Axel's flight home was long, tiring and Axel wished it would go faster. The taxi drive home was pretty long too, coming all the way from the airport to where his and Roxas's home were located down town. The entire journey back to the city was one of the most unbearable ordeals of Axel's life and he spent the entire time thinking about Roxas. He never once listened to his iPod, sent any text messages to some of his other actual trustworthy friends, and he didn't even sleep. He continued reprimanding himself for how stupid he was at his ridiculous idea to send Reno over to his house and play around with his Roxas. He wallowed in the bitter anger he had towards Reno, wanting to strangle him and cut off his air supply for what he had promised he wouldn't do to Roxas.

It was nearly one in the morning when Axel arrived back at the penthouse, carrying two suitcases and a large bag over his shoulder. He dropped all his luggage and reached for the little golden key in his jeans pocket, inserting it into the lock of the front door. The white painted front door swung open, from Axel pushing it open so hard and he recklessly hauled his luggage into the front room where he dropped it there immediately and tossed his bag on the white loveseat and sighed gently at the thought of being home again. After bolting the door shut, Axel faced the dark room again and shuddered before calling out anxiously, "Roxas? It's me! I'm home!"

The very moment a familiar voice rang through the house, Roxas had woken up from his deep sleep. His head was a bit foggy from waking up so abruptly, but once the thought of Axel coming back home entered his brain he gasped and sat up.

"Axel!" exclaimed the boy, moving swiftly from his spot. Roxas suddenly let out a yowl of pain as he felt his lower half burn with pain and he flopped back down onto the bed again.

Axel immediately heard Roxas's cry for him and then his cry of pain and he gasped gently himself, "Roxas, don't move!" Very quickly, Axel had made it to the bedroom he shared with Roxas and saw the form of the half-naked blond on his bed. Axel didn't hesitate before clambering quickly onto the bed and cooing sweet little sayings to the blond of 'it's okay', 'everything's gonna be all right', 'I'm here now, Roxas' before he reached out with strong but gentle arms to pull Roxas in a warm embrace and hug him tightly.

"It's okay!" Axel said gently as Roxas broke down in sobs. "I'm here now, I'm not ever gonna leave you again, Roxas." Axel's voice was growing weaker too and a few stray tears spilled from his tear ducts as he held Roxas's petite little form in his arms.

Roxas had curled into Axel like some lost little kitten, weeping very loudly and burying his face into Axel's chest and getting the redhead's shirt soaked with his tears. "Axel! A-Axel!"

"Roxas..." Axel murmured, gently squeezing the blond in an attempt to reassure he was going to be okay now. "Let it all out, Roxas- it's okay. I'll do anything to make you feel better, I promise..." Axel bent his head down to place loving, comforting kisses all the top of Roxas's blond head, kissing him tenderly and stroking his palm reassuringly up and down the boy's spine. "I love much, Roxas... I'm sorry... Oh god, I'm so sorry..." Axel had never felt more angry with himself in his entire life, he never felt more sorry for Roxas since ever, and he never cried this much either.

"Axel...all I want is for you to be here with me..." Roxas mewled, tears stinging his eyes. Axel placed another loving kiss to the top of Roxas's head when he said that, actually shocked after what he had done to Roxas that the blond would still actually want him.

Roxas wept for a very long time, and Axel didn't once stop cradling the boy. But finally, after a long thirty minutes of Roxas sobbing into Axel and the redhead holding him, the blond bent his neck to look up at Axel, noticeable tearstains on the boy's face and Axel stared straight down at him as well.

"Axel...can you...kiss me?" Roxas breathed, his voice a little shaky.

Axel's eyes widened a bit and he nodded his head, "Of course I can..." Axel leaned down to gently brush his lips with that of the blond's pink plush lips, feeling particularly guilty that he could taste the sweet fragrance that Roxas had despite the redhead's sins. Roxas's eyes fluttered closed as he experienced the redhead's lips caressing his own, his heart fluttering like a little bird and his own lips pressing right back to Axel's. The redhead was cautious not to overdo it (like how he usually did) for it didn't know what exactly was going on inside the boy's mind and knew it'd probably be best for Roxas to decide how the kiss continued. Axel had restrained himself because only God knew what Reno had done to Roxas...

