AN: HAY EVERYONE. Oh my god I am SO sorry I haven't updated in like, FOREVER, I have been in the worst writer's block of my life. Well, here's something for you and I hope you enjoy it 'cause it's taken me forever to get it done xD It was based off of a roleplay done by me and my beloved friend roxasora and she's agreed that I can write all of our roleplays into stories one day 83 which I'm excited about! So here you go, enjoy this two part story!


"I really don't get you man... J-Just- what? What? You're telling me you want to go to your house where your boyfriend, Roxas, is and jerk him off? Jesus, Axel, I knew you had some...bizarre fetishes, but this one just outshines all the rest!"

'Reno, just humor me, okay? It's a lot easier than getting Roxas to do it on his own. The kid is really shy when it comes to masturbation.'

The redhead with the ponytail sighed, scratching the back of his crimson head and laughing a moment where he stood at the front door of Axel's penthouse home - it really sucked because Reno wanted this penthouse since forever and Axel was able to afford it when he wasn't!

"It's your phone bill, man," Reno swallowed as he slowly and carefully placed the cell phone in his pocket without closing it.

Reno Mustang (fact, not his real name) was a business worker who was 'good' friends with Axel Phoenix (fact, not his real name). As of right now, Axel was away in another state doing business with his job to probably get a promotion, extra money and there was the possible chance of a new car as well! But when Reno had received the phone call from the redhead that morning about going and visiting Axel's seventeen year old boyfriend who lived with Axel - his name was Roxas Parker (fact, is his real last name). But here was the part that confused Reno to no end; Axel had asked for Reno to go and visit Roxas and give him a handjob, maybe a blowjob and just relieve some loneliness that Roxas was having when he was without his Axel. After all, both Axel and Reno looked a lot alike besides their different eye color and styles of hair - Axel had spiky hair and Reno had straight hair.

No wait, take that back, what really confused Reno was that Axel actually wanted to listen in on this. He wanted to hear Roxas's noises of pleasure while some other guy caused them! Was that weird? Or just perverted? Reno didn't really know, but it's not like he turned down the suggestion of getting to touch a cute little blond boy who he actually had his eye on for the past year, but only because of Axel - but that was a secret.

Reno could hear the sound of the television on on the other side of the door, so he was pretty positive that Roxas was just right in there. Reno cleared his throat like a gentleman and tapped on the door with the backs of his knuckles. He distantly heard footsteps and then the door opened to reveal the exact reason Reno was here, the blond beauty named Roxas.

The golden-haired angel looked up at Reno with cerulean orbs and a slightly confused look as to why Reno was visiting him when it was quite clear that his friend Axel wasn't here.

"H-Hey, Reno," spoke Roxas, straightening his white long sleeved shirt that was so thin Reno could see the boy's nipples pressing into the fabric. "What're you doing here?" Roxas didn't use a tone that sounded angry but more curious, because there had to have been a pretty good reason why the redhead was here to have wanted to ride in the elevator all the way up here to Axel's penthouse.

Reno had greeted the blond with his outgoing tone, loud and with a big charming smile, one that reminded Roxas a lot of his away boyfriend - who he didn't know was listening on the other line of Reno's cell phone. Reno strolled right into the fancy and modern apartment without warning or permission to do so before flopping down on the white loveseat in front of the large and shiny black television set.

Roxas slowly closed the door with a quirked eyebrow but allowed his bare legs to take him across the room before he fixed his shirt again and tugged down a bit over his matching pair of white jean shorts.

"Axel told me that you were here alone," Reno said, crossing one long slender leg over the other. "So, what's happening?"

Roxas was a bit irked by why Reno would just swan into his and Axel's home without a word and then talk about Axel, the very reason for Roxas being quite lonely right now, and then ask him what he had been doing. Roxas slowly sat down next to Reno and folded his hands together, "Well...nothing. Honestly. Since it's summer break and I'm not in school and my only friend is Axel I don't really have much to do except-"

"Except stay around this awesome house all day with all sorts of amazing contraptions to distract yourself with, eh?" Reno said with a smirk that held irritation beneath it.

Roxas didn't say anything, but just let a slightly guilty look wash over his pretty features. Reno watched him when Roxas looked away, the redhead feeling a shiver go up his spine when he imagined Roxas between his legs and not how Axel originally said, Reno's head between Roxas's legs.

"Do you want anything to dri-"

"So you're saying you're pretty much bored, right?" Reno smiled.

"Um...sure..." Roxas said, reaching for the remote control off the coffee table in front of him and turning off the TV. "But um, you talked to Axel, did you? How is he doing?" Even though Roxas called Axel every day while he was away, one of the blond's top thoughts was always Axel since he really did love him so much. Axel was never forceful, never mean or cruel, and always said he loved Roxas and did a lot for the boy, even paid for his school tuition. Yeah, they had sex on a regular basis but Roxas enjoyed it because Axel treated him in ways that made Roxas feel pleasure too, other than just Axel feeling pleasure.

