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The Shadows

Have you ever wondered?

Have you ever thought?

Maybe they aren't so bad,

not at all.

Sure they seem scary,

sure they haunt you in your dreams

They have always frightened you,

the way they follow you,

they never go away.

But did you ever wonder?

Have you ever thought?

Maybe they are the ones

afraid of you.

Please get them away from me. Please, I don't like them. Someone please.

Sabrina Grimm was sitting on top of her bed, crying. She has never been too fond of the shadows. Not since she was little. She hated them more then spiders. So there she was crying her eyes out at three in the morning. That is until she heard a knock at her door.

"Grimm can I come in?" a voice said through the door. She stood up and made her way to her door. Puck was on the other side. He looked tired, but concerned.

"What do you want stink baby?" she said trying to put some harshness to her voice, but failing.

"I heard you crying." He said.

"What now you have super hearing or were you spidey senses tingling?" she asked.

"Neither, I was going to the bathroom when I thought I heard a cat dying and I automatically thought Sabrina," He said, chuckling when she tried to punch him, only to have him grab her hand instead, "But back on topic, why were you crying?"

She thought for a moment, then looked around the hallway as if to see if anyone was listening, "Promise not to laugh?"

"No," Sabrina huffed at him but realized that even if he did promise, he would laugh anyway.

She sighed, "Fine, imafraidofthedark." She said in one breath.

Puck nodded, "I did not catch any of that. "

"I'm afraid of the dark, well not really the dark, more like the shadows in the dark." She said, slower now. Then the weirdest thing happened. It was a historic moment, right between the creation of microwave popcorn and scented candles. He didn't laugh. Not even a slight smirk. But what really surprised her was when he hugged her. She stood frozen for awhile, but then eased into his warm embrace. They stood like that, at her doorway, for what felt to them like hours but was mere minutes.

"What do I do now?" Puck asked. He felt her shrug. "Do you want me to stay here?" he felt her nod. "Okay." He lifted her up over his shoulder and walked towards the bed. He sat her down and lifted the covers over her. He started to move towards the rocking chair but stopped when he felt a slight tug at the back of his shirt. He understood and made her scoot over. Once in a comfortable position he motioned for her to come closer to him. She was more than happy to snuggle into his chest.

"You smell good." She stated. "Like a waterfall." She snuggled even closer. He wrapped his arms around her petite body. So breakable. He thought.

"You want to hear my theory?" he asked.


"The shadows are probably as scared of you, as you are them."



"Thank you." She said drifting off.

"You're welcome." He said falling asleep as well.

The next morning, Daphne woke up to the sound of yelling and running. She went to check it out, hoping it wasn't an attack from the scarlet hand.

"What up with all the noise." She asked.

"I went to go wake up Sabrina, but what I find is her cuddling Puck!" Henry Grimm yelled. Veronica Grimm was trying to calm her husband down; Sabrina was in front of a smirking Puck ,trying not to blush.
"That's so punk-rock!" She squealed, biting her palm. "Red the wedding's on!"

"I'll get the list from your closet then!" Red said from upstairs.

Thanks for reading. Hope you liked it. Remember, shadows are people too. They are afraid of us like we are of them. But they have a really big sweet tooth. Cookies are their favorite. Comment!