Roxas slowly broke the kiss, his eyelids fluttering open and azure met with emerald and Roxas swallowed softly before speaking gently, "Axel, I missed you."

"I missed you, too," Axel murmured back, pressing his forehead to Roxas's so that their noses were touching slightly. Axel could stare straight into the gorgeous pair of azure eyes that Roxas owned, and Axel always got so very lost in them. "I missed you so much that I did something incredibly stupid..." Now that Axel had said this, he averted his green gaze, even pulling away from the blond and shuddering in sadness.

"It's...all my fault, Roxas..." Axel said. "I don't deserve someone like you... I never have...but I always thought I could prove myself somehow..." Axel felt a few more teardrops run down his tattooed cheeks and he sighed, closing his eyes as much more threatened to spill. "I understand if you don't want to be with me anymore..."

Roxas was very surprised to hear Axel say this and he immediately took it upon himself to cry out loudly, "Axel, I love you!" Axel looked up at Roxas, his heart thumping in his chest before he looked away again.

"You do deserve me, Axel. I don't know what I'd do without you Axel... I-I be a mess... You deserve me more than anyone else love me like how I'm supposed to be loved..." Roxas wiped at his eyes before looking back at Axel with a trembling voice.

"I'll be okay," he said. "My body will heal... All I care a-about is being with you.""

"Your body might heal," Axel immediately interjected, "but you're mind won't. You'll have nightmares, and might be fine one day, but then have a flashback of it and remember how horrible it was...and you might not be able to cope with it, Roxas... And because of because of me, the so called one who loves you how you're supposed to be loved..." Axel bit at his lower lip, chewing the soft skin before he sighed and spoke again. "Don't worry, Roxas... I'm not gonna leave you... I love you so much and...I couldn't even begin to imagine what my life could be like without you..." With a gentle little touch of Axel's fingertips, he stroked the slender digits across Roxas's forehead and cheeks, caressing the soft skin with his thumb and wiping away a spare tear that leaked out.

Roxas smiled up at Axel when he so tenderly stroked his cheek and he reached up to hold his own hand against Axel's and he sighed, azure orbs flickering up back at Axel, "As long as I have you...I'll be okay, Axel..." And with that said, Roxas shuddered and leaned slowly up to press his pink lips against Axel's once again in another passionate kiss.

Axel's fingers briefly trailed through the boy's golden blond hair as his passion got the better of him and Axel deepened the kiss with a great amount of love. It was so deep he heard Roxas mewl softly against their loving lip-lock, the redhead slowly dragging his tongue across Roxas's lips, kindly awaiting for permission. And Roxas gave Axel that permission and he slowly opened his mouth and allowed Axel's tongue to slip into the hot, wet cavern of his mouth. Axel moaned as he tasted Roxas again, so clearly and so tasty, their tongues pressing fully together, Axel's tongue poking and prodding, exploring everywhere. Axel wanted to wrap his whole being around Roxas, protect him from every Reno in the whole world and fight off any that threatened to come close- Axel now had a goal and that was to be with Roxas for the rest of his life and protect him always.

As the kissing went on, however, Axel soon grew rather aroused. It had been several weeks since he had been intimate with Roxas and oh, how he missed being with him in that way. Axel couldn't help himself as he began grinding his slowly hardening length against Roxas's thigh, and to his surprise he heard Roxas giggle! Roxas didn't exactly blame Axel for getting a hard-on from their make-out session, Roxas could feel himself growing harder by the second as well and to Axel's fortunate surprise as well.

Roxas's hands snaked up into Axel's hair to sink into Axel's fiery red tresses as the two continued to French kiss, but it was truly full of passion and adoration for either male, and shockingly, Roxas was actually forgetting about Reno and the pain in his body.