"Oh, Axel's doing fine," Reno replied, getting bored himself. "But's you I'm worried about." Reno turned to look at Roxas with his own bright blue gaze and the blond felt a shiver go up his spine nervously.

"Worried about me?" Roxas repeated with a confused look.

"Yeah," Reno replied, stretching his spine and hearing a satisfying crack. "From what I've heard you and Axel are pretty...intimate with each other, am I right?" Reno flashed his charming smile again and Roxas's cheeks actually flushed a noticeable pink, which Reno immediately saw and licked his lips.

"Hey, did you know," began Reno seriously, "that if you stop doing it for a while your body parts shrivel up?"

Reno heard Axel laugh loudly on the cell phone in his pocket, Roxas didn't hear this however, rolled his eyes and smirked at Reno's words.

"But listen, Roxas," Reno said, scooting closer to the blond until their hips were touching. "Axel personally sent me here know, help you out so your little body parts don't...turn into prunes."

Roxas blushed a bit darker and looked away, quite shocked to actually hear Axel had sent Reno here to "help him out" and Roxas felt his stomach churn uncomfortably of actually doing sexual acts behind his boyfriend's back, even if Axel had sent Reno here.

"Axel sent you here?" Roxas asked, looking up at Reno and seeing he was quite close.

"Yeah," Reno replied. "It shouldn't be a big deal, Roxas, I and Axel are almost twins in a way! I'll tell you what, you can even cry out Axel's name if you want."

Roxas hesitated and tried to make the burning in his cheeks cease. He tried to think this over... Did he really want to do something like this with Reno? It seemed a bit...odd. Yeah, sure, Roxas wanted more than anything to have Axel return home, take him into his arms and steal a kiss before leading him to the bedroom to have some passionate sex, but Roxas was just a little afraid to try anything else with someone other than Axel.

"Axel asked you come here and spend time with me that way?" Roxas asked.

"Yep," Reno replied, eyeing a spot on Roxas's neck he wanted to suckle on. "It's like a favor, ya know? Axel's only thinking of your health, Roxy, so don't sweat it, okay? Also, if your worried about me at all, it really doesn't matter whose dick I really suck... It's a good thing because it gets me out of the office and around all that boring paperwork."

Roxas was really reluctant about doing this. Roxas had never been with anyone besides Axel before in his life, and the very thought of- Roxas suddenly looked up at Reno and asked, "Were you...planning on...having sex with me like, completely?"

"Oh, no, Roxas!" Reno said gently. "I'm just here for a little hand-to-dick-to-mouth service, if you know what I mean. You don't have to worry, mmkay?" Reno offered the blond male a reassuring smile and the redhead was true to his of right now.

Reno's smile felt reassuring enough to Roxas as he looked back up into the handsome redhead's face. He bit his bottom lip tightly between his teeth and pondered it for a few more moments. It was pretty true that Reno had striking resemblances to Axel, only that his eyes were blue and his hair was longer and straighter than Axel's. He even had eye tattoos like Axel.

"I guess...I'm all right with it if Axel is," Roxas finally spoke, offering a small smile.

Reno smirked wider until he just smiled. "I thought you might say that. Don't worry though, Axel's perfectly fine with me touching you and sucking long as I spit and don't swallow of course. So, c'mon." Reno sat up straight and patted his thighs like how he would for a puppy to come, but was more of an invitation for Roxas to take a seat in Reno's lap.

"If you close your'll be just like Axel's here," said Reno as Roxas hesitantly moved forward until he was on Reno's lap. The boy's bare legs were on either side of Reno's, hands situated on the redhead's shoulders, face stained a pinkish color whenever he would look up and see Reno's attractive face. Reno took this position opportunity to slowly drag one hand across the blond's smooth inner thigh and then gently rub his pubic bone and cause Roxas to gently tremble a moment.

"Um, Reno...are you all right with this?" Roxas asked, feeling like he wanted to know for sure.

"Of course, Roxas," Reno said with an affirmative tone. "Like I said, it gets me out of the office and away from all that paperwork." Reno's hand left the boy's inner thigh and slowly traveled a little ways lower until the redhead's palm rested on Roxas's crotch and his whole palm then began to rub around in circles, hoping to stimulate the golden-haired male.

It did. Roxas bit his bottom lip when he was touched there, a stifled mewling sound emitting past his teeth and from his throat as Reno applied some pressure. Roxas shuddered harder, eyes becoming a bit hazy the more Reno fondled him, and soon enough his arousal was beginning to harden beneath the tight fabric of his shorts.

