved his. It was only natural that she would feel something towards him. Those feelings would disappear once the current crises in her life had passed. She might want him now, but she didn't need him.

His want had long since transformed to need, to a desperate hunger for her body, for her.

He was wearing sweatpants and had been getting harder with each moment he was near her. It was clear he had to get the hell out of there before the evidence of what she was doing to him became embarrassingly obvious.

"Practice that last pose. Repeat it three times and then complete the last sequence." He had been almost to the door before her impatient voice had interrupted his exit.

"Hey! Where are you going?"

He knew his voice had been strained when he barked out, "I'll be back shortly. We'll go running when I return." Then he had gotten his ass out of there. He had faced demons and dark mages with less panic than what he had felt looking into her confused blue eyes.

At least confusion was better than horror, which is what she would feel if she ever knew just how scaldingly cold a shower it took to combat her affect on him.