Axel was savoring every second of this: Roxas's heartbeat against his, every shiver that ran from the base of his spine to the top of his neck and which made the fine hairs there stand on end, and every twinge of bliss that surged within his groin and flowed through every vein throughout his body. Roxas was feeling all of that and possibly more...

"Roxas..." Axel sighed between wet kisses before he had to pull away for air. "Oh, Roxas... I...I..." Axel couldn't say it; he was too afraid, but he wanted Roxas so badly. Roxas was panting gently from all their kissing and he looked up into Axel's eyes and it was quite obvious how much Roxas wanted Axel, too. This was nothing like how Roxas imagined how things would turn out after Axel would get home from his trip, Roxas had planned out a kinky little surprise for the redhead but that didn't work out of course, but the thing was...Roxas was enjoying this all the more than his original plan. Roxas sighed and then took a brave chance and said, "Axel...can me forget?"

"Forget?" Axel repeated, cocking an eyebrow. Axel stared down at his courageous little lover and sighed, wondering if Roxas was okay with that... It suddenly hit him like a sack of bricks when he felt Roxas's bare arousal poking into his lower stomach. "Ah...I get'cha, Rox." Axel thought about this for a moment, wanting to really be sure if this was okay and a right time to make love to Roxas after what had happened earlier that day.

"Roxas...if you're sure and you feel that you're ready," Axel said sweetly, "then...I would love to." Axel gave his warm and handsome smile to the blond, one that always made Roxas feel he was greatly comforted, giggling as Axel leaned down to place a little peck on Roxas's lips and stroking his back.

"Y-Yeah...I'm sure, Axel," Roxas said with a small smile. "I've been with you enough to know can be really gentle. I-It may hurt...but...I don't care, I really want to, Axel...'cause I love you." Axel chuckled and stroked Roxas's back a bit firmer before leaning forward and placing a chaste kiss to the corner of Roxas's mouth.

Without warning, Roxas suddenly threw his arms around Axel and kissed him fiercely on the lips. Axel blinked in surprise before smiling against his lover's mouth and kissing him back, not very fiercely, but very lovingly. While the two continued to kiss again, Axel started to work on the belt on his trousers, finally unbuttoning it all the way and then getting to work on his work pants. Axel groaned a bit impatiently as he tried to get his pants undone and down quickly. Roxas caught this noise and pulled away from Axel's mouth to use his own hands to reach out and effortlessly unbutton and unzip Axel's trousers. And finally, Axel's fully hard length was exposed and Axel sighed as the cool air of the room touched his heated flesh.

He moved a bit closer to Roxas, an arm still wrapped around Roxas and using his other hand to hold both of their erections together. Roxas squeaked in surprise at the friction that started gathering there immediately and he shuddered as Axel ground both of their lengths slowly together. A hot friction was building and making Roxas shiver and moan with delight, the pain in his body fading away and quickly being replaced with a delicious pleasure. "A-Ah... Axel...that...f-feels good..."

Axel had his eyes closed as Roxas said that, but then he chuckled and opened his eyes to gaze down at his lover and say, "Good? It feels freakin' amazing..." He said this between hissing groans, his toes curling at the feeling of his much larger length rubbing against Roxas's. "Rox, take my hand..." He shuddered, the blond quickly doing as Axel said and reaching out to take Axel's hands, their fingers lacing together instantly. Roxas looked expectantly up at Axel, eyes slightly hazy from the pleasure in his lower half.

"Roxas... I want you to be in control tonight..." Axel spoke. "Please, tell me what you want to do and I'll do it- whatever you want and I'll do it, 'kay?"

Roxas blushed when Axel gave him that suggestion and Roxas looked away with a shy smile. As their erections continued to grind together, Roxas tried very hard to think of how he wanted to do this in the most loving and gentle way possible- then, he got it.

"I...I want it to be like...our first time together," Roxas said. "Remember?"

"Hah... How could I forget that?" Axel chuckled. "You were more innocent than a baby rabbit, Roxas." Axel said this affectionately, but Roxas found it a bit odd at what Axel said- maybe the pleasure was getting to his head, not that Roxas really minded! Nevertheless, Roxas smiled up at Axel and nodded his head in agreement.