"Feel free to make as much noise as you want, Roxas," Reno added after Roxas stifled a moan with his teeth. "The louder the better. It helps get everything outta your system." Reno glanced down at the boy's groin, seeing a noticeable bulge grow more beneath the blond's shorts. Reno licked his lips proudly to himself as he was successful in making Roxas harden under a touch that didn't belong to his richer boyfriend.

Deciding to take it up a notch, Reno's hands went for the button and zipper of the boy's shorts, unbuttoning them and pulling them down until he could see the soft fabric of his underwear. Reno then gracefully tugged down the blond's dark colored boxer shorts until he could now clearly see the male's half-hard length.

Roxas shivered as he felt the cool air of the room cling to the hot skin of his member, a louder cry escaping past his lips as Reno used two long, slender fingers to begin stroking Roxas in a specific technique action.

"Mnh!" Roxas bit his lip again as Reno suddenly pinched the head of the hardening organ. Reno was pretty positive right about now Axel would be jerking off to the sounds of Roxas making so much noise.

"Hey, Roxas?" Reno spoke, catching the blond's gaze. "Tell me something... How does Axel usually treat you? Like a gentleman, or is he rougher than that?"

Roxas considered this question for a moment, finding it kind of an awkward question. Roxas decided upon the truth and answered, "Well, it depends. I-I mean, Axel likes it rough and so do I, but it differs- aah!"

Roxas's eyes squeezed shut as Reno suddenly squeezed his hand around the blond's now full erection. Reno smirked, rubbing his index finger all around the sensitive head before digging the tip into the slit, hearing some satisfying noises from Roxas.

"I can see why Axel likes you," Reno observed, eyeing the blond's arousal which was pretty big for a boy Roxas's size. Reno's hands danced down along Roxas's length before back up again, the redhead repeating that before every so often and squeezing Roxas and teasing the slit. Reno tried to ignore the straining arousal in his own pants, his hard erection was pressing up against the tight material and creating a slightly uncomfortable and slightly pleasurable feeling that nevertheless made Reno grit his teeth.

"I-Is it...because of my size th-that Axel likes me?" Roxas muttered worriedly. Roxas didn't very well like the sound of Axel only keeping him in his home and 'loving' him from how big Roxas was. Reno's response made Roxas's spirits lift a bit though.

"Maybe... I dunno though," Reno murmured back. "You're too young to be my type, though." Roxas guessed this was good, then that meant Reno didn't really want him, right?

Reno suddenly changed their positions, but slowly and where Roxas was laying on his back against the comfortable cushions of the loveseat. Reno didn't exactly get on top of him but more on top of his lower half, where Reno pushed back Roxas's shorts a bit more so he could gain better access to the boy's erection. Reno leaned forward and engulfed the boy's entire length into his mouth at once.

"Hnnh! Axel!" wailed Roxas, tears of pleasure creeping into his eyes. The blond felt his cheeks darken when he cried out Axel's name, feeling guilty about crying another's name when he wasn't with Axel even if Reno had told him previously that saying Axel's name was okay. Roxas didn't apologize but instead just moaned and tried not to say anyone's name.

Reno caught Roxas saying Axel's name. It didn't really bother him but kind of annoyed him in a way. He would've really liked it if Roxas had moaned Reno's name instead, but just tossed this over his shoulder and internally smirked to himself to know that Axel was probably really enjoying this.

Reno continued to work the boy's length, bobbing his head a bit and digging his tongue into the slit while his hand came up to fondle the two tight sacs underneath the boy's erection. Roxas moaned loudly, arching his spine and hands digging into the white cushioned seat beneath him. Roxas could feel something powerful building up in the pit of his stomach and he knew he would be having his release really soon. It was then that Roxas wished more than anything that this was Axel doing this amazing things to him...

"Reno! I-I'm gonna come!" Roxas cried out, whole body convulsing as he felt the feeling overtake him.

When hearing this, Reno smirked around the blond and clamped his lips tightly about the base of Roxas's length, narrow azure eyes watching Roxas expectantly. Roxas grew closer and closer until he curved his spine and arched fully off the couch, crying out loudly as his white release splattered against Reno's tongue and spurting down his throat. Reno pulled back quickly and broke his promise about spitting and not swallowing as he gulped the blond's whole release and felt the delicious essence trickle down his throat. Roxas tasted really, really fruity and that made Reno's length throb hard in his pants.

Slowly, Reno sat up with a sigh, wiping off his mouth with the back of his hand to collect the few droplets of semen that had sprayed there. "You liked that, huh?"

Roxas was panting, sweat gathering in little beads across the skin that Reno could see, face reddened and chest heaving up and down. Roxas's eyes flickered open and he looked up at Reno, nodding, " felt good..."

"You want more?" Reno grinned deviously.

Roxas didn't answer but was more surprised than anything that Reno would want to do more. But Reno was through talking yet.

