This could be a good/bad thing. XDD

Well, I'd had this story on the brain for a...few months now. It all started with a thought.

In all the (WONDERFUL) fics I've read, it's always poor Zack that gets abused in some way. Emotional, physical...that sort of thing.
And though I LOVE these fics I thought...why does Zack always have to be the damsel in disstress? (And if you say "because he's the uke" I'm gonna kill someone XD)
The truth is yes Angeal is bad ass as hell and can take a lot but he's STILL human. The man does have limits.

So with this in mind. I have this story for you. It is going to make you sob and is slightly AU. And, well, be aware of MAJOR oocness with some characters. (and some ooc themselves. XD But they only play a small role...well, expect one but "it" isn't important at this point in time.)
So hate it or love it, here it is. I prosent to you..."My December". I HIGHLY recommand you listen to "Tears Of An Angel" by RyanDan. It kinda...fits in an odd way. XDD

WARNING: It's rated M for obvious reasons. It's a Angeal/Zack story. Not anything else, though you can see hints of past!Angeal/Genesis and Zack/various characters (my little whore. :D) Plus there are mentions of rape and violence. And again, given that it's Angeal/Zack it means male on male and more male on male.(with a slight look at some fluffy yuri. Not too much but just enough to make you go, AWWWW.)

"Let's rearrange. I wish you were a stranger I could disengage."

The doors of the quiet white halls opened rather abruptly and loudly. Then again, the person who standing in the doorway wasn't known for his quiet nature.
"Where is he?" The red head asked. His eyes narrowed and if anyone had seen him would of thought it to be angry when it was quite the opposite. He was scared. The great Red General was scared out of his mind. "I said, where is he?" His voice lined with fear and desperation, Genesis looked to the head nurse with his wide blue eyes seeking an answer.
Oh, but he wasn't alone. Sephiroth came to his side, give a concerned look to his lover then he slipped his mask back on. He had to be the calm one because Genesis wasn't.

"Genesis? Sephiroth?"
The two SOLIDERs turned to the voice and sighed in relief. Genesis ran towards the boy, hugging the breath out of him.
"Oh Zack dear. I'm so glad you're alright." He let go but still held on to his shoulders looking at the boy.

He looked tired and dirty...but there was something else. He looked scared. Scared like when he kill his first human being. Genesis didn't like seeing that fear in the boy's eyes. He's supposed to be the innocent of us...

The boy stared to cry again and clung to his friend's coat. "Gen...Angeal, I-I...there were s-so m-many and..!"
"Hush." He cooed to the sobbing teen and turned to Sephiroth who had been silent the whole time. "Seph. Find Angeal's doctor. I want answers!"
Sephiroth nodded and without hesitating went to the front desk. He wanted answers as much as Genesis' did.

"They...w-wouldn't let me se-see him...I need to see him, Genesis! It's all...m-my fault." The puppy in Genesis' arm calmed a bit as he went on however was still shaking as if he was reliving that moment over and over again. "I saw him die...twice. T-they beat and I...couldn't do...I'm sorry."
"'s not your fault a baby. It was scary. I'm sure Angie's gonna be okay."
"Promise." Genesis smile softly but then it quickly faded. "Zack...honey did they do anything to you?"
Zack shook his head but Genesis knew it was lie. However he did not push it. Zack was worried about Angeal. He loved his mentor very much.
"Genesis." Sephiroth's voice made Zack jump but relaxed when he saw the general's face. "The doctor wishes to speak with us." He looked to Zack. "We'll tell you everything."
The boy nodded.
"Are you going to be okay?" Genesis asked, stroking Zack's hair back.
"We'll be back."


"What do you mean brain injury?"
Sephiroth placed a hand on his lover's shoulder hoping to calm him down.

"It's not a brain injury. It's traumatic brain injury. It occurs when an external force traumatically injures the brain. TBI can be classified based on severity, mechanism (closed or penetrating head injury), or other features (occurring in a specific location or over a widespread area). However it temporary."
"How much did he lose?"
"Mr. Hewley will remember his childhood and such but..." The white haired man clasped his hands together. "the more recent memories he will temporary forget."
"Stop dodging the fucking question! What do you mean by recent?" Genesis slammed his hands down on the brown desk separating the doctor from the general.
"Genesis." Sephiroth warned.
"No, it's fine." He gave Genesis a hard look. "Your friend is right. I am dodging the question per say. Mr. Hewley has lost two years worth."
Genesis covered his mouth with both hands as he gasped. "He'll...forget the day he met Zack!"
"Who is Zack?"
"His stu-"
"His lover." Genesis snapped.
"Oh." The doctor looked down for a moment, almost disgusted. "My apologizes. Where is Zack?"
"In the waiting room." Genesis replied, eyes narrowing. "Which remains me, why wasn't he allowed to see Angeal?"
"He's not family."
"Isn't his name on the papers?"
"Well, yes. But farther research proved his wasn't kinship."
"Sir, we are SOLIDERs." Sephiroth grip on Genesis' shoulder tighten. "As far as I'm concerned, we are his family. Kinship or not."
"I'm sorry, sir but-"
"I have orders," Sephiroth pulled out papers from a vanilla folder. Genesis' eyed the folder and looked back to the silver haired male. Sephiroth was always ready for some idiot to tell him he didn't have access to something...