"I wanna do it just l-like that..." Roxas said between little moans. " think we can do it like that?"

"Of course..." Axel replied. Axel smiled sweetly and placed another affectionate kiss to Roxas's moist lips. "Anything for you...Roxas..." Axel leaned in for another kiss, his hand still gently stroking their erections together while the other one wandered down to Roxas's pelvic area, his fingertips stroking the contour of his pelvic bone and caressing every dip and crevice there. Roxas moaned softly against the redhead's mouth as he felt both of Axel's hands at once and decided to add a little pleasure towards Axel as well, one of his fingers pressing against the head of Axel's length and thus earning a deep grunt from the redhead. Roxas shivered when he felt something hot and sticky run over his finger, Axel's precum dribbling down his shaft slowly and making Roxas feel quite proud Axel was this aroused by him.

Axel then slowly did something new and that was to slowly lower Roxas down onto his back, their lips never breaking and his hands never ceasing to move. Once he had Roxas laid down in a more accessible position, the hand stroking his pelvic bone moved lower and lower until it was rather close to his opening. Roxas moaned gently, pulling away from Axel's mouth for air (their tongues had been dueling again) and Roxas immediately started placing kisses all along Axel's clavicle. But he suddenly felt Axel's finger gently press right against the area between Roxas's length and opening.

"A-Axel!" Roxas cried out as he felt a bit of soreness sear through his body. But a second later, pleasure seemed to drown out the soreness and Axel watched Roxas's face carefully in concern to see if he had possibly hurt the boy or not. Seeing that Roxas had writhed a little in pleasure, he pressed his fingers there again. Axel had abandoned stroking their lengths together and was now only stroking Roxas's erection, his thumb pressing against the head.

Roxas writhed and moaned desperately, having missed this touch from Axel all these weeks. His heart hammered and his eyes were glistening with tears of ecstasy as Axel's finger pressed right up against that super sensitive spot and his hand slowly stroked Roxas's erection.

"D-Don't stop, Axel, please!" Roxas wailed loudly. "It feels...g-good!"

Axel's pleasure was heightening just watching Roxas be pleasured by Axel's hands. Axel continued touching that little sweet spot while his index finger crawled slowly forward towards Roxas's entrance and he delicately brushed his finger against the puckered rim of flesh while his hand meanwhile had fully wrapped around Roxas's length and was working him a lot faster in an attempt to get Roxas to have his release. Roxas writhed, he moaned and called out for more, all but begging Axel to keep going and to not stop for anything. Roxas's hand suddenly reached out to wrap itself around Axel's length and he started to slowly pump Axel's length in rhythm with the way Axel was pumping his.

"Shit...Roxas..." Axel panted as his pleasure increased. Axel wondered if Roxas could feel how hard Axel's erection was throbbing in his hand and knew that his climax was coming very quickly. "You're gonna make me come all over you in a second...oh God, Rox..." At that moment, Axel suddenly inserted his index finger into Roxas's tight passage which issued a sharp cry from Roxas.

"A-Aaah! Axel!" Roxas shrieked, arching a bit and shivering. Pain swelled in his lower half and caused his pleasure to dip somewhat, but a moment later the pleasure began to rise again. But upon hearing that Axel felt like he was going to come any minute, Roxas suddenly realized this would probably be best for Axel to enter Roxas now...or so Roxas believed anyways.

"Roxas, d-do you want me inside you yet?" Axel asked, suggesting what Roxas was already thinking of.

"Y-Yeah..." Roxas replied, nodding his head. "I want you to help me forget everything, Axel."

The redhead smiled, a genuine sweet, warm smile that made Roxas feel totally safe in Axel's arms. Roxas knew that if it hurt too much than Axel would stop immediately for him. Axel muttered an 'okay' before leaning down to press a loving kiss to the boy's lips, both of their hands disembarking from each other's erections. Axel withdrew his finger with a shuddering sigh against the boy's mouth before pulling back and staring directly into the boy's azure gaze. "I love you, Roxas..."