"Tell you what, Roxas. How about we blow each other, eh? On the floor?"

Roxas didn't ever think he was going to have to do anything himself, but if it meant getting another really good blowjob then Roxas was up for it. "You think Axel wouldn't mind if I sucked you?"

"Nahhh," Reno replied, groin aching to have attention. "If anything, it would be a pleasant surprise when he returns and you offer to suck him and you're ten times better than you are now."

However, what Reno didn't even know was that Roxas was already deftly skilled in giving blowjobs, in fact, he was even better at giving them than Reno was.

"Lemme take my coat off first, I don't want my phone falling out," Reno smiled. The redhead reached around to remove his phone from his jacket pocket and place it on the coffee table, ensuring that Roxas didn't see the screen was glowing and currently still holding a call. Reno then hurriedly pulled off his outer jacket and tossed it to the floor carelessly, nudging Roxas to move and get on the hardwood floor.

"So, does Axel let you strip him, or...?" Reno asked as he watched Roxas cutely get on the shining floor.

"Um, well only when he wants me to," Roxas replied as Reno joined him.

"Well, I want you to," Reno winked. "I'll return the favor, blondie, but if you don't wanna get felt up then that's okay with me."

"N-No, I'm fine with that," Roxas replied, shaking his head, almost like he wanted to please Reno.

"Oh, well then, don't mind me doing this then," Reno smirked, deliberately reaching out to squeeze one of the boy's supple thighs. Roxas squeaked in surprise when the redhead did that, finding his body shaking a bit with anxiety to start already.

So Roxas moved over to Reno to begin unzipping his pants, pulling them down just enough to where he could see the large bulge beneath the black fabric beneath his pants. Reno was moving the two of them again before Roxas had even pulled out his arousal. The redhead was laying on his back against the floor and pulling Roxas above him.

"Turn around, mmkay?" Reno smirked. "This way we can suck each other together."

Roxas nodded his head with a nervous blush and slowly turned around so he was now looking down at the redhead's groin. He felt hands upon him again, tugging his shorts and underwear down the rest of the way and lips and tongue touching his bare arousal. Roxas whimpered loudly, shivering when Reno's hands wound around his legs to firmly grip at the fleshy cheeks of his rear.

Roxas, while trying to bear with Reno sucking him and groping him, bent down to pull out the redhead's length, eyes widening when his erection sprang forth from the fabric. Roxas, still a bit nervous, leaned forward to experimentally lick the head, awaiting to hear a reaction from Reno which was pretty immediate.

"Mnhhh...yeah, that's it, Roxas..." Reno breathed huskily, copying Roxas's movements and licking the swollen head before dragging his tongue all the way down to the base. "Keep goin', 'kay?"

Roxas continued to stimulate the redhead's erection with his mouth, tongue and lips, and rather skillfully at that. So skillfully in fact, that Reno wasn't even able to focus on pleasuring Roxas that much anymore. He was hissing, groaning and shuddering.

"Sh-Shit... Roxas, I didn't expect you to be so, damn good!" Reno groaned, bucking his hips upwards into Roxas's mouth.

The blond took this as an invitation to begin bobbing his head up and down, emitting little moaning sounds that caused vibrations to run up and down Reno's arousal.

Roxas was so good at this, Reno was very impressed to say the least. He was so impressed that he could really feel his zenith drawing nearer and nearer. Reno didn't want to warn Roxas about it though- he like to go in as the element of surprise. Plus, it was pretty fun seeing boys' reactions whenever he would come all over them or in their mouths without them expecting it... Not that Reno could even see Roxas from this angle.

Roxas had a slight feeling that Reno may have been on edge though by the way he was digging his fingernails into the fleshy cheeks of his rear. Roxas was kind of scared that Reno might touch him there when he had sworn not to, but still, his hands were dangerously close to that area and Roxas was nervous to say the least.

"Mnhhh!" Roxas cried from around Reno as the redhead gave a particular hard suckle around him. Roxas pulled away briefly to breathe, panting a bit and feeling his hips give an involuntary buck towards Reno's mouth. Reno chuckled and only suckled harder but then reminded the blond of his own unattended erection, thrusting his up at Roxas and getting the boy to pay more attention to him. Roxas felt like he almost wanted to outdo Reno, so he expertly and very easily took every inch of the redhead into his mouth, feeling Reno's hardness go further down his throat.

"Mmmm!" Reno cried, fingernails digging deeper into the boy's tender flesh. "Roxas... Roxas! A-Ah!"

Reno's orgasm took hold of him and his whole lower half convulsed hard. Roxas had to act and fast, not wanting to get choked on any of the redhead's semen. But Roxas wasn't exactly quick enough. Reno had started coming before Roxas was half-way off his length, getting a mouthful of the redhead's release as well as a faceful when Roxas pulled back all the way. Roxas squeezed his eyes tightly shut as a few final spurts of the redhead's seed shot out over the blond's face, a few sticky globules catching in his golden tresses as well. Reno had completely left Roxas's own member unattended to and had fallen back against the hardwood floor, panting a bit with a shaky breath.

Roxas swallowed thickly, shuddering at the tangy taste of Reno's fluids, finding it somewhat good, somewhat repulsive. But maybe it wasn't the taste of Reno's come that made Roxas's stomach ache but more the fact that he just...didn't want to do this anymore. Roxas didn't like the thought of cheating on Axel like this, he hated it even. Roxas loved Axel with every fiber of his being and didn't want to possibly break that bond with a silly little fling like this. Roxas wasn't even sure if Axel had actually agreed to this and this was just Reno trying to get some...

Reno had told Roxas that he wasn't going to take the blond while he was here, so Roxas was going to find out if the redhead was telling the truth or not...

"Reno... I-I wanna stop," Roxas said, reaching up to wipe at his face.

"W-What?" came a panting Reno. "Don't say that, Rox, we've only just started."

"S-Seriously. I don't want to anymore," Roxas responded firmly back. "I've had enough. It feels just...too strange for me to be doing this with someone else, especially if I don't love them."

Reno pulled completely away from Roxas, roughly knocking the blond boy off him and causing Roxas to grunt mildly but then look up at Reno who had an agitated look on his face. "If you don't love someone? Tch, you mean to tell me you love Axel?"

"Y-Yes!" Roxas stood his ground, he wasn't about to ponder or hesitate about this question; Roxas was one hundred percent sure that he loved Axel.

"Gimme a break," groaned Reno. "If he loves you so much then why is he on my cell phone, listening to me make you moan and come, huh?"

Roxas blinked in surprise when Reno told him this, immediately snapping his head to the cell phone situated on the glass coffee table, nevertheless seeing the screen glowing with the phone number that Roxas recognized clearly as Axel's number.

"W-What? Axel?" Roxas cried in alarm.

Reno suddenly stood up, grabbing his cell phone and putting it on speaker, "Hey, Ax. Hope you don't mind if I fuck your little boyfriend here... I think he needs to be taught a lesson- love is a dangerous word to use."

'R-Reno! Fucking BASTARD! Don't you dare touch him!'

"Too late, Axel," Reno smirked, staring directly down at Roxas with wicked blue eyes. "You're half way across the country, and Roxas is right underneath me...with his pants down. Cheerio!" And with that, Reno slapped the phone shut, completely cutting Axel off before tossing the cell phone somewhere near the couch and keeping his direct focus on Roxas.

"I just wanna let you know something, Roxas," Reno said, dropping on his knees in front of Roxas. The redhead had the boy blocked, Roxas's terrified face looking up at Reno while the redhead smirked and licked his lips.

"I don't stop for anyone."

Reno lashed out suddenly, gripping Roxas's chin in his hold and leaning down to mash his lips with Roxas's, shoving his tongue into the blond's mouth without permission, trying everything to make the kid under him squirm.

"Mnhh! Mnn!" Roxas cried against the redhead's mouth, struggling desperately around like how Reno wanted. Roxas was about to pull a hand back and slap Reno, but the redhead had reached up quicker than the blond to take either of the blond's skinny wrists into one hand. The other hand wandered dangerously low back down to his groin, but Roxas had finally gotten the moment to pull away from Reno's mouth to breathe, kicking Reno hard in his side with a grunt.

"Ooh, you're feisty, Roxas," Reno grinned. "That little kick ain't gonna scare me away. I forgot to mention, didn't I? That office I work at? Yeah, it's Shinra- so there's no way that's gonna stop me from getting what I want."

"Reno, stop it!" begged Roxas. "You promised you wouldn't do this!"

"I had my fingers crossed!" Reno said, as if this wasn't a big deal in the least. "You said Axel treated you rough sometimes so it shouldn't be all too bad now should it, Roxas?"

"N-No!" Roxas cried, struggling around desperately. "G-Get off me!" Roxas suddenly shoved his heel very hard against Reno's crotch, causing the man above him to howl with excruciating pain. Roxas had managed to wriggle out from underneath Reno while the redhead was tending to his now hardly aroused groin, writhing a bit in a horrible pain as Roxas made a panicked run for it.

"That is IT!" roared Reno, jumping to his feet and chasing after the blond who had scurried down the hallway towards the bathroom. "I'm gonna teach you a lesson!"

Roxas gasped hard as he raced down the hallway, desperate to reach the end and get inside the bathroom and lock himself inside of it. Roxas could see the white door with the brass handle- he was almost there! The handle was now in touching distance and Roxas reached out to grab it when he suddenly felt Reno's hands upon him, grabbing his wrists and jerking the blond powerfully back.

"A-Aah! Let go! Let go!" wailed Roxas as Reno shoved him roughly against the wall. "B-Bastard!" Roxas glowered heavily up at Reno, suddenly taking a deep breath and immediately spitting as hard as he could in the redhead's face.

"Agh! Fucking brat!" Reno snarled, deciding to inflict pain on Roxas himself. The redhead roughly back-handed the blond quite suddenly, causing Roxas to scream and tremble from the unbearable stinging pain on his now red cheek, fresh tears making their way down his cheeks.

While Reno wiped the spittle from his face away, he looked back at Roxas who was squirming less violently than before, and Reno suddenly whipped the blond around and pressed him facing the wall.

"Y-You said I was too young for you!" Roxas cried, panicked. "You promised you wouldn't take me!" Roxas was now officially terrified- it was like he knew for a fact he was going to get raped and no screaming or struggling could do anything about it, yet he somehow just couldn't stop.

"I don't remember making any promises," grumbled Reno, using his free hand to press Roxas further up against the wall. "I only promised Axel that I'd come here and show you a good time. Also, I could careless about your age- you've got a cute piece of ass, and I want some, Roxas." Reno smirked delightedly to himself, quite proud he had managed to hold down Roxas, and it seemed that he was beginning to give up, too.

"The less you struggle, the less it'll hurt," Reno said, his now spare hand going down to the boy's rear end.

"P-Please, Reno!" begged Roxas, voice cracking.

Reno ignored the blond and simply focused on the task at hand here. He pressed his whole palm up against the boy's fleshy back end, his fingers pushing past the line of his cheeks while his index finger pressed forward, right against the boy's opening.

Roxas winced, squeezing his eyes shut as they burned from so many tears. "R-Reno! -Please-! Don't put it in! Please, oh, please!"

"Too late, I've already made up my mind!" Reno proclaimed, pushing one of the blond's cheeks apart so now he could see the boy's puckered entrance. Reno grew hard all at once from that sight alone, getting the now uncontrollable urge to just thrust himself right into Roxas. "You asked for this, Roxas. Both you and Axel."

Now that Reno had perfect access to the sniveling blond boy beneath him, he could easily penetrate Roxas any time he liked. Which was now! Reno carefully held Roxas tightly as he pressed the engorged head of his length to Roxas's opening, sliding it fast and not caring if he tore Roxas or not by going in so quickly.

"Mmnnnn..." moaned Reno, eyes fluttering closed. "Man, Roxas... Axel told me you were really tight but this is just...damn!" With another pleasured grunt, Reno began rocking his hips back and forth against Roxas, making the blond only cry out louder and feel more tears run down his cheeks from the fact of being raped and violated like this, and the fact that it did hurt.

"N-No! Reno...please, it hurts..." Roxas begged, his struggling stopping to the point where his arms fell limp. Reno wasn't really afraid of Roxas lashing out now that he was inside of him, so he gripped the blond's shoulders, pulling him down more on his length, nearly desperate to get all of himself inside Roxas.

"Ugh... So tight..." Reno groaned, throwing his head back and thrusting his hips faster and relentlessly against Roxas. "You're gonna make me come again, Roxas! You're such a naughty boy!" The redhead added emphasis and struck one of the cheeks of the blond's rear, hearing a satisfying slap and then a crying wail from Roxas a moment later.

Roxas could feel his body tearing from the exertion of Reno's swift and powerful thrusts and this then caused blood to trickle down his thighs and make Roxas feel incredibly ill from this fact. Reno didn't seem to care otherwise as long as he was satisfied- plus, it made it a lot easier for him to slide in and out of Roxas faster.

"A-Aah!" Roxas cried, more tears making their way down his cheeks. "Reno...please...take it out! It hurts!" Roxas's hands clawed desperately at the walls, his whole body trembling harshly and Reno was finding it a bit irritating how all Roxas did was beg for Reno to stop and that it hurt. Reno growled throatily and leaned down next to Roxas's ear, his tongue snaking out to drag over the blond's earlobe.

"If you're gonna talk then I wanna hear you scream my name," Reno smirked, biting down on the boy's earlobe a moment later. "When I come I wanna hear you scream it to the heavens. If you don't then I'll tear you apart." In an attempt to make Roxas believe that he certainly wasn't joking, Reno gave a swift and sharp buck of his hips, as if he was trying to force his entire groin inside Roxas. The blond screamed harshly from this sudden violent thrust that was worse than Reno's previous thrusts, the blond dropping his head a bit and panting from sheer exhaustion and pain.