The rain hitting the window was like white noise to the 2nd class SOLIDER.
He held his head in his hands. How could of things gotten so could he of let Angeal take that beating?
The scene ran over and over in his head as if repeat.

The room was dark and smelled of rotten flesh. Zack whimpered against his binding, leaning against his mentor.
Angeal was still asleep, the drugs they had used knocked them out pretty good even for their mako soaked bodies.

The men had woken up Zack harshly, throwing him on a table, binding his limbs to the wood. He struggled as they took his clothes off, riping them off his small, weak body with such force. Panic set in.
"!" He whimpered. He couldn't see their faces. They wore masks to hide their identities. He screamed. His eyes filled with tears and one masked man licked his tears, chuckling all the while.
"Please, don't. Stop." He pleaed and pleaed but they weren't listening.

He shivered started to cry. He was so tired...and he wanted comfort. He needed Angeal to wake him up from his nightmare. His mentor was beside him but he needed Angeal holding him.
Angeal started to wake when he turned to see his puppy in tears.
"Zack, what happened? Zack!"

Zack cried again and hid his face in his chest. His knew his mentor could see the marks, the bleeding from where the knife had cut him...
What was worse was seeing his pants thrown across the cell and the blood...and the smell of shame. Zack cried harder and apologized a thousand times.

Angeal screamed in rage. He demanded that "the low-lives who touched his pup were dead". Then the said low-lives came through the door and...

He shook his head. No, no, no! Make it stop. Please make it stop. Angeal...

When Genesis came out and gave him the go head, he rushed off to his mentor's room.

It was crushing to see him like it was. Hooked up to wires...some many wires...
He even had oxygen.

"Oh, Angeal." The boy cried. He kneed beside him taking his hand in his and holding the giant hand against his forehead. He felt slightly warm and not cold like he feared. That was good.
by the Goddess." Genesis knelt besides Zack. "How...does he feel?"
Alive. "Warm... but not normal."
Sephiroth helped them both up feeling sorrow himself to see his good friend in such a state. "Of all the ones to fall.."
"Who would of thought.." Genesis went to finish it but was cut off.
"'d be you." Zack finished, still holding his hand. It was so big...but so lifeless. "Angeal, please." He whispered, tears threating to fall. "come back. Oh, Gaia, come back. I can't...I can't do this on my own. Not without you."
"Zack," Genesis bit his bottom lip. "when Angeal wakes know what will happen right?"
"Yeah. He'll...forget me. But it's only for a little while! I just...I just need him to wake up."

"Ohhh." a moan came from Angeal's lips. The three men looked to the man in question.
His eyes opened slowly, whining at the bright light.
He looked over to Sephiroth and Genesis. He smiled weakly. "Gen...Seph..."
"Glad to see you talking." Genesis smiled, tears falling down his face. "I'm so glad you're alright. We've all been worried sick."
His eyes traveled to Zack, who was smiling.
"Wh...Who are you?"


Everything shattered in Zack's world. His mind shut down and he swore his heart broke in two.
Who are you? He let go of his hand.

Zack looked down for a moment, trying desperately not to cry. Who are you?
Then, he looked up and smiled brightly. "I'm Zack Fair. I'm your student and friend. Don't remember me, eh?"
Angeal shook his head. "I'm sorry."
"Nah, it's fine." He turned around. "Gotta go. See ya at home!"

He had to get out of there. He wasn't going to break down in front of Angeal. It wasn't his fault. It was all Zack's. If Zack had only been stronger... those men wouldn't of hit him so hard.
It's not like Angeal was trying to be cruel... but, Gaia, it hurt. Angeal was his mentor, lover, and his best friend. To hear something like that...something so hollow as; "Who are you?" from you're only one...well, was painful.

He went outside and looked up at the sky.
"Huh." He smiled bitterly. "You sad too?"
Small water droplets fell down his face...he didn't know when the tears started but the rain masked it well.

"Angeal...I"m sorry..."

OH NOES! Poor Zack. And it's only going to get worse from here people. Don't worry the ending will be worth all the angst. Promise.
Sorry if this sucks but I like it so there. XD