Roxas's heart hammered when Axel said that and he smiled widely, "I love you, Axel..." Axel actually smiled a bit shyly when Roxas returned the words and then remembered what the task at hand here was and that was to make love to the person he adored more than anyone on the face of the planet. Roxas reminded him of it by timidly saying 'put it in'.

"You sure you're ready, Roxas?" Axel asked, concerned.

Roxas nodded and swallowed, "Y-Yes... I'm ready..."

With a deep, shaking breath, Axel obliged Roxas and pushed Roxas's legs a bit wider open, one hand reaching out to pull apart one of the cheeks of Roxas's back end so he could reach the blond's passage easier. Using his other hand to hold his length steady and align the head perfectly with Roxas's tight orifice. Then, very slowly and very gently, he began to probe his way inside Roxas, going slow and steady for the boy's sake. Axel paused when his length was half way within Roxas and looked up at the blond to see what his reaction would be. Roxas was clinging to the bed sheets as if he was about to die, biting his lip and whimpering loudly from both pain and a mild pleasure at the same time.

"All of it..." Roxas breathed. "Go'll feel good..."

Axel didn't say anything but nodded, still a little nervous he was going to hurt Roxas, but he did as the boy requested and pushed his length deeper into the blond's trembling body. It felt so good to feel the blond like this again when he hadn't in so long, and Axel just hoped like god that Roxas was feeling good as well... Soon enough, Axel's entire length was embedded deeply inside Roxas, the redhead panting gently with his eyes closed, hands pressing into the bed on either side of Roxas, and he finally opened his eyes to stare down at Roxas, the boy's face contorted with some sort of pain mixed with pleasure.

In an attempt to get closer to the blond, Axel lowered himself slowly down so he was partially laying on top of him with his arms wound about him. Roxas reacted and wrapped his arms back around the redhead, very tightly and to where his fingernails dug into the redhead's back. "M-Move...hurry..."

Axel nodded his head again, nuzzling the crook of Roxas's neck and doing as the blond told him. He slowly pulled his hips back, feeling his member glide slowly out from between Roxas's cheeks before, as gently as he could, thrusting himself back within the blond. Roxas gasped and moaned gently, pain still mixed with pleasure, and Axel, now spurred on by Roxas's noises, repeated the motion, grunting as he thrusted back into the blond. "Nnn...Roxas...ah...Roxas..."

Soon enough the pleasure was beginning to drown out the pain and Roxas was moaning near constantly as Axel's thrusts grew a bit faster, creating a delicious friction within him that made his arousal throb hard. Axel focused on trying to dig his way as deep as possible into Roxas, trying everything he could (without hurting Roxas) to possibly hit the boy's prostate. The stimulation was getting unbearable to Axel and he knew he wasn't going to last for much longer.

"Roxas...nnnh... I'm gonna blow soon!" the redhead warned but still kept his pace up in hopes that he would hit something within the boy. And Axel was successful when suddenly, Roxas's eyes flew wide open and he arched fully off the mattress.

"A-Aah! Th-There!" Roxas gasped.

Axel smiled to himself and began aiming his thrusts in the same exact direction as before when he heard that delectable cry. It only took several more hits to that pressure point inside the blond and Roxas suddenly felt a deep explosion of pleasure run throughout his form and he came without a warning. Roxas arched fully off the bed and released a desperate, gasping cry of ecstasy, white fluids spurting out of his erection and spraying out over his upper body. Axel watched with wide eyes as the boy came, seeing Roxas's white essence splatter against his stomach, chest, and a few small globules landing on his face also.

"O-Oh shit..." Axel panted, finding the sight of the blond covered in his own essence driving him over the edge of arousal. He couldn't hold on any longer and, using Roxas's arched form as an advantage, plunged his length as deeply as he could go into him, hearing a satisfying squelch as his come filled the boy from the inside, filling up every nook and cranny that was within the boy's body that was not already inhabited by the redhead. Axel gazed down at Roxas as his body convulsed strongly from his orgasm, Axel panted and leaned slowly down to drag his tongue across the boy's face, lapping up at a bit of the semen that had landed on his cheek.