"There's n-no way I'm saying you're name!" Roxas cried. The pain was beyond anything Roxas had ever experienced in his life before. All the times he had had sex it was never really painful, maybe that was because Roxas was having sex with somebody he loved and that person loved him, too. But did Axel really love Roxas after what he had done now? This was really all Axel's fault... But still Roxas wished more than anything Axel was here and would make all the pain stop.

"Axel...h-help me..." Roxas whimpered, more tears making their way down his cheeks in two equal streams.

"Listen you little brat!" snarled Reno, suddenly reaching out to grip some of Roxas's golden blond hair. He tugged harshly on the tufts of hair so that Roxas's spine arched a bit from how hard Reno pulled on him. "Axel's not here! Get it through your head that Axel can't help you right now! He's thousands of miles away- he can't hear you, he can't see you, and he can't do a fucking thing to help you. And even if he is on his way back, I'll be far from done with you by then..." Reno chuckled cruelly and released Roxas's hair, the blond's head dropping forward again.

Reno thrusted his hips hard right up against Roxas's back end, determined to get Roxas to say his name- so that he could go deeper and hit that sensitive spot inside him. "You want me to go away? All you have to do is say that one little word, Rox. Got it memorized?" Reno cackled quietly as he mocked Axel's well known catchphrase he used nearly all the time, and it caused Roxas's heart to ache.

Roxas didn't want to say Reno's name... It would make him feel so horrible if he did and that way he would be giving into the redhead raping him, it would also make him feel like he would be betraying Axel in a way.

"Don't worry, Roxas," Reno cooed. "It won't take long..." Reno did wish Roxas would hurry up though, the redhead's climax was drawing dangerously near.

"I'm not saying your name!" cried Roxas, a whimpering and sobbing mess. His fingernails clawed desperately at the walls and he moaned in great pain- Roxas never thought in a million years he would be raped, and especially by someone he partially knew as well.

"Mmph..." Reno moaned, his tongue flitting out over his lips a moment. He leaned forward and whispered hungrily into the blond's ear, "You'll say it, Roxas..." Suddenly, Roxas felt something far worse than Reno's length deep inside him. He felt the redhead's hands winding about his flaccid member and beginning to stroke him quickly up and down, causing the golden-haired beauty to cry out loudly and sob harder some more.

"O-Oh god! It hurts!" Roxas cried, his whole body rocking back and forth as Reno continued his rough abuse. Roxas didn't think this could get any worse but he was wrong, especially when he suddenly felt Reno's length hit something within him that had Roxas seeing stars.

"A-Aaaaah! Reno!"

Painfully pleasurable explosions ran throughout Roxas's body as Reno found that special spot inside Roxas and could have him screaming much louder than before- well, he was more sobbing before than he was screaming in ecstasy.

"N-No!" begged Roxas, his cheeks burning with sticky tearstains.

But now that Reno had finally heard Roxas cry his name out like that, he could no longer hold back his orgasm which gushed from the slit from the erect head. The white essence spilled inside Roxas and filled him up to what felt like no end, even trickling out of him a bit and dripping onto the hardwood floor beneath them.

Roxas berated himself for saying Reno's name. It hurt his heart to think he had actually given into Reno's wants, making him want to curl up into a ball and just die.

Once all of the pleasurable little waves had ebbed away, Reno smirked and looked back down at Roxas, leaning down to press a unloving kiss to Roxas's neck.

"Hah...see, Roxas? That wasn't so bad, was it?"

"I hate you! B-Bastard!" Roxas cried, his whole form trembling hard.

"Styx and stones," Reno shrugged absently. "You can have Axel, stupid slut, that is what you are, anyways...agreeing to actually letting some guy come over here and give you a blowjob and a handjob. Slut, Roxas! Ugh..."

Reno had withdrawn his length from within Roxas's tight passage, large and thick pearly globules of his release continued to drip down to the floor where Roxas had slowly fallen to from how exhausted his body was.

"Fucking hell, I need a shower," grumbled Reno, not even seeming to care in the least about how pathetic Roxas looked. Reno left Roxas where he was immediately, breezing down the hallway and gathering his clothes and pulling them all back onto his slightly perspired body. Without another word, Reno left with a deep, pure sigh and exited the penthouse, leaving Roxas trembling harshly on the floor, feeling like a total mess and exactly like what Reno told him he was: a slut.

But finally, after five more minutes of just sitting on the floor feeling immensely pitiful, he had crawled to the nearest phone which was in the living room, perched on the coffee table. With trembling hands, the blond boy reached out to grasp the phone off it's cradle and pressed several buttons on the portable phone before placing it up to his ear, tears still flowing freely down his cheeks.

Within a few seconds of hearing his shrill ring tone of his phone, Axel swiftly pulled his cell phone out from his pocket, flipped it open and placed it up to his ear, breathing with a shaky breath into the mouth piece, "R-Roxas?"

"Axel..." Roxas gasped quietly into the mouth piece, crying so hard he could barely even form a sentence.

"Oh my god... Roxas... I'm so sorry..." Axel murmured, his heart breaking for his beloved boyfriend. Axel could practically feel how much pain Roxas was in, physically and mentally. His chest tightened, his stomach did nauseating flips as he listened to Roxas's pathetic and pitiful sounding whimpers and cries for the first few moments.

"Roxas, I'm so fucking sorry..." Axel murmured quietly.

"Axel..." Roxas muttered, shivering from soreness where he sat on the floor. "Reno...h-he didn't stop... hurts so bad... I...I can't even stand!"

Axel closed his eyes when he heard Roxas croak this out, his heart breaking as he only imagined how bad Reno's torment was on the blond. Roxas had never gone through something like that before, even if he was sexually active... This was all Axel's fault! If he hadn't been such a stupid, ignorant, testosterone-driven idiot then this wouldn't have happened to his beautiful, beloved Roxas. The one person he loved more than anyone else in the entire universe had been violated, humiliated and desecrated all because the redhead wanted to hear his boyfriend's moans and get a stupid hard-on.

"Roxas, I'm coming home..." Axel said, eyes still closed. "I'm in the airport right now, and I don't care what boss says; I'm coming home to help you and make you feel better. They can fire me for all I care, I'm c-coming home on the next flight, okay?"

Axel didn't sound like his usual self, Roxas could tell that much. Axel was truly feeling a great compassion and love towards the blond and wished more than anything this hadn't happened. Axel usually had a cocky and content tone to his voice, it never cracked, he never stuttered, so Roxas knew just how upset with himself he was. Roxas had a bad feeling that Axel was crying right now, and it was true. Axel had flopped down in one of the airport benches, a hand pressed to his face as tears rolled slowly down his cheeks.

"I sw-swear to fucking god...I'm gonna kill Reno..." Axel snarled quietly. "I am going to fucking rip him to SHREDS!"

"Axel, no!" Roxas cried back. "Please...don't fight Reno! He'll...put up a fight and...I don't want you to get hurt because of me."

"Roxas," Axel said rather sternly, "I would rather take any pain from that bastard than let him get away with raping you, you got that memorized?"

"I...I don't want you to lose your job either..." Roxas hiccupped. "It took you forever to get this job and if you...come home now, then you'll get fired for sure."

"Damnit, Roxas, I don't care..." Axel breathed heavily. "I don't care, so long as I have you, Roxas... I know it sounds corny, but...Roxas it's the fucking truth." Axel took a deep breath again and stared across the room at nothing in particular.

"Reno needs to seriously be taught a lesson..." Axel muttered. "I'm gonna give that skinny-assed bastard a beating he'll remember, Roxas. I know he's strong, but I'm just as strong as he is."

"Axel...I'm so scared... I don't want you to get hurt!"

"My only concern right now is you," Axel responded, wiping at his eyes with the back of his sleeve. Axel didn't know what else to say- all he wanted to do was take Roxas into his arms, squeeze him, caress him and tell him that everything was going to be okay. He wanted to feel Roxas lean all his weight into him and bury his face in the redhead's chest. He felt totally sick and disgusted at the behavior of his now ex-best friend and he never thought in a million years that Reno would do something like this to his boyfriend. He trusted Reno...

Axel glanced up at the large clock hanging on the wall nearby- his flight was going to be leaving in five minutes, and as much as he didn't want to leave Roxas he needed to momentarily.

"Axel...Axel, I love you..." Roxas mewled out into the mouthpiece, more tears dripping down his cheeks.

"Listen to me, Roxas," Axel sighed. "I want you to stay calm and lock the door and windows and I want you to go lay down and rest, okay? I love you, too, Rox. I'll be back later tonight, okay?"

"Okay..." Roxas shuddered back. "I love you so much, Axel..." Axel smiled when he heard Roxas say that before he pulled his cell phone away from his ear and mouth, pressing the hang up button before slapping it shut and pocketing it quickly. He grabbed his luggage and hurried quickly towards the doors that lead towards the airplane, hoping that Roxas would be okay by himself for a few hours...

Roxas held the phone to his ear until he heard the dial tone, the feeling of aloneness sinking in when he could no longer hear Axel's sweet comforting voice. Placing the phone back on the cradle, Roxas shakily stood to his wobbly feet and hobbled over to the front door, turning the silver lock and it clicked loudly, signaling the front door was now locked tight.

He closed the shutters on the windows and, with great difficulty, made to the bedroom where he then flopped down on the black-sheeted mattress and reached over for one of the pillows and squeezing it tightly. When he inhaled he immediately smelled the scent of Axel's hair and his heart broke again and he nuzzled the pillow hard, feeling more tears spiral down his cheeks as he waited in the silence for Axel's return...