Roxas was panting very heavily, still feeling the tingles of his orgasm wash through him until the numbness finally ebbed away and he looked up at Axel who was still cleaning up the blond's face. "Axel...mnn...that felt...really good." When hearing this from Roxas, Axel smiled and pulled away with a satisfied look on his face.

"Good. That was exactly what I wanted to hear..." he panted. "I missed being with you like this, Roxas, did feel really good, didn't it?" Axel chuckled when he said this and Roxas smiled back, shuddering when Axel placed a kiss to Roxas's forehead before resting his head against Roxas's clavicle.

It was then that Roxas remembered something that made him feel sick to his stomach. Looking up at the redhead, Roxas held his breath and wondered if he really wanted to say what was on his mind, but it truly was bothering him.

"Axel...?" Roxas breathed. "Um...Reno called me...something earlier...and...I've never been called this before really feels like I am one..."

Axel lifted his head immediately, stared Roxas right in his eyes with a serious expression of concern, "What? What did he call you, Roxas? I swear when I see him I'm gonna beat the shit out of him." Axel could tell whatever it was that Reno called him was affecting Roxas in a way that made him look away nervously and not say anything, so Axel reassuringly ran a hand through Roxas's hair and pressed sweet little kisses to the boy's face, telling him it was okay for Roxas to tell him.

Roxas sighed and finally spoke, "He...he called me a slut..." Roxas looked away sadly and looked very nervous by this, believing that was exactly what he was. "That's what I am, isn't it?"

"Roxas, look at me," Axel spoke sternly. Roxas did as Axel said, his azure eyes looking slowly into the redhead's emerald gaze. "You are not a slut. There's no way, no way in hell you're a slut. If anyone is a slut around here then it's me, okay?" Axel sighed heavily before continuing. "I promise you, Roxas... You're not like that... That fucking bastard Reno was wrong to take advantage of you like that; you didn't ask him for that. I heard what he said... You only let him touch you because of me...then he did something he shouldn't have done."

Roxas shuddered and felt his heart break and he looked back up at Axel with saddened eyes, "I feel like it's partially my fault for actually going along with it though."

"No. Don't you dare blame yourself," Axel said firmly. "If I hadn't been such a fucking idiot, none of this would've even happened... Besides, Reno has his ways..." Axel's expression suddenly grew rather rueful and he averted his gaze away from the blond. "He can persuade anyone to do anything at the time...most of the time."

Roxas knew something was hidden within those words there and Roxas stared at Axel with a great look of concern, "Axel, did anything to you?"

"Nothing that I didn't do back to him..." Axel responded solemnly. "I mean, we were in college, getting drunk off our faces nearly every night. I mean, it wasn't anything serious, just...something that happened just because we shared a room. We bad as each other. But, that's in the past... I have you now, Roxas,'re the best thing that's ever happened to me."

Roxas felt his heart flutter a bit and he smiled when Axel said that, completely seeing past all the misfortune in Axel's life and what he had done in the past- all he cared about was how much he loved Axel and that was, honestly, all Axel cared about, too.

"I-I love you Axel," Roxas murmured. "More than anything..."

"Heh... I love you even more than that," Axel replied, leaning down to capture the boy's lips in a deep but short little kiss. Roxas moaned against it, wrapping his arms around Axel again and bringing Axel a bit closer in hopes the kiss would last longer. Axel pulled away after a moment and sighed gently. "And I promise, I'm not gonna ever let you out of my sight ever again, got it memorized? I'm not gonna let you get hurt."

"Promise...?" Roxas breathed with a fluttering heart. Axel chuckled and nodded his head.

"Cross my heart," he smirked. "And hope to die. I promise, Roxas. You don't need to worry."

Roxas smiled and nodded his head, "Yeah... I got it memorized." And with that said, Roxas brought Axel down to kiss him on the lips again, tenderly and passionately and he felt a few happy tears run down his cheeks, knowing Axel was speaking